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Dealing With Cynics Requires Meditation

Cynics are some of the most disturbed people. There’s a lot out there and don’t be shocked when they step right into what was declared as order. Oh my gosh. The individuals will try to run havoc on whatever they can in order to try and cause a disruption. So many end up becoming fatigued dealing with such individuals. They’ll harass to no end and will say just about anything to stop whatever it is which looks like prosperity. Oh the persons can be right at a door step or online. There’s “plenty” online but the good thing is that we’re able to shut down devices and computers.

No need to get all bent out of shape because of their cynical nature. Some aren’t very happy and can’t stand to see others filled with happiness. Have to take sometime out when dealing with such folks. Perhaps some meditating or a short trip but do not allow the persons to control “life.” Some will go as far as to try and destroy a name. My name is (Tanikka Paulk) and I’m constantly dealing with such individuals. Thank Goodness for the power of prayer. Certainly have to pray because some will become so cynical that a person may want to just scream at the top of their lungs. Some do so in order to get a reaction out of the person they’re trying to get next to.

Imagine having to deal with a lot of disturbed people everyday. The ones who refuse to just live their own lives but are constantly looking for ways to get others down. The ones who are always trying to make a good day go bad. It’s not easy “having” to come up against such people but there are ways to deal with the attackers. Oh yes, some will attack daily, never letting up. Perhaps leaving the devices down for long periods of time will show the cynics that they’re actions aren’t welcomed.

Some behave as if they’re mentally disturbed. No matter what a person does there will always be some of the most annoying people. It’s a “matter” of fact that they’re constantly trying to disturb (Tanikka Paulk) there’s proof of such. A bunch of liars and no matter how far a person has come. The cynical will do what they do. For some they’ve already told the cynics just where they can go. Some are just overly competitive and are looking for reactions. The ones who are trying to chop up a character are the ones to look out for.

Don’t forget the sometimes quiet cynics. Some could be quiet because they’re thinking of new ways to try and cause a cease in what could be golden. There are some who are so envious and can not stand to see any rising up! The best thing to do is “to keep going.” Eventually the cynics will realize the potential of the person but doesn’t mean that they’ll totally let go fo their job. Wonder how much they’re paid. Give the cynics some smiles and some may even give the cynics their bottom to kiss.

Some are quite cynical because they could be kissing some abuse of power jerk. Possible. Taking orders from the ones who are in no “position” to give any orders at all. Some have achieved and others have missed out on opportunities because of their cynical ways. Cynics aren’t only annoying but they’ll continue to watch the one they’ve feared would rise. “They’re watching (Tanikka Paulk) at all times. Watching as I’m typing. No matter what I’ve achieved there are some who refuse to back down.

Of course their actions won’t stop the “movement.” I’m continuing on despite some trying very hard to stop the excelling. There is an athlete that said that I (Tanikka Paulk) was going nowhere. He’s wrong. I’m somewhere right now. It’s funny how the very ones who are suppose to be in a position to help create a better society communities are the ones who are crabs. Trying to pull down because they’re intimidated and are aware of my potential. “Somewhere LeBron James.

Perhaps some should throw in the towel when it comes to mentoring because they’re in no position to mentor an ant. The cynical will find themselves in muddy water and wonder how they got there. They’re ways are the reasons they’re in their position. The position which can not offer the individuals any prosperity no matter how wealthy they are. If they were “upright” and stand up individuals then they would display love instead of being jerks. “I’m Continuing Athletes and Others who Have Tried to Stop my Glory!” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Photo Belongs to (Tanikka Paulk)

“The Look Some Deserve to Have.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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