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Cedar Plank Salmon, Pizza, Mac n’ Cheese
February 27, 2017
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This pizzeria / restaurant is known for their California style pizzas, but my boyfriend actually enjoys their salmon instead! As much as I love pizza, I am just not a fan of their pizza or food in general but when I do eat here I usually just get a small entree or sometimes just a kids meal. I have given their pizzas a try numerous of times, but I rather have my pizza elsewhere.

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Moving on, this is the cedar plank salmon where the salmon is actually cooked on the cedar plank in their oven. And, they give you the plank too. They use North Atlantic Salmon and the salmon is seasoned with smoked paprika and lime. The salmon is served with corn, spinach succotash and topped with feta cheese and side of lime. I must say the salmon is quite delicious too! I also eat from his entree too.

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I would typically get a small entree like a chicken sandwich or a kids meal and in this case, I opt for the kids meal of pizza (which I do not love) but to save time from driving to other locations I just settle with it. Here is the Hawaiian Pizza featuring pineapple pieces and ham I believe Canadian Bacon, you also get a kid size drink with the meal. I always get strawberry lemonade with no ice so I could get more lemonade and because its an additional 50 cents or you could get soda if you would like.

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At the time when I ordered this, they had a promotional deal where you could get a free small plate, so we decided to try the crispy mac n’ cheese – lightly fried  mac n’ cheese bundle with panko. As much as I like mac n’ cheese, this was not tasty in our opinions. With each order, you can ask for complimentary bread and oil. I just ask for the bread and not the oil.

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Again like most restaurants, this one if you sign up for their free rewards program – every dollar you spend, will earn you points. Once you have a certain amount of points spend $75 = get 75 points, each $1 is 1 point, you will get $5 off your purchase. It does add up easily considering each visit is easily $30. Also a few times a year, they will mail promotional offers such as: $10 off $30 or more, gift card offers where you purchase a certain amount of a gift card for instances $100, you will receive a $20 gift card to use in the future on a certain starting date.

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