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Delicious and Juicy Gourmet Burgers!
March 20, 2017


Over a decade ago, my sister introduced me to Red Robins, a gourmet burger spot and since then this burger spot has been one of my favorite burger spots to visit. The burgers are reasonably priced averagely $9 to 15 bucks depending which burger you select. Considering that the burgers here are based on quality not quantity, the meat is 100% beef and you get bottomless fries so the price is worth it. Compared to other burger places, it is already costing you $5 to 7 bucks for a meal and the food is not fresh. If you are unfamiliar with bottomless fries essentially that means you get unlimited fries to eat. I typically request garlic fries for an extra $1.49 and that is also bottomless.  I like the garlic and parmesan taste of garlic fries and as a tip, upon arrival – you can request the fries to come out to munch on like an appetizer.

My parents’ and everyone I have taken here also enjoys the food. They serve other sandwiches, wraps, soup on the menu as well, but they are known for their burgers. Sometimes when my mother and I go on a mother and daughter shopping date for lunch – we would spilt a burger between the both of us and it would fill us up until dinner. The burger spot is very accommodating and all you have to tell them is we are going to spilt a burger and they will cut the burger in half and give both plates a side of fries also bottomless.

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One fun perk about Red Robins is that if you join their Red Royalty Program, every year during your birth month – you will receive a burger of your choice for free so that means twice a year in April and June, my fiancé and I definitely make a visit to Red Robins! Essentially it is like buy one, get one free during that month for us and I sure love their desserts too! By being apart of their Red Royalty Program, which is free to join – you will also receive on going coupons and discounts throughout the year! Another perk is that for every 9th burger you purchase, you get the 10th free.

My all time favorite burger from Red Robins (as pictured above) is their Bacon Cheeseburger from the gourmet line. It is a very simple burger with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and your choice of cheese, which I typically request bleu cheese or cheddar depending on my preference. I add onion strings into my burger for extra. I sometimes get the Guacamole Bacon Burger which is essentially the same just with guacamole.  Side is onions rings for extra cost.

You can opt for other sides without an additional cost in lieu of fries:

  • Side Salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Southwest Black Beans

You can opt for other sides for an additional cost like:

  • Fruit Salad
  • Garlic Herb Fries
  • Cup of Soup
  • Onion Rings
  • Sweet Potatoe Fries
  • Mac n’ Cheese
  • Cup of Chili Soup
  • Chili Cheese Fries

Now, that Red Robin has a higher line than their gourmet line called Red Robin’s Finest – my fiancé likes to order from there which is the most expensive line of burgers. He typically gets the Smoke & Pepper, which is  a half pound of Black Angus meat, topped with black pepper bacon and extra sharp cheddar cheese on a toasted ciabatta bun with on the house smoke and pepper ketchup. I do have a photo of the burger somewhere but I am lazy to look.

Below is the Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich which is grilled chicken breast, with fresh bruschetta salsa, roasted garlic aioli, provolone cheese and romaine lettuce plus a splash of balsamic vinegar on ciabatta bun. Side is garlic fries for extra cost.


    1. Burgers are most popular fast food item.I also like it a lot.But mostly burgers made here is veg .I like non – veg which is available at nereus by restaurant. I usually go . I prefer non – veg burgers also there. There are different varieties. I prefer better fillings.A huge pick ups of non – veg fillings and sauce liked by everyone.

      • That is very interesting to hear burgers are popular there too! Looks like burgers are popular world wide. 🙂 There are other fillings you could get too – vegetarian, fish, meat, chicken, and so forth.

    2. I like burgers too and now with cheese. Before I don’t like burgers with cheese but for the past months I am hooked to it.

      Here too, it comes with fries and cokes. However, the size isn’t as big as that which you ordered at Red Robins. Though, they also serve the jumbo size. But for me the medium size can really make my stomach so full already.

      Wow, I drool also looking at that Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich. That is I think a bit healthier than a burger since we know that chicken meat isn’t as fatty as beef whose meat is interlayered with fats.

      And oh the price there is super expensive. Here a cheeseburger or Mc Spicy, medium sized with fries and drinks only cost $2.60. 🙂

      • The burgers at this is a standard size, there isn’t any small, medium, or large. But we have McDonalds here where it is affordable which is more considered as fast food.

        Yes, the Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich was pretty good. I love Bruschetta in general and a chicken version was totally delicious!

    3. All the food you showed us looks very tasty and I am craving a good burger and some onion rings and potato wedges right about now!! I honestly haven’t had a burger in over a year but I will be going to get one soon.

      • I have not ate a Red Robin burger all year, I will have one next month. 🙂 I hope you get your burger fix soon too, hehe.

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