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How to Fry Fish without Oil Popping Everywhere
June 15, 2016
Ikan bawal emasGolden Pomfret Fish taken by peachpurple

I hated to fry fish .

No, I dont hate to eat fish, I love fish!

I hate to fry them because I get hurt when the hot oil 

popped onto my skin and everywhere.

It hurts not once but several times in a single cooking


Hence, I had several bad experiences about deep fried fish 

but mom never had problem with it, she had thick skin as

 she was fatter than me!

My moms method of frying fish was to coat the fish with

 salt and held it high, allow the excess water to drip until

 the last drop before placing it slowly into the hot oil in the wok.

That method…. Doesnt work for me!

She had no problem with frying fish at all.

She could cook crispy brownish fishes without the skin 

stuck to the base of the wok.

As for me, my deep fried fishes would turn out into pieces

 instead of a whole fish!


coated fish with flour- taken by peachpurple


Finally, I found the  my solution to my problem, simply 

coat the fishes with flour before frying them!

Generously coat the seasoned fish with corn flour or plain


You could also coat with breadcrumbs or KFC flour.


Deep frying fish with sufficient oil-taken by peachpurple

How to coat and fry  fish

After the fish had been cleaned, season it with a little

 salt on both sides. 

Strain any excess water, especially the bloody water.

Start shaking the excess water by lifting it up by the fish 


Heat up the wok with sufficient oil and allow it to warm 

up until you can see a transparent smoke forming up.

Coat generously some corn flour all over the fishes.

When I mentioned all over, it means both sides of the 

fish , including the inner flesh where the previous intestines


If you see there is a little flesh showing, sprinkle a little 

flour to patch it up.

Once the fishes are mummified with corn flour, slide in 

one fish at a time into the wok. 

If the oil still pops, you did not coat the inner fish. 

Furthermore it is still wet.

You could add up to 4-5 medium size fish in a wok, 

depending how big is your wok.

Cover the wok with a lid and turn to medium fire. 

After 5-10 minutes, lift up the lid, flip 

over the uncooked side of the fish into the oil.

 Leave it another 10 min to cook the fish.

These fishes should turn out crispy and brownish, 

not limpy.

I love crispy and crunchy fish!!



taken by peachpurple

How to choose fresh fish

Before you purchase the fish in wet market or supermarket,

 remember to check for the following steps :

#1 Check the eyes

The eyes should be crystal clear, shiny and bright. 

Those eyes are supposed to be wet and plump.

 These are the signs of healthy and freshly caught fish.

Do not choose cloudy eyes that has whitish eye balls, 

red eyes and sunken. 

This indicated that the fishes had been caught a few days a

go or overnight kept in the freezer. 

The fishes are deteriorating and you can smell the fishy


#2 Check for the fins and tails

Always check out the tails and the fins of the fish.

They are supposed to be wet and complete, not torn or

 bitten off.

If the tails and fins are dried up, sticky and brittle,

 obviously the fish had been handled not properly, tossed 

too harshly, caught between the nets or left in the open air

 for a long period of time.

#3 Check the Gills

Do not be afraid to flip open the fishs gills.

You should look for bright red gills without sand in it.

Do not choose gills that are dark brown, dry and slimy.

Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

Photos belonged to peachpurple

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    1. I do not eat fish, but this was a good post with some great tips on how to make it yummy and keep the oil in its place.

    2. I see those fish in the frying pan intact. We clean the fish. But this gives me an idea. How does fish taste if it is not cleaned

      Thanks for the tips.

    3. @oksummer/
      I do noticed that some writer do not eat fish. Are you allergic to seafood?
      Thanks, I am sure your friends might find this post helpful. This method applies to other seafood too and meats.

      thanks for your share. Yes, fishes needed to be clean throughly. Otherwise, the foul stench of intestines are so great that you could have nausea for days!

      My MIL used to clean fish in a simply manner. A few times we could smell the stench odor after the fishes were cooked. Couldn’t consume them at all. She said “NONSENSE! ” Hah !

    4. Whatever you are frying something, it would be a great thing if you heat the cooking oil for about 10 minutes. Then you sprinkle water into te cooking pan. You will expect that it will splatter a bit. After which, you are ready to fry anything.

    5. It is unique recipe for the LB readers if not but for me a new method of frying fish Purchase white fish fillets that are at least 1 inch thick, preferably cod or haddock, though pollock, red snapper and orange roughy can also be used. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator, if frozen. Cut each fillet into four equal pieces.

      Put flour in a pie plate or shallow bowl, planning on approximately one-quarter cup for every pound of fish you will be oven-frying. Season with salt and pepper.

      Bake for 18 to 25 minutes, or until the breading is golden brown and the inside of the thickest fillet is opaque and registers 140 degrees Fahrenheit with a cooking thermometer.

      Remove fillets with a spatula and serve immediately. If you’re concerned about your cholesterol level, use only egg whites when you prepare the egg coating for the fish fillets, discarding the yolks.

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