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Criticism is necessary for everyone and in all areas of life.
May 13, 2017

Emotionally damaged people do not accept criticism. The main reason is the poor self-knowledge, psychological trauma caused by parents or other people, due to which we feel inferior and not accepted by others. If self-esteem is low, we hardly are going through criticism and hardly accept any notes. Such people any criticism personally apply to themselves and believe that was criticized only their character, and can’t accept criticism even if it is true.

After all, sometimes people can express own critical observations in order to wish the good, for example, to assist or enhance. But those who are criticized and does not accept criticism are simply emotionally damaged people and they always take any kind of criticism as their rejection. In such cases, it is necessary to work with emotions.

Negative reaction to criticism is because of:

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  • Low self-esteem.
  • The view that everything should be done perfectly. These types of people are serving for their own high expectations and criteria, but they do not recognize that they are imperfect, they trying to live according to own developed criteria, but are unable to do so. Efforts to be perfect in every area of life do not allow them to be imperfect, to be criticized by others or to feel being wrong. Their aspiration is perfection, so they accept heard criticism as a threat.
  • Pride. These people are so exalting themselves that believe being not able to do anything wrong, cannot go wrong, are better than others. Being pride, they do not accept neither fair nor unfair criticism.

Everyone should look at yourself and figure out how you respond to the criticism. When we reject critics, we restrict our own mind, emotions. Distancing ourselves and not wanting to hear criticism, we decide to do everything by selves, we refuse to accept new ideas. Then our feelings and emotions stop developing and we stop growing.

Some people try to avoid criticism, simply because they are afraid of failure. But from that we learn! Criticism is necessary for everyone and in all areas of life. Of course, it does not have to be harsh, cruel and rude. After all, our observations we can say gently.


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