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Exploring LiteracyBase For The First Time, Excited!
March 18, 2017

Hi everybody,

This is my first post in LiteracyBase. I registered myself  almost a month ago but was finding it little difficult for me to find things. There were submit buttons and I also found 14 likes already before I posted. Therefore, it was confusing.

I din’t know where to find friends and message them or did not know where to write, how this is gonna work and stuff. I found it difficult to upload picture because it had many fields and did not take any information if I try entering, but I did upload one. Now I am exploring one by one.

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I was also experimenting about the amount that gets added after giving a comment. This really looks amazing and I really want to try more things here. There are few recommended posts I get every time I open my account. I din’t know whether they were advertisements of other writers or were they really article.

Few months back i had joined MyLot website. It is also a website like LB. There I had some friends who spoke about this website and later I thought of making an attempt of joining here. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be to open an account but it is not as easy as I thought it will be to use it.

One day I did try clicking on it and reading those recommended articles.Those posts are really great. The are really in great standard. Hope I learn that here. I think it is not just about writing anything or about a random thing, but it should be acknowledged by at least few people. That is my intension. So that I at least improve.

At last, if you thing I can be added to any groups please do let me know how to join. I am also going through the forum and group fields in the website.



Thank you.

    1. welcome and hope you enjoy it in here in literacybase writing site, your post is good and liked the way you wrote it thhanks and good night

    2. There are some more articles about how literacybase works it is their both in the blogs and in the groups too. I have written four articles about what you are trying to do. The group is Knowledge is Power Use It Wisely. Please try to check the first four groups you find and see the comments and discussions taking place.It will solve many of your difficulties you faced. Try to post at least 25 comments of the size which I am posting to you now if you do this one particular activity itself you will earn around USD 10.00 in a month. Do it on all days.

      Read the blogs and comment there as I am doing now and one more thing go to the groups and in the group which I mentioned above there are more than 250 articles to comment on if you keep commenting itself you will earn more that 20 USD. If you write blogs and comments put together. Hope this information is of use to you. Have a great time and happy writing.

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