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Covenant Alien Movie Releasing Soon
April 12, 2017

I am a big fan of alien movies for obvious reasons. It has the thrill and the stuff that I always wanted to check out. I wanted to see how this movie was coming out to be. I found out that based on spoilers this movie is going to have more questions than answers. So this can be worth watching. Based on the popularity around the trailers. I think this is going to be a good movie if you can see the performance of the fassbender from the last movie. It seems he just keeps getting better with each role that he is playing these days. In this article I just want to discuss what are some of the ways this movie is going to be playing out.

Warning the post may contain some spoilers.


It seems the people in the movie are into teraforming planet. And they are basically falling for the planet which was infected by the David from earlier movie. And this means this can be a good movie based on what we are seeing from previous aliens movies. I am not sure where is the Prometheus connecting with this. But it seems the terraforming seems to be main objective in the movie.


As this is another alien movie so you can expect some level of violence. And things are going to be gory. And this means the people who are in the movie may find new ways to die in this planet and on the ship. But it can be worth watching. As there is going to be a new type of the alien before we see the final one. I think it’d be worth noting how the movie is going to end as well. Based on trailer it seems it’ll have some nice ending.

Are you looking forward to this type of the alien movies?

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