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Four Major Cities in the State of Texas
October 26, 2016
Four Major Cities in the State of Texas

If you ever plan to travel on business or vacation in the state of Texas, know that there are four major cities: Austin, which is the state capital; Dallas; Houston; and San Antonio. These Texas cities were at one time referred to “economic superstars” because while the rest of the American economy was experiencing a hard time, it seems that people living in these places had jobs, housing prices were affordable, etc. In other words, the economy was good!


Austin, Texas is my hometown. In spite of the fact that we had no family there and did not know anybody who lived in that city, we (my husband and I) had our minds made up that we would relocate our family and finish raising our children there. We arrived in 1998 and we have been there ever since. What are some of the good things about this city.


  • It’s the capital, so if you ever want to get in the Governor’s face you can just go downtown. 🙂
  • It’s terrific if you’re a music lover. Austin City Limits is the main reason why this place is called the “live music capital of the world”. Lots of celebrities give concerts here. Norah Jones and Tracy Chapman, just to name a couple. Although we’ve never been to any of the concerts, we know they’re entertaining because the ACL shows are always recorded for television viewing at home.
  • The schools are good (enough). That generalized statement refers to all of the educational institutions: elementary, middle and high schools; colleges and universities.
  • The neighborhoods (in the areas where we lived) are quiet and comfortable.
  • There are lots of great restaurants and shopping areas!
  • The religious community is vibrant.



Dallas, Texas is where former President Bush Jr. made his home after he left the White House. Never lived in Dallas but have visited. It’s a nice place to visit.


Houston, Texas is a nice city to visit and/or to live. My information may be outdated as we lived there during the latter part of the 80s. But when we were there we found the cost of living – places to love and grocery shopping – to be very reasonable. The hospital where one of my children was born provided great care. The elementary schools were good. Two complaints however. It rained a lot and traffic sucked!


San Antonio, Texas is very similar to the capital (Austin). But if given a choice between the two, pick Austin. There are two main tourist attractions: the Alamo and the River Walk.


  • RE: The Alamo ~ The battle at this historic site was a turning point in the Texas Revolution and the war for independence from Mexico. You can read more about it at History.com or you could watch the movie released in 2004, which starred Billy Bob Thornton.


  • RE: The River Walk ~ It’s an “urban waterway” lined with shops, restaurants, and other attractions. Basically, some business and government people figured out a way to revitalize a waterway so that when tourists come to town, they can spend a lot of money which would improve the economy. It was a smart decision. More info about the San Antonio River Walk.


That’s my quick presentation of these U.S. cities, if you ever plan to come to Texas.



rose-1412622_960_720~ More Texas Cities:

  1. Athens
  2. Cedar Park
  3. Corsicana
  4. Grapevine
  5. Greenville


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