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Found a Bug in Our Food, Salad!
April 3, 2017

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When you are dining out at a cafe, restaurant, fast food diner – Do you fully inspect your food carefully before eating? And when you proceed to eat, are you still always cautious and scanning your food? Not necessarily about dining out but even for home cooked meals from yourself or others.

For me, I do quickly inspect my food prior to eating but when I am in the moment of eating –  I do not notice much but my fiancé on the other hand does and is very precise. Sometimes even a ‘black dot that I would think is a pepper piece’, he will inspect it to make sure especially since it is obviously just one black dot there and not a lot like how if it was a dash of pepper would be. It is given that foods are exposed to bugs after all – you find bugs in your yard, growing in your crops, fruit trees, vegetables and so forth. But it is the matter of thoroughly washing.

One time while we were dining out at a cafe. We were enjoying our salad until my fiancé found a camouflaged green bug can you spot it in the photo? We flagged the server and asked her about the bug. She said it was “normal” and that it was eatable. That was strange. Typically, the server would apologize for the inconvenience or offer a new salad, refund, anything instead ignored and continued on. I personally would have been better to not find the bug then to know about it. I honestly lost my appetite. What are your thoughts? Would you rather know there is a bug or not. A different scenario, we found a bug in our soup and that is hard to prevent because there was no lid on the soup when we scooped from it but we were not obligated to purchase, so we did not knowing there was a bug.

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    1. The server should apologize and replace your salad. They should be clean in the kitchen, or such mess could cause revocation of their permit or lose a lot of clients.

    2. Oh very bad, did you complain directly in the restaurant? It seem too bad and negative to the mood of eating there for sure, right?
      Luckily, bug is still bot bad if compared to other dirty things.

      • I did tell the server who brought the food and she did not seem shocked at all. She said its eatable and left it as that. I left them a bad review and never went back to that location!

    3. I had food catered for with salad and small goods and inside the salad I found a large skinny spider.I complained about it and they told me that it came from my home and that was not the case because it was sealed with glad wrap with spider in it.

    4. Sometimes it happens. At the time of cooking leafy vegetables, it is always necessary to wash them under running water. This actually cleanses the leaves of their dirt and other poisonous chemicals stick to them at the time of growing them.

      Of course, there are people who examine food before they start eating. This is a good habit. The most important thing one has to follow is to wash our hands. In India, it is always done with care and respect. Some people look at it as a tradition. But, it is purely based on hygienic perspective. We touch many things with our hands while working in the office, driving a car, meeting new people and shaking hands with them, some people remove sweat with their hands. This happens generally with sports persons. They sweat out a lot. The best way to avoid such situation is to wash our hands. In spite of several precautions and care something goes wrong with the food items prepared in fast food center.
      Zinc was found in more than required proportions in Nestle Noodles of India. The Government banned its sale. They fixed the above issue and again could make an entry into the market.

      • Yes, our hands are not very clean so we have to thoroughly wash it especially before eating. And I agree, leafy vegetables needs to be washed carefully. As you can see the bug is even camouflaged so it is hard to see as is! It is a habit of my fiancé to scan his food before eating, during eating.


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