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May 19, 2017 at 2:33 pm

Blimey! sounds like a punishment. Why not realize the beauty of it?

Hmm…. lets see, @ the grocery store fumbling with bags and my wallet the counter person shoves a tiny bit of paper which says … 113.5/-

Now this is the end of the week. So what is the (approximate) average expenditure on each day? I start to count.

[280.75+54.17+78+45+364.9+25+113.5]/7 , gosh this is way too complex!

so..maybe this would help

300+50+80+50+370+25+110 = 300+575+110 = 985/7

Now, wait a minute, this is still complex so, why not remember one value that is 1/7  = 14.28%

So it should be 14.28% of 985 . Ok lets say . it is 14.28% of 1000 = 142.28/-

Actual Answer is 137.33/- so 142.28/- is pretty close!
Good job on my way back, and without a calculator.