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Facts: What is Childhood Stress?

Some parents cannot understand their children’s behavior, especially at the primary level. It wasn’t because the child is becoming misbehaving in the house or disobeying the parents. The main reason is the external or internal factors that contribute to childhood stress. Parenting is the tough thing to do in raising a child. Though they need to understand why their child is so stressed out.

Children are also like the adult ones. They experience stress from school, environment and even in the house. Stressors need to identify before judging the child. It wasn’t because they are under the spell of tantrum episodes. It affects their ability to think when being pressured from stressors.

That’s the reason why parents need to understand that children can be stressed out. They need to balance of being strict to their children. In some occasions, children are manifesting rebellious acts because they were not being heard by the adults. Parents should know how to reach out and listen to the child’s sentiments.

There are some parents insensitive to the needs of their children emotionally. In most cases, parents are only physically present to the children’s needs such as providing the tuition fees at school, daily allowances, clothes, food, etc. These are not enough to support child’s needs.

The emotional needs go along with providing some good advice such as the needs of accomplishing something at school, people that affect their lives, insecurities of something or someone, knowing what puzzled them, etc. It is a two-way process of learning between being a parent and a child. Parents can learn from their children and vice-versa.

This concern is not also limited to the parents. It should be learned by the teachers in school. Since the children are being catered by the teachers all throughout their lives. It is a not perfect world both parents and teachers should work together to boost the confidence of a child to face stressors. It will build their way of dealing with the stressors that affect them.

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    1. Childhood stress comes from one or two sources: home or school. When I say “home” that includes the neighborhood where the child lives. If it’s from the home, it’s could be either or all sources: the parents, the siblings, or people in the neighborhood who have access to the child. If it’s school: it’s the teacher (or some other school official) or the students or both. Figure out who’s causing the child stress because the child is not doing it to themselves. Cut off the source. The corrective solution or the remedy however, is not so simple. Children are innocents and they just want to be happy and feel safe and comforted. If that kind of environment is not provided for them, there will be stress.


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