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Eating Food or Drinking without Paying Yet
March 17, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 6.44.14 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 6.44.14 PMWhat are your thoughts about eating food or drinking – if you have not paid yet? 

If you have the intensions of being honest and will pay for the item at check out – I do not think it is a big deal. However, if you are intentionally opening an item, consuming the item and then not paying for it then, that is anything story! It is considered stealing and wrongful!

I can see some scenarios where one would eat or drink prior to paying.

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For instances:

  • A person just got out of the gym and heading to the market to pick up dinner. The person is thirsty or hungry from their workout.
  • A person just got off of work and stopped by the market for some errands and wants to munch on something.
  • A person just picked up their child or children from school, daycare and the child is thirsty or hungry.
  • A person is a pregnant and is having pregnancy cravings.
  • A person needs to take their medication and needs water, or choking.
  • And the scenarios goes on!

I thought about this topic to write because this evening while going grocery shopping – my fiancé and I witnessed a teenager boy go into bakery section in front of us and grab a donut then start munching on it. His mother was in another aisle and I do not think the mother gave him permission to eat it because he walked a different direction than his mother. This grocery store allows children to grab a free cookie at the bakery counter, but not a donut.

However, I often see wrappers or empty bottles throughout the grocery store of people not paying for the items they are eating and I think that is very wrong. Even though the store does make profit overall, it is still considered stealing.

Truthfully, I do not feel right to open a product without paying yet. I never have been in a situation where it was necessary. The closest to eating and drinking is if the store provides sample counters.

    1. What that boy did was wrong. He WAS stealing. Most places in the US, you get a donut or a few and the cashier enters a code, puts the quantity in and the register calculates the cost of the donut or pastry. I wonder if the cameras caught what he was doing.

      I believe, in most situations, if you are that in need of food, you pay for it first. What I mean is, if you are that thirsty or hungry whilst shopping, stop and go pay for something to nibble on.

      The only exception is if you are drinking something. You can then just carry the item with you when you’re ready to check out and inform the cashier you drank this and need to pay for it.

      • Hi Amber.

        Thank you for responding to my post. I am from the United States as well. I consider it as stealing but he’s a minor so I don’t think many will say anything. But he was a teenager around 13 to 16 years old.

        I understand with drinks, but with a donut, and he did not grab a bag just the wax paper and ate it. I do not think he will have an intention to pay or tell his mother.

    2. I supermarkets here, that is not allowed. There are CCTVs and once they see you do that, you will be reminded and made to pay at once.

      Though, in restaurants , some bad people would eat then, they would one by one leave and don’t pay the restaurants. Though , through review of the cctv , they would know their faces and post it on their restaurants for everyone to see. So shameful , but they deserve that.

      • Yes, our supermarkets have cameras as well but they do not enforce very well or until there is a situation then they do.

        At other stores it is enforced more, but for a donut that is .79 cents, I do not think they will go into trouble.

    3. I agree that food should be paid first before consuming it. However, it is not bad to eat anything that we can see in stores as long as we are responsible for it. Don’t just eat as you wanted and leave without giving the payment.

      About that child, the mother is the one who is responsible for what he did because, in the first place, the mother should always take a look at her child.

      • Yes, I personally don’t have a problem with someone eating or drinking prior to checking out but they would have to be responsible to pay.

        The mother did not look for the child, instead let the child roam throughout the store.

    4. Hmmm if someone who is hungry picks something that we believe does not belong to him/ her and eat and we see it as stealing, then how can we call ourselves for taking what belongs to God, made by God and sell it to our fellow brother who has equally right and title to the things we are selling to them. it is like our father is the owner of BMW plants where we the children have equal right to any car at any time, then some one in the family said because he has possession of the keys the rest of us must give him something before he can release the key to us.No one came into this world with anything so how can you say what you have and a brother has a need for it and has taken it is stealing? food for thought?

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