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Extreme Poverty Situation, Looking Food in the Trash
March 20, 2017

I was reading this news on the net. I feel bad after reading it. I am aware of the situation of a different country. There are lots of issues of lacking foods and shelter. There are lots of devastation brought my calamities. It is happening everywhere. One specific poverty issue is in Venezuela. I learned that 82% of the population in that country has severe poverty issue and most of the people are looking for food in the garbage cans/trash. This news is per AIS Foundation, the foundation which helps the poor and the children.


The economy is really collapsing. There are people in Venezuela who have jobs but they are looking for food in the trash because the salary is not enough for their necessities. The next case will be losing jobs because some of the company shut down. They can no longer sustain giving jobs if they know they can’t afford to pay their employees.

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After reading this news, it feels like bad energy creeps on my neck going to my head. I feel like my nerve became tight and migraine attacks happen. I started to feel bad for the children in that country. How are them? Are the government do not have funds to save this person? This is really a serious case and one day it will happen to my country.


We have numerous people who are looking in the trash in my country. Some of them are homeless and some are squatting everywhere. There are those people who just went in the Metro to try if they could have a good life. They seem to think to have a job in the Metro is easy but the truth is, it is not. Even those who have graduated in college are struggling to find a decent job connected to the degree they finished. It is always hard without proper research and if you are not prepared to this kind of challenge.


Let me get back to looking for food in the trash, I think this is being practical but not healthy. However, if your stomach is growling and in need of food, do you think you have a choice if you don’t have enough to buy one? I do not wish that to happen to me and I will never anticipate that. It serves as an eye opener to me that I still have a chance to save money from whatever earnings I have. I am blessed to eat 3 times a day. We are not rich, the accumulative earnings of my family are never enough, but it will never happen to us. Not when I am still alive.


Yes, this situation is happening everywhere and every day, but everyone has a choice. If you don’t want this to happen to your life, you need to do everything to avoid this. Make this situation as your inspiration to earn more and save money. If you have problems with your earnings now, might as well find an opportunity to earn additionally. Time is gold, do not waste it. From this day, I will always remember this news to push myself to work hard and smart. I will save money. I will earn some more. Not to promise, but I do it.


Image credit: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/poverty-girl-hungry-sadness-young-1875324/

    1. It is saddening to know about the situation of the children there. Hopefully it does not happen to children in our country. There are local governments who assist children to have food in schools; even support for the family through the 4’Ps or financial assistance. I do not know if all the poor availed of the benefit.

    2. yes there are many other poor countries where the people are suffering from poverty.

      They have no food to eat, seek from the trash and dustbins for left over food.

      They had no choice but to feed themselves

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