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Disorderly People Need a Reality Check

There are some countries extremely strict about their laws and rules a country lacking both laws and rules could see that there are the most disorderly People. “How to prevent a country from crumbling?” by: Tanikka Paulk. Strong leadership person or persons willing to be the strong force willing to take the punches. There are many who may disagree with the methods and views of a leader but how many are willing to use bravery in order to connect a country or countries? There’s a lot of opinions but there seems to be fear regarding the solutions. The country needs to be put together like Humpty Dumpty.

Leadership isn’t easy there’s a lot to manage when being a leader. Some think that they may want to be in leadership but are they equipped to withstand the ins and outs of leadership> There are so many who’ve demonstrated that they wouldn’t dare be fit for leadership. A true leader won’t need to pull advancement down. There will be the confidence to perform the duties related to “the leadership.” Yes it seems as though the country is broken. There are the disorderly because there seems to be the lack of enforcement. Enforce and there will be less disorderly behaviors.

“A leader will need to focus on developing a strong country. Yes leaders are attacked some have suffered because of their position. There are a lot of People whining. They want their way. There is a science to leadership. “Knowing” how to deal with the cynical ones will help increase the chances of a stronger country. No leader can control what People will say or what they’ll do but there can be implementing of the rules. Some go as far as they’re allowed to go. “Justice prevails and there are needs to produce what the country is desiring.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’ve had to face the critics. There seems to be more online but out in society the troublemakers demonstrate cowardly behaviors. There certainly needs to be some changes. There are some without knowing how to be just. They’re probably lacking the confidence so therefore they’ll act out. What’s been demonstrated? There seems to be the disconnections which can help incur a more stabilized country. There’s a lot of critics but how many are inspiration? Action is necessary to eliminate disorder.

To be a leader is to be courageous, brave, strong. There has to be enough strength to accomplish the necessary goals in order to unify the country. The reason why so many come up against a leader is because they want the leader to fail. Some have demonstrated their own failure by trying to take down a leader. “Deep meditation occurs when having to deal with the overly critical they’ve lost their way to their own greatness.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

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