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Cloud services in India by Amazon
August 25, 2016
Cloud services in India by AmazonImage source https://pixabay.com/en/cloud-cloud-service-internet-156135/

We were all expecting it to happen for some time now and finally AWS the World’s biggest cloud services provider Amazon Web Services has commenced its services by launching two of its data centers in India on 28th May 2016. I think it is wakeup call for other service providers like IBM, Microsoft and NTT.

The Chief Executive Officer of Amazon Web Services himself was present in Indian economical capital Mumbai for the launch and disclosed that the company has already achieved their initial target of more than seventy five thousand users even before there was a data center in India. He was expecting the number grow at a rapid rate now Amazon has two data centers in India.

According to CEO of Amazon the data centers in India will help users access the cloud services at faster than before. For instance if a customer using Amazon’s cloud services access a website a couple of milliseconds faster than ever before.

However, the Amazon has its eyes on Indian corporate sector especially the banking, health and government sector which is growing at a rapid rate but according to the Indian law should remain in Indian boundary. Now that Amazon has its data Centers in India it qualifies to do business with them.

Actually we were all expecting it to happen for a long time as our public sector does not have competitive capacity or in other words they are not as keen as the private sector is capable of.

 In fact the cloud services have so many advantages for increasing the competitive capacity of an industry that they simply can’t do without it and now Amazon is going to provide them a properly working cloud service it should show a significant change in their work culture.

And the best thing is going to be that a company will have to pay for what they consume. Therefore, it is going to be especially useful for newly launched or start-ups in particular.

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