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Despite the Circumstances
August 29, 2016
calendula-Despite the CircumstancesWe can overcome the toughest situations in our lives if we believe we can. Image Credit: pixabay.com

There’s no way go getting around adversity. There will be trouble, storms, and pain. We will have to go through and overcome. Sometimes the process is long and filled with storms. For those who can continue despite of the adversity are the ones who are capable of “overcoming.” To overcome means to release. There will be a time of releasing. Leaving behind what isn’t necessary for a journey.

Sometimes we’re expected to deal with environments that are troubling and if we’re not careful. The troubles can take over. In order to refrain from getting down. There needs to be a time of “meditation.” The meditation will help ease whatever has taken it’s place within one’s environment and standing place. Removing self or removing those things that have no proper place within our lives. There will be people who enter our lives that will place more pressure then one can imagine.

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There will be times when we must make decisions that will help us elevate and elevation can not take place by those who will try to hold us down. Once we figure out who and what needs to stay and go then we will be able to continue on with what we’re purposed to do. If the situation seems to much to bare. Then we must find positive, effective ways that will help us release the strong hold, releasing is necessary to stay clear headed while on a journey.

It’s important that we surround ourselves around those who will bring out the best in us not those who will pile on trouble after trouble. Those who enjoy some peace and who are understanding. There’s nothing wrong with being connected with those who will offer us some constructive criticism but if we’re being attacked continuously then we may be in the wrong place.

Finding the most effective ways to overcome is important to live comfortably. We can’t live in peace if we’re in strenuous environments day in and day out. Life will have problems but we shouldn’t always be riddled with problems. Some situations are created while others can not be controlled. For those who continuously create havoc for us. We have to figure out the best way to remove those individuals from our lives. Progress can not take place with being consumed with too much weight.

Those who want to weigh us down are not qualified to walk, run, and move along with us on the journey. Disconnecting is necessary to move forward and to move towards something. Something that will offer “abundance.” Getting through the most troubling times takes great strength. Strength can be gained through adversity but going through too much at one time can create a fall and for some getting back up never occurs.

That’s why it’s so important that we find the best ways to create a release. Releasing can occur by standing back and allowing some time to pass and then getting back into the purpose. We don’t have to go and go and go. There needs to be periods of settling down. There is always a way to get through even the most troubling circumstances but we must find appropriate ways to get through. The overcoming can occur but we must believe that we can overcome.

    1. Indeed, facing tough circumstances can be tough but we have to move forward and not get overawed, even if it means some distress in the near term.

    2. Sometimes we have to go through to get to. Endure…

    3. A article which helps one to understand and prioritize what is important now and what one should do to see and arrive at the situation on would like himself or herself to be in. There are many situations which come in life which will be totally new and unexpected. Only experience teaches one how to handle those events.

      It is better when troubles mount on us or when time is too bad to just stay put where we are and look for an opportune moment to move forward at the right time to the right place for getting the right results. Sometimes it is better to lose than try to win if the problem is unsurmountable give time to ourselves and regroup our energies and try to win again.

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