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Four Perfect Bodies: Animals, Plants, Metals and Stones
January 2, 2017

There are four perfect bodies on earth that are made of four elements: air water fire and earth all elements are mixed in all the above mentioned things but its secret a few people know on earth all over the world as the readers must know that all the stones are earthly and naturally heavy and dry due to earth element. While on the other hand, all types of metals are waterish and may be melted at any time as the chemists do this job wonderfully with the help of herbs’ juice.

Fire melts stone and metals and it is done due to different kinds of degrees of elements. You may easily recognize earthly stone will be dark and heavy but waterish stones will be crystal and transparent but pearls in the shell, crystal and Beryl are airy light weight and shining and all swim upon the water and absorb water due to waterish nature.

Pumice stone and Sophus are fiery stones because fire shined in the stones besides Asbestus stone is also a fiery stone. Lead and silver both are earthly metals, quicksilver or Mercury is waterish element, copper and tin both are airy metals, but gold and iron both are fiery metals but this is known to a few persons on earth because people do not ruminate over it.

The root of the plants are earth because they become thick but leave are waterish because it absorb water, but flowers are airy because they become light weight and dance in the air, seeds are fiery because it is the spirit of flourishing in the underground earth and underground earth is fire and nothings else.

There are some animal who live in the bowel of earth as worms and, also, vermin while fishes are watery because they cannot live without water. There are some other creatures that are fiery as Salamanders and crickets, pigeons because they are heat pure heat.

As the readers must know that animals’ bones are fiery, flesh is airy, and vital spirit is fiery. Human soul is fire and nothing else because it creates heat in human body 24 hours. Human imagination is water, human sense is earth, and human sight is fiery because it cannot see without fire and light. Human hearing is air because sound is made striking the air, human smell and taste both are waterish and human feelings are earthly.

Actually, all earthly things are made of four elements, as earth is slow and makes firm motions. The readers must know that waterish people are fearful and sluggish, while airy peoples are cheerful and amiable disposition throughout life. Fiery people have fierce, quick and angry disposition.

Men on earth do not ponder over the real nature of things on earth and in heaven that is why they cannot trace the mystery of things spreading around him on earth. For example, fire is used where there is made worship in temple, in mosques and churches because fire purifies all kinds of dross matters from human body and soul are a secret mystery.

There are two things that are searched: man and earth and nothing else. Man’s body organs are and its functions are searched by the doctors and those who search human eye functions and its faults are called eye specialists in common language as the case with other organs of human body but man is searched by separate man by separate organs. On the other hand, those who search earth as oil, gas, minerals, stones…

Those search man and earth find the mystery of the whole universe because all things lie in these two things: but men have ignored the search of men and earth that is why they have forgot their birth mission on earth chasing money and money. Men must search earth and man to get success on earth and in heaven. Both researches will lead the researchers to the right path on earth and in heaven surely.

Men should study self to find the mystery of health and disease in human body and its treatment is found on earth: in plants and minerals and nothing else. I request my readers to ponder over human body and earth.

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    1. Hi friend? Happy New year. thanks for sharing this very informative and awesome,blog. Yes, there are so many minerals our body has and many properties our body carry that in the absence of one of it, disaster follows. Human being surely gets bad sickness. The earth is full of mysterious plants, herbs that are full of medicinal components.That is why , there are so many doctors and scientists who always go to African to discover some plants that could cure disastrous sicknesses on planet earth.


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