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Disable DATA When Using Wi-Fi Internet

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If you have unlimited data for your cellular phone device then you do not have to worry about having your data being on or off. However, if you are someone like my family and I, we have a cap each month for data which is 10 GB shared among four people then it is important to keep track of data, so we do not go over. If we do go over which we never have (thankfully) it would be a hefty charge! But, once I almost went over but luckily I caught the reason!

I remind everyone on our family plan (which consist of: my parents, fiancé and I) if they are using wi-fi at home or free data anywhere like: at a friends/family members then to turn off cellular data! The reason being is once I was using wi fi data, when you are using wi-fi it automatically switches over from data to wi-fi, but the wi-fi was experiencing problems so really I was at home still but using the data plan. After watching YouTube for about thirty minutes, I noticed I was on LTE (data) instead of free home wi-fi because my house was experiencing internet was having some sort of problem! So now if I am switched off of data and at home – knowing the internet should work and if it does not then that means my home or the place I am using free wi-fi is having problems! That way you will never have any accidents and save money!

Plus it is very easy to enable and disable the  data internet on our iPhones. You just go to setting > cellular > and toggle the on, off for the cellular data!

I am sure the phone companies love it when people go over on their data, text messages, or minutes. Luckily – we are not concerned about text messages and minutes because we have unlimited there.

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    1. That’s what I do.

      My mobile plan got unlimited call and text to the company provider but it just give me 3 giga for data. I intentionally scrapped my unlimited data because of free wifi.

      In our station, the broadband is too large for the mobile gadgets of few employees, so I connect to access the internet.

      At home, I used my allotted data for my online activity. That’s how I used my data.

      • Yes, I have 10 gb shared so I turn it off when not in use to make sure it is not being used. 🙂

    2. Kumar said on May 7, 2017

      Few months ago, I had recharged a 1 GB Data pack with a validity of 1 day. I continue working on some issue and the time has clocked 12 midnight.. The moment date has changed, the data pack has expired, I was not notified and the data continues to come normally for next 10 minutes. All of a sudden the internet got disconnected, then I realized it. When I check the balance, the data pack got expired, my balance of Rs. 125 had also consumed in the name of data… It was a bad day for me, I had lost Rs. 125 in just 10 – 15 minutes time..

      • I am sorry to hear that. That is a bummer and you ended up wasting the data. But lesson learned for the future? 🙂

    3. I too forget to turn my personal data internet off before using Wi-Fi internet.


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