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CONFIDENCE- Always Carry Through Your Life
Marriage,Make It Last For Years_CONFIDENCE..always carry threw your life

No matter what color,size,shape,gender…..We all have it and should carry it like life. Embrace it,cherish it,display it like there is no tomorrow. You have to believe in yourself and you can do whatever you set your mind to do. It comes within and that is one of the only things in life NO ONE can take from you EXCEPT YOU.

When I think of Confidence, I’m holding my head high,thinking some kind of positive is gonna come out of what I am trying to accomplish. No matter what, big or small. You use your all , the drive and believe it can get done.

I don’t let know one tell me I can’t do it because of this or that. They don’t know the whole story and sometimes people are even jealous or want to tear you down. That where it come in. Its from inside of you and you have to bring it out to display on the outside of you.

Your looking strong, talking with knowing what your saying and displaying it in action threw facial expressions. A person can tell another person who has it. When I come across someone I have know very well or they relay to me not sure or cant do something, I say: “You can do whatever you want in life and as long as you try as hard as you can and have and feel good you have done everything in your power!” There will be a way.

It’s not anything you can buy or someone give to you. You have to find it and use it to express who you are,what you can do, and what you can achieve in life…..No matter what.

You apply yourself,work hard, display that CONFIDENCE as to what you are trying to relay….It will be written all over your face.

REMEMBER that everyone has it.. not of of us use it..some are afraid of it..but use it show your bold,not afraid of anything and to get more ahead in your life no matter whatever you are trying to accomplish or your goals in life. Take advantage if it….IT’S THERE FOR YOU TO USE BABY!!!!!!!!!!get it all and display it like

A BILLBOAD!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Well said confidence comes from the inside of a person you cannot buy or borrow it you have to earn it. Confidence like love is very vital in life, we cannot live without it. when we exude confidence then we can do anything that we want to do. There are people who can undermine others to the point that they loose their confidence in whatever it is that they are doing. If you have confidence it means that you believe in yourself. Anyone who sees themselves as unworthy or useless does not know what they have within them. We have all been given the ability to do anything that we want to do this gaining the confidence that we need. All you have to do is train yourself to believe in what you do and you will be successful in all that you do.

    2. Confidence… this what makes Pia Wurtzbach become Miss Universe because of her confidence as beautiful with a heart. And I guess this should be the attitude of all the people so we can survive every trials we encounter every day. Confidence in every day to step ahead and never back down. If we have the confidence that we can do it… we can do it, no doubt about it.

      So, never think that you cannot do it, think always that you can do it. That is the confidence with a heart. Smiling always and never showing our weakness.


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