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Criminal Case – Facebook game review

Criminal Case is a very popular facebook game with approximately 10 million players monthly. It’s a hidden object game, but also a criminalistic genre in which the player is in charge of a police officer, and has to go through many rooms, search through objects to find specific clues for each case and eventually catch the killer in every case.

Now with the player is assigned another officer, in the first season it’s Officer Jones that accompanies you (the player) in every case. There are currently 4 seasons out there, the first season takes place in a place called Grimsbourough which contains 6 different districts (Industrial Area, Financial Center, Historical Center, University, Maple Heights, and Airport) in which you have to solve numerous different cases, total 56 cases in the first season.

The second season takes place with new characters, new officer partners to you (the player) and the new place is called the Pacific Bay in which 10 districts (Ocean Shore, Bayou Bleu, Inner City, Jazz town, White Peaks, Ivywood Hills, Rhine Canyon, Innovation Valley, Paradise City and The Wastes) take place and also a total of 59 cases in the second season. This season involves around a mad scientist that his unholy goal is digitalizing the real world, as he proclaims himself – the owner of the area.

The third season probably the most interesting season is called World Edition. Each case is set in a different city or country in the world, and that’s why it’s the most interesting season in the game so far. It is set in various locations around the globe which have 9 districts (Europe, Sahara Region, Eurasia, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, Africa, South America and North America) and 56 cases in total. In general, this season in the late districts focuses on the mysterious criminal organization SOMBRA that has been brainwashing people (especially teenagers) to join them and strengthen their power for their future plans, and also plans to divide the world in general between the US and the United Nations.

And the newest released season (the season that the player unlocks only after completing all the cases in the previous 3 seasons) is called Mysterious of the past. This season has a very interesting portfolio as is set in the late 19th century of the city of Concordia. Currently, this season leads with the most cases in a single-season (60) and 10 different districts. This season was released on November 17th, 2016.

Also the only dedicated and great YouTuber that actively records this game is Pitchingace88 so you can watch his videos and walkthroughs as he completes every case in each season with an English Commentary. The game is really addictive and also good and interesting.

The tools in the game are forensic kits, analyzing clues that will give you potential leads or even facts about the killer so you will have more clues and eventually catch the killer.

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