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Cell Phones make Spying So Easy
February 16, 2017

Having been involved in a specific legal matter in Jamaica, I was stunned by the fact that the Cell company, all cell companies, keep records of every call made; when, where, who… and in cases, record the conversation.

This isn’t a Jamaican thing, apparently, cell phones were created for the purpose of being ‘porous’.   The ability to spy on conversations was built into the system.

Everyone of you is being spied on.  Every single conversation, text message, image, is copied and kept by your provider.   This is not paranoia, this is fact.

In some cases, to get the information from the company requires an actual warrant.   In others, it is a request. And in some, it’s just a matter of hacking in.

So using a cell phone is chatting your business in a crowded room where everyone can hear you.

Speaking of that, most people chat so that everyone can hear what they say.   I am in this room.  There’s a big gal outside talking on her cell.   I hear every word she says, and much of what is being said to her.

Unlike ancient days where one speaks into a receiver, where the top is by the ear and the bottom by the mouth so that whispering is audible to the person on the other end, but not to the person three feet away, today, the user has the phone at the ear and is talking as if they are at a football match, trying to be heard over the crowd.

Using this fact,  it is so easy to spy on others, get their secrets, hear their plans, that it isn’t very difficult to ‘con’ them.

One is in a lobby and hears some gal talking to another about the problems with her bank account, or her plans for the evening, or the names of her friends.   The information is easily used.

That everyone but me spends most of their waking hours, (when they aren’t stuffing their mouths with food) or speaking to a person in front of them, on the cell phone.    I can watch people walk into walls, drop their property or have it picked from their pocket while they babble on and on.

I could imagine being a spy and watching my ‘prey’.

There he is, babbling into his cell phone.   I get close, whip out mine, and pretend I am talking too… I hear every word he says, much of what is said to him.   If he speaks a foreign language, I can record it.

With my back to him, seeming into my own world, even if he sees me behind him, he might simply step away and I’ll figure out how to keep in his circle.

If that fails, just a simple hack into the Cell service he uses.

So easy.

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    1. Yes, they really do.

    2. I think when we are to speak in a phone, we have to make our voice modulated for others not to hear. It is not a good manner to be talking loudly on the phone, because you might be diturbing other people when you do that.

      And as to spying using the phone, I think it will take the government first to ask permission to hack somebody’s conversation when it is of utmost security risk that they are trying to prevent.

      • Most people talk so loudly and disturbingly as if they don’t realise they are being heard. Gov. doesn’t ask permission. The information is there. They just tap in.


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