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Follow Your Dream Outline By Mrjayrm

I have followed my dream for a few years. I got into music and that’s what I want my career to be in. So I joined college and became a music major. I recently earned a certificate in Music Technology I have music on many music sites.


Here is the outline read Thanks.

Jose R Meza


Follow Your Dream

General Purpose: To Persuade

Specific Purpose: To encourage students or other people to follow their dream and not what you’re parents want you to be.


Attention            I. Have you ever talked to a friend or you’re parents about what career you want, and            suddenly they start arguing and telling you to be a Doctor or a lawyer but all you want to be is a painter, musician, or even a Journalist.

  1. By simply just ignoring them, and taking a minute or two to think, you can realize what you really want to be in life.

III. I Have a friend that is trying to be a cop just because his dad always tells him, “Son you are also going to be a cop just like me.” But my friend Anthony reply’s “but why do I have to be a cop too”, so his dad tells him” shut up Anthony you do as I say” Therefore, I would like to motivate and encourage everyone to follow their dream and make that dream come true.

  1. First, I will discuss why you should follow your dream.
  1. Second, Will speak about what advantages there is to following you’re dream.
  1. Last, I will discuss how it makes it easier to become an interesting and successful person.


Need:                        I. People always say “follow your dreams” but not everyone follows it. According an article entitled “11 reasons why it’s important to follow you dreams” by Catherine Alford, “there are a number of reasons to follow your dreams, to break the trend, and to live the life you always wanted,”

  1. Although that is true, there is always that one parent or family member that will always criticize, motivate you or tell you what they want you to be.
  1. Follow your dreams, you are all grown up, don’t let no one hold you back.
  1. If you don’t chase your dream, you will and can regret it later in life.
  1. If you want to be a journalist so go ahead, you want to sing and act, go ahead, you want to cook and be a chef than go ahead.
  1. Follow your dream because according to Alford ‘ it makes life worth living”(Alford)
  1. 1. For instance you will meet other dream seekers.
  2. 2. It makes live much easier.
  3. 3. You get more of a chance of building your own business and make it successful.
  4. I am following my dream as a Musician and producer because, I want to inspire children, teens and even adults to follow their dream.  My mom always told me, “Son when are you going to go back to school, I always replied, Mom when the time is right I am going to be someone and I am going to be know, I will be successful” I thought I wanted to be a computer programmer, because I got tired of people telling me what I need to do with my life. So I enrolled in college as a computer programmer, but I said nah this is not me. I enjoyed music so Much that I decided I wanted to be a musician and producer, I made an appointment with the counselor and changed my 2 year plan to majoring in music, but yet my family tells me, what kind of career is that and they say I’m not going to make a living with music. I ignore them and continue to following my dreams, because I only know what I want and chasing my dream is one of the best decisions I have token.


(Now that you are aware of why you should follow your dream, let me discuss what advantages there is to following your dream career)


  1. II. According to an online article entitled “9 pros and cons for following your dream career” released on November 7, 2014 by the Administration of Saltytruth.com, “ if you follow your dreams, you will be able to build a life story that you have wanted as well as continuing to plan on improving your dreams.”
  1. As a dream follower I have learned that following your dreams gives you many advantages.
  1. For instance, it shows people that doubted you, that anything can be accomplished.
  1. Accomplishing a dream, leads to earning respect from higher ranked people.
  1. Also it keeps the haters hating while you accomplish the career you want.
  1. One of the best advantages to following your dream career, is meeting people with the same dream and collaborating to strengthen the career as a team.
  1. It makes the work easier.
  1. Second, it brings out inspiration which makes us great leaders.
  1. Also, it makes you more comfortable in any environment, and it makes it easier to make tough decisions.


(Now that I discussed the advantages of following your dream, I will discuss how following your dream makes it easier to be successful.

  1. Parents want their son or daughter to be successful, but sometimes to be successful you have to do what you think is best for you, and forget others peoples advise.
  1. According to Randall S. Hansen on an Article entitled “the Pros and cons of non-traditional careers” “non-traditional jobs will receive more attention”.
  1. In which, if you are a painter instead of a lawyer, or a musician instead of a teacher. The painter and musician will get more attention because they are doing what they dreamed of being and not following traditions.
  1. According to ridiculously extraordinary on an article entitled “17 reasons to ignore everybody and follow your dreams” if you want to be remembered, it’s best to keep in mind that “we remember those who follow their dreams.
  1. So if you follow your dreams, an unknown person you meet can ask what you do for a living, and once you tell him or her, they will remember you and probably talk to somebody about you.
  1. The more people you meet, the more you get known, the more sources you have to be able to be successful.


I.in conclusion there are many students following their dreams, but those who do can be very successful, we must inspire each other to choose the career we want and not what other people want.

  1. A. we will fail.
  2. We will get back up and chase our dream.

We will and we can make our dream come true.

  1. II. Its best to follow your own path and be a leader, than to be a follower and be stuck with a career you never wanted.









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