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Do you know the benefits of Tea.
February 28, 2017

Do you know having Too much of Tea can create a problem but there are many ways where you can have a tea with a mixture of few eliminates which can create a good health for you.

Best Tea for health is to have a natural tea, Take a 11/2 cup of Water and boil it in a container and add honey into it after adding a Tea powder and once it is prepared take a pudina and add lemon small piece into it and have it regularly without adding milk, It will help you to get reduce fat and it removes impurity from your body and also it helps you to get generate fair amount of urine too.

Tea can be helpful to you in various ways it helps in battle of cancer and also it helps you to smile bright and also it helps your immune system as well.

Having too much of tea can create a problem too, it will harm your stomach and you may find your sleeplessness night to come.

Real tea is derived from a particular plant “Camellia sinensis” and includes only four varieties: green, black, white, and oolong. Anything else like herbal “tea” is an infusion of a different plant and isn’t technically tea.

Having a milk tea is good but consuming regularly may reduce your immune system, Stay healthy and drink healthy always,

Try your self above Lemon tea you will find the difference it is so light and you will feel active and you get energy instantly.

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    1. I was not aware of benefits of tea. I came across only some of the health issues with the tea. I think I have mostly heard of the green herbal tea.

    2. I used to drink green tea at least 3 times a day.

      Knowing its health benefits really made me drink it sometimes over than 3 times a day. In addition, I like its taste specially when it’s hot.

      Though, I stopped drinking it when I noticed that my teeth has become yellowish. Then, it also seem not to make me sleep early at night. I would be awakened at night too.

    3. Good article. I am a tea drinker and like to try different brands. I am, now, drinking black tea. Black tea is good for respiratory problems. It has helped me in the past. We, do not, realize the healing powers behind the tea leaves. Yes, we have to use wisdom and not drink too much lest it robs us of our sleep. Other than that, tea is a nice drink to have and it helps us to be informed of their positive healing powers. Happy tea drinking to all.

    4. I have heard that lemon tea in the morning is the best thing to drink. It gives you a diferent good kind of energy.

      Even without knowing the benefits i always drank tea. It is one of my favourite beverages. I drink tea mostly when i have a cold or just need to heat up but there are those days that i feel like drinking tea because i miss tasting a certain flavour.

      I love ginger tea, mint tea and apple cinnamon tea the most. Those are the flavours i die for.

    5. I love taking tea if u don’t take tea i feel sick there is always a headcahe banging at the back of my head. As much as you say tea may be bad for health i think if taken in good amounts it wouldn’t be harmful.
      Anyway i take black tea most of the time, milk is only once in a while. I agree with you that black tea is healthy especially when you take it with lemon and honey. Before i go to sleep i make it a habit to make a cup of lemon and ginger tea. Aside from tasting so good it relaxes me and gives me good asleep. With the lemon it also burns fat and detoxes the body as well.


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