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February 9, 2017

Thoughts of Summer Rains

The rain pours down and the sounds aren’t often found

When the rains appear there’s great appreciation

Blessed to have rain in the summertime to cool and ease my mind

Oh what joy to hear the rain tapping against my window pane

The sensations all throughout

That’s what “Summer” rain is all about

Aren’t we all blessed to experience the sweet melodies from the rain?

Indeed we all are

Disappointment comes when the rain ceases

Another day the rain shall come

There’s the awaiting


Love my Skin

Love my skin God gave it to me

So grateful for the tone

Blessed to be me!

God created That skin

Feel good within

Some days the skin is smooth to the touch

Some days not so much

Either way I’m loving my skin

As there’s glances in the mirror

‘There’s a smile” because of what God has given me

Shouldn’t we love the skin God has given each one of us?

Loving, love, and embrace my skin


There’s Greater Ahead Just Hold on

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on Please Hear me

Just be patient and we’ll all see

There’s good even when it appears darkness has made its way in

Hold on and wait for greater

May come soon or may come later

Don’t fret and “don’t lose hope”

In time what shall be will be

Being able to wait is a gift in itself

No despair because greater awaits there

Moving along and “getting closer” and closer to a higher level

So just hold on and the good will surely come


(All Poetic Pieces Written by Tanikka Paulk)

Life can sometimes produce the unexpected. There’s a lot to deal with but nothing absolutely nothing experienced is too much to bare. Some may have patience and others may need to learn how to be patient. What we need we’ll receive the wants we’ll have to “work towards.” The good awaits. There won’t be all troubles but there will certainly be some troubling times. No need to be riddled with worry because the troubling times will pass.

Hope should always be in the mind we should surrounded by hope. Although it may be difficult to feel cheerful when there’s so much weighs upon our shoulders. Allow the experiences to just pass on through. Whether good or bad. The experiences can also help with achieving greatness. “Just enjoy what’s present and in the future there will be more, better, greater.”

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