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Future of Ubuntu Linux Desktop
April 16, 2017

After the announcement of the Ubuntu about unity closing. I think many people are worried about what could be the next step for the ubuntu users. Most of the people know that they are going to have desktop next year. I think linux desktop is going to be under lot of fragmentation already. And it will continue to be. I am sure with time and money we can have more innovation. But it seems not many people are up for the funding. Not many linux projects get the funding. So that’s something worth checking out for sure. In this article I want to point out to some of the changes that are about to go with the linux desktop. And I want to show you how you can adjust with the Ubuntu linux desktop there as well. That’s a good point worth checking out there as well.


I think gnome shell is one of the vanilla flavor shell that is going on there. I think Ubuntu just wants to use their own additions and plugins into this shell. But in terms of the development the desktop. I have noticed that they are changing the default gnome with some few fonts and the theme. Not much of more changes. I think they may add the HUD to this but that’s pretty much all that they are going to add there as well. That being said, upgrades would be lot harder but it’s not there as well with that on things there as well.

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Ubuntu desktop has the MIR display server. But that’s something that needs to be taken care of there as well. You may find that the wayland display server is going to be added into the new version of the desktop. But that’s the last change that is going to be around. I am just not sure if the mir is good enough. You can see that the mir is going to be in the archive of som github repository too. So that’s surely another thing worth learning from if you ask me.


I think snap packages are getting popular around the ubuntu infrastructure. So that’s another thing worth checking out. You may find that there are many other distros that are acceepting snap packages there too. You can see that snap is lot better than regular distro packages. But lot of things for it to go though. And they also have to bring more packages into this. So far the snap packages worth just fine. But not a lot of apps have managed to upgrade there. And more developers need to get onto this type of services.


I think the mobile version of the desktop is going to die. Though ubuntu had a good project with convergence under Unity. But the thing is that mobile ecosystem is something all people needs to take a look at. Mobile devices and the graphical display is not something I’d recommend you to use these days. It’s just that some are worth porting to android back. So that is another project that is about to die.

In short ubuntu may survive as a desktop. But the innovation and the efforts are dead because of the hate culture from the linux community.

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