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File an A to Z Guarantee Claim on Amazon up to $2,500!
April 25, 2017

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Last month to be exact on March 17th, I ordered a handful of shirts for my uncle on Amazon. Being an Amazon Prime member – some of the shirts I ordered for him arrived fairly quickly within three days because they were eligible for Amazon Prime. However some of the shirts I ordered for him took a little longer arriving plus shipping (since they were not Amazon Prime) and the shirts were being shipped from China and I am located in the United States. Knowing some of the shirts were shipping from China – I told my uncle he would have to be patient because it could take at least a month. Now (up to date) – I have received all his shirts except for one. The estimated arrival was April 1st and now being April 24th and there is no updated tracking information, I contacted the seller feature for a refund on Amazon or an update. It says if I do not receive a response from the seller in 2 days to come back to the page and request a claim via Amazon. I never heard back from the seller (whom has no feedback ratings) and I decided it is long enough so I visited Amazon to file my claim. I never had to ever request a refund for lost package, or not arrived by estimated date before, but it was so fast! Right when I clicked, I received an e-mail granting my refund which was $8 and some change back. It will process back to my credit card in a couple of business days, but that was very nice of Amazon to have this feature available. The feature is called A to Z Guarantee – Amazon wants everyone to shop with confidence on their website and you actually get up to $2,500 insurance basically. There are some restrictions but for the most part, I love how they have that option to help protect buyers because I did not get this item at all. If you ever have any problems with Amazon, lost packages, late arrival be sure to read the information about the A to Z Guarantee.

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