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Dishonest Medical Reports Kill the Love in Marriage
Husband and wife having argument

Husband and wife having argument
Medical reports are records given by hospitals where couples and members of the family attend their health care. Most wives often bribe medical practitioners to give false records to deceive their husbands. Some husbands also go to the hospitals and do the same to deceive their wives. There was a case in which a wife, Helen, aged 45 went to the hospital and got her medical record doctored to read 30years.This she did because she knew that she was in her early menopause .What led to this falsehood?.Helen wanted to be a married woman after her long carousing life. She claimed to be 30years old to enable her husband agree to marry her. Few months after her wedding with Joe, she started having breaks in her menstrual circles. Some months her flow appeared, while in some months her flow ceased. She claimed to be pregnant when the flow ceased. At this point she told her husband that she was pregnant. Joe went out to buy fruits, food stuffs and allowed Helen to remain on bed till seven thirty in the morning. Once a period of flow comes in between the former, she claimed that she had miscarriage. This Helen continued to say until six months elapsed. Joe her husband, insisted to see a doctor with her, she refused and moved to her own doctor. She went to her doctor and paid him Ten Thousand Naira to tell her husband that she had miscarriage. Two days later, she was in the hospital with her husband. The Doctor told Joe her husband that Helen had miscarriage. The doctor insisted that Helen be placed on observation for another three days. Joe was running from home to the hospital for three whole days. The doctor’s bill within the three days was Thirty Five Thousand Naira (N35,000).Joe quickly paid and took Helen home. Helen pretentiously recovered after one week. At the end of two months, Helen told Joe that she has missed her period again. Joe went on the normal practice of buying fruits, food stuffs, beverages and allowed Helen to observe the early morning rising time by seven thirty in the morning. From that particular month Joe observed Helen till another six months, there were no signs of pregnancy. Joe decided to ask Helen to escort him to a friend’s house one evening. At Joe’s friend’s house, Joe told the story of his ordeal to his friend. After Joe’s friend took Helen and Joe into his car and they went to a nearby hospital which is owned by Joe’s friend himself. There Helen was tested all through. The overall result was that Helen was in her early menopause. The doctor also confirmed that Helen was between 45years and 50years.It was then that Helen knelt down before the doctor and her husband Joe to confess that she had been playing on the emotions of Joe because she was desperate to be in marriage. The doctor and Joe looked at each other and Joe cried. From there Joe went home, took out Helen’s properties, called a taxi driver with a car and took her to her parents. Helen confessed that she was playing on the emotions of Joe. Her husband Joe told Helen’s parents that he was no more interested in the marriage. The Parents of Helen insisted that Joe must take back Helen. Joe left there to report all the issue to their pastor. Their Pastor told Joe that marriage is for better or for worse. Joe refused the insistence of both his in-laws and the Pastor. Joe decided to go and marry another girl, Janet. They are blessed with four children now. Two baby boys and two baby girls. Dishonest Medical records can create trouble in marriage; hence it is a killer point in marriage.

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