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Focus on the Importance in Life
July 7, 2016
copper-creek-1390469_1280 the bridge o flifeHelping ourselves is helping someone.

There’s people who are so focused on what others want and their needs that they’ll forget about their own. Sometimes we’ll figure that no matter how hard we try there is somethings that will never change. Helping others should feel rewarding and not be chaotic when it feels that way then we should move on to “peaceful events.” Help those who appreciate the help.

The bible stresses about being cheerful givers and it also talks about how the poor can be givers as well. We don’t need a lot of money to assist but there’s always something we can do. Although the bible speaks about people helping one another. We’re never forced. We all have choice. Some will choose to be kind, some choose to assist in some way, and some choose to complain. The one who will complain the most are the ones who will probably assist the least.

Some people aren’t satisfied with their lives so they’ll try to make it difficult for others. Sometimes we just have to focus on our needs and surround ourselves with a smaller circle. I’ve had to remove some toxicities and things get better when we make such a decision. No one can make everyone happy so it’s best to not even try. Life shouldn’t be filled with stress and it certainly shouldn’t be filled with stress from other people.

Living our lives in ways that will generate peace will create better health. Some people may never be satisfied with our shine but for those who are. They’ll offer what we really need and we’ll be able to see “brighter days.” It’s better to enjoy our lives while we’re in positions to do so then to be stressed with what others want.

Sometimes we’ll feel the stress from others who’ve we decide to help because they’re unhappy in some way or they’re not satisfied with what we’re doing. If helping will result in “growth”then we should try to help in some way but if it only creates a dysfunctional environment then we should stay clear. Who needs all that stress? Help those who appreciate the help and for those who don’t they’ll find a way to help themselves.

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    1. The importance of life more than any other thing on earth. It is more precious than the wealth of the whole world because given once not again and again. Life is a gift of God and blessing of God on earth.

      If we see only one side of this paradox, that is, if we think only our own, personal life is important, we will feel as if we are the center of the universe, expecting the world to revolve around us. Then we will be as if we are standing alone on a mountain top, looking at things and people from a distance, separate from them. Our mind will be standing in a remote place, limited to a small space.

      But when we understand that our personal life is not something special, we will know deeply the importance of life.

      We are very old, older than can be imagined. If we cut down a tree and count its growth rings, we can determine the age of the tree. But that is its relative age; our true age cannot be fathomed in that way. True age is beyond time, beyond the limits of mind.

      At same time, we are very young, born fresh each moment. And our ageless world is also born in that same moment. What is ageless and timeless shows its other side in each moment: its active, creative, transient side, as “lightning flashes in the dark sky

    2. The very essential of life is always to do God’s commandments as it was written in the bible. We must give all our trust, faith, and love in him. Trials are made to make us stronger in every bitter fall. Of course, everyone of us has our own principles, priorities, and dreams that we want to achieve in the near future. One must to hold fast to follow that dreams no matter what hidrance we will come our way. We should always gives hope for those people who had lost hope and no way to recover. To give them inspiration to stand up, to fight for there dreams no matter how impossible that dreams are. I firmly believe, if you really believe in yourself you will truly achieve. Let’s face it, poverty is the greatest foe of man not to succeed, to lose hope, to feel helpless but it is not really a hindrance but a challenge for everyone how far you can go to take your own steps, to follow your will, to have a determination and determination to succeed.


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