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My first cashout: LiteracyBase paid me on time this August!
August 13, 2016
LB_julyMy payment proof

I must admit that I didn’t register with LiteracyBase the moment it launched. I was still working on another writing platform that unfortunately suspended the rewards program so I was still hanging on waiting for it to come back. I am not entirely new in the online earner’s bandwagon and have been doing it for a couple of years now. And I know that a website’s longevity to continuously pay its members is as unpredictable as the Irish weather. So when LiteracyBase arrived, most of the members from the suspended website “relocated” but not me.
One of the reasons why is because I don’t want to simply jump the wagon only for the site to fold after doing so. I experienced it with another website where it promised high rewards and paid for a couple of months, only to fold while I was halfway through the minimum payout.
I can go on rambling about the other reasons (or excuses) why I didn’t – but that’s not the ultimate purpose of this post anyway.

I joined LiteracyBase around late May or early June – I can’t remember exactly. Following advice from fellow online earners, tips, and trying on tactics, I finally managed to make my first redemption for the month of August. It took longer for me to reach the cashout amount unlike the avid members here as my time is somewhat limited, too. I was somehow hoping to cash out for July but fell short.
So just in case you are wondering what are the steps or things I did to reach cashout, then read on.
1. Write at least one well-written and SEO-friendly article. LiteracyBase allows you to post ANYTHING. But the thing is, it will be compensated according to the quality and whether it is something that can provide big followers to the site, too.
2. Leave comments on your articles. Members in LiteracyBase can earn by interacting with each other. And with most members writing articles, it is easy to find newly published articles that you can drop a note and leave a comment. As the author of articles, I try my best to keep the discussions going so I try to be as diligent to reply to all blog comments on my articles. It not only keeps the interest to my articles alive but allows me to earn a few extra, too.
3. Share your articles. One of the things I love about LiteracyBase is the fact that I can (theoretically) endlessly earn per day. Unlike other online earning websites, LB does not have a “cap” to the maximum earning potential you can hit per day. So in effect, you can work as hard as you want on some days.

But can relax a bit when you can’t.

I do not plan to make any changes with the approach that I did to earn my first payout here. Similar to the rest of the guys, I am happy that the site pays on time and the rules so far for me are acceptable. Hoping for the best and for the continuous earning opportunity here for me, too!

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    1. Please, get real.

      Literacybase has the slowest moderation this side of a turtle farm to prevent people from reaching their payout too early. They insure only a small number will reach payout. So they sit on items two/three days.

      Most of us won’t get paid.

      If I get paid for July it will be in October as it is too late for September. Gee… I wonder why?

    2. Congratulations for your payout. I wish you even more success down the line. I am also making efforts to reach my payout faster. Let me see how fast I can reach there.

      • Thanks for the well-wishes 😉 i just try to do the best I can to reach cashout every month, but there are times it is really hard to make time for ALL websites.

    3. congrats cessy for your payout! May you get many more!

      • Thanks @swalia 😉 I hope that you reach payout for this month as well. In my case, I am not sure – I am still halfway the $10 mark but I am hoping I’d be able to.

    4. Congrats to you, i am sure you willcash out more as you get used to thissite

      • Thanks! 🙂 I think I am getting the hang of the site to be honest but it really does require a lot of time and effort to reach cashout – that’s for sure. And the thing is that there are days when time is not really that much for me so I have to set LB aside while I work on other things.

    5. @cessy08, congrats at least you received this time fruit of your labor.There is nothing we can do for that is their system of paying the bloggers. I think we can earn better fast if focus here daily send many hours daily.

      • @lovern: Thanks for the well wishes and I agree, nothing beats the feeling of getting rewarded after working hard for something 🙂 I am just taking it one cashout at a time. It is a bit difficult to earn $10 but then again, if I don’t have any other “better idea” how to get it elsewhere, might as well do it here.

    6. Congrats. Activity is the key here.

      • Thanks for the well wishes. I agree that it is the primary requirement to reach cashout every month here but in order to do that, time is also necessary, which I is something I don’t always have. Regardless, I always try to do the best I can and see how it ends up 🙂

    7. @cessy08 Your post is one of those that encourage new members. I am happy that your activity was fruitful. BUT I would like to add that this should not be the only target for the newcomers. They would better show some patience. They should be happy that their hardwork is also of great value for others who might be thinking to join LB.It would be great fun if we all attract others to be with us on this great forum.

    8. I kind of sign up like in februray 2017a and by the middle of march
      I reach my first pay out I just check my pay pal account and the money was
      there I think this was the fastes one so far for a pay out I like it.

    9. Congratulations on your payout. I hope to eventually reach payout, my earnings are very slow as I don’t spend a lot of time on the site, but hopefully I can start dedicating more time to it in the future. I look forward to my first payout, I think it will give me some more motivation to interact and write more on the site, it will give me a push to make the needed time required to earn.

    10. wow lovely comments, congrat

    11. its good to see that you reach your payout.thats very nice and inspiring for others like me which are trying to get their first payment.can you pls explain how many times you got your paymentt,hows much time you spent daily on here,what is your most earning method like blogs or responds etc.it will help us a lot . thanking you

    12. Yep, that’s LiteracyBase for you. It pays you well for your hardwork and your time. I’m a new member here and haven’t reached the $10 mark yet. So I can’t actually speak about payouts now. But as I have read many posts here and there, yours also, I can confidently say that it works. I’m a halfway down the pay myself, just like you. Hope to reach the mark in a week or so. And rest assured there are people like you who motivate us to write more and earn. Thanks for you post. Keep posting:)

    13. Sure is better than nothing.

      is anyone able to tell me how I can change my profile picture??

      So how do we make more money? i have 30c and have made 2 or 3 blogs. Can we share it and make more?


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