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Celebrity Status Isn’t What it’s Cracked up to be

There’s so many celebrities who have a “difficult” time trying to go out in public or keeping their private lives private. They’re having to face the paparazzi and dealing with all of the harassment and stalkers. Some have to wear disguises in order to try and have a meal or just hang out. The paparazzi can be pretty rough. There’s some who have the celebrity status which means they’re famous without all of the glamour.

When having to deal with a lot of harassment and pushy individuals. Being famous doesn’t seem generate the hooray’s. There are times when celebrities may love being in their positions. Just thinking about a time when Madonna came to the movie theater and was in disguise. Being very popular can cause the paparazzi to be overly aggressive and try to gain “more information” about the celebrities.

Celebrity Bloggers

Celebrity Bloggers are famous for blogging about celebrities but they’re similar to paparazzi. Having to get close ups of “celebrities” and bashing the celebrities. Some may lots of money but the bashing is considered unethical however some choose to be celebrity bloggers because of the gossip and entertainment. Some desire to be famous while others just wanted to go into a field which is exciting.

There are a lot of famous people who seem to stay out of the limelight. Some may like being the center of attention while others rather been hidden. When “the paparazzi” get going it may be difficult for celebrities to generate any peace. Some continue to go tit for tat with the paparazzi and fans as well. The price of fame so many imply. Some may enjoy the glamour but when the harassment and bullying comes. They’re not so thrilled with the attacks which is understandable.

There’s some celebrities who are so famous they’re able to get their way with just about every situation. “Being” famous has it’s pros and cons and if one expects to be famous then they’ll have to deal with all of the drama which goes along with being famous or in celebrity status. Not all famous people will become wealthy but then again there’s some who took long to become the success but the wait can possibly be worth the wait.

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