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“Kamuning Returned,” Where Could She Had Been?
March 25, 2017

After two days of being gone, I was so happy yesterday morning when my pet cat,”Kamuning” showed up near our gate.

She looked so dirty, weak and could hardly eat when I gave it food. I thought maybe someone who got irked on her, could had held her up, caged her or tied her to prevent from getting in their kitchen.

Kamuning has a blue collar, so anyone who could see her will know that someone owns the cat, or it is somebody’s pet cat. Kamuning was a feral cat, and I adopted it thinking it could guard against snakes or rats around our house. She is a good hunter as we observed her to be.

Kamuning is Well-fed

I thought that Kamuning could had looked for other food, because she might no longer wanted the dry cat food (pellets) that I am giving her. Often, she would just nibble a bit of her food then leave it. Or maybe it is but natural for cats to eat a little from time to time, except when they are very hungry.

Maybe the house owner or person who held Kamuning for two days hated cats! It’s good he did not hurt or killed her. But I thought they could had hurt her because when she showed up, it looked frightened.

The Cat Recovered

After I fed and gave it clean water, the cat rested on my lap. It looked so weak so I allowed it to rest on the couch. After a few hours, it became lively again, it came out of the yard and began “surveying” the surroundings. He is our yard guard against snakes or rats!

Then in the afternoon, I gave it a warm bath, because it looked so dirty, and I do not want to touch her because I could not tell where she had been. She also goes up in our bed, so I want it to be always clean.

Taking Care of Kamuning So Well

I felt so sad when Kamuning was gone. I realized I am attached to her, emotionally. So I asked a neighbor to give us one of her kittens when her pregnant cat gives birth. Now, we do not have to get another pet cat because Kamuning returned. We will be watchful now that she had came back to prevent another “missing” incident.

Photo shows “Kamuning” my cat.

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Finding my “Kamuning!” Where’s My Cat?
March 23, 2017

This morning I kept calling for my pet cat, “Kamuning,” but I could not find her. She usually follows me when I walk or bike in the morning. She plays along the road or climb trees; but I did not notice she was gone.

We waited until this late afternoon if she might show up, but she’s still nowhere to be found. Her food which I left at the garage remained untouched. When we go out of the house to buy grocery items or food items at the mall or at the market, she usually runs to meet us when we arrive home, but this afternoon, still no Kamuning to greet us!

Missing the Naughty Cat

Am so sad, I looked for her at the laundry area where she usually sleeps all day. She used to sleep at our laundry basket, but it was empty! I missed her antics. She always try to open our window screen so she could get inside the house. I allow her inside the house for some hours only when she wants to play with me and with our pet dog.

Kamuning is a Good Hunter

If Kamuning would not show up, it meant a big loss for us because she’s a good guard and hunter. She catches rats around the house or at the grassland near us. And it is said that snakes fear cats, so I am afraid there might be snakes showing up again near our yard when Kamuning is not around.

Could Some People Hurt Her?

I am afraid some people might had hurt her or done something bad to her. Kamuning apparently did not like her pellets (food), and maybe she scouted for fish or other food in some neighbor’s kitchen. They might get angry with her, so they might had hurt her. I pity her if they would do it to her.

They know someone owns Kamuning because she has a blue collar, meaning she is not a feral cat so they should not catch or harm her.

Will Get Another Cat In Place of Kamuning

If Kamuning will not show up, we will get another pet cat. I asked our neighbor if their pregnant cat had already given birth. She said it could be, because the tummy was already flat, but she could not tell where it’s kittens are. She said it usually gives birth at the nearby grassy area.

I hope the ground maintenance man will find the new-born kittens. I told him I will get one if he found it.

Do you have pets, or cats for pets? Are you also emotionally attached to it?

Note:Photo shows my pet “Kamuning.” Photo by acelawrites

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A Story of a Cute Bird
March 22, 2017

1             My bird…

Is yellowish in color, with black tiny curves on the head, and a small blue amazing blue beard beneath the beak.

Smart and cute.. calm in all ways.. Kind and thankful..

We wake up everyday in a good temper eating together.. playing with each other <3

She filled my life with joy and happiness.. She just put a smile on my face as well as my kids faces.

My kids love her too, they do not want her to be locked up in a cage 🙂 so we decided to leave her free in our apartment.. So what she eats?

Well she loves small rice grains and hard pieces of bread.. She also do loves crusty cheese =D

I made her a small cage to sleep in and to rest too as bedrooms for humans when they are exhausted at the end of the day ha ha ha.. the cage looks like silver with a thick woody rod in the middle to stand when she likes to.

And a pink swing too, yeah she is my baby bird 🙂 <3

Mmm.. I feel she likes to have a mate one day, thus I am going to buy her one.. To build a happy family of so so cute and unique species of birds.. Who knows! Maybe someday they might have some cute eggs carrying babies inside.. Oh my God, I think it will be a great idea to help her build a family.

Have you any good ideas about planting in very small pots.. Actually I wish to make her cage as the real world.. Trees and green wide spaces to feel as if she is outside..

Well my daughter once told me to plant “Beans”.. do you think it is a good idea?

Ha ha, well I don’t know.. I really just working to make her happy and satisfied anyway.. I know she feels it, cause love and compassion is the international language among creatures.. No matter what language you speak!  But what really matters that your “Heart’ should know how to speak.




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A Cat that Likes to Sleep at the Top of My Head
March 21, 2017

If you found a cat that sleeps in your lap, congratulations because that cat chooses you to be their human. If you have a cat, your cat has a human and that is you. Congratulations, you found each other. However, what if the cat loves to sleep at the top of your head? Well, the meaning is they love you, they super duper love you that they don’t care on how strong the fragrance of your shampoo. Sleeping without you makes their day incomplete that is why no single night that they are not on top of your head.

Cats have different personalities. Some cats don’t mind you existed until you give them food. Some cats really care how do you feel. When they see you sad, they ask you a question. You might not understand their language, but surely once they cried, they are asking you to do something. If they feel you are sad, they will seat beside you. They will close their eyes but they are not sleeping. They are observing if you want a company or not. Some cats are sweet. You need to make them feel they are loved and they will become sweet to you. Trust me, I have cats in my entire life. I know what it means to have them in your life.

Back to my cat, who sleeps on top of my head, he is a teenager cat. He was with us when he was still a toddler. He entered our house and wants us to forcibly adopt him. He welcomes himself, asks for food and the rest is history. This cat will never sleep when I am working online. Whenever I am with my laptop, he will look at me, looks like telling me to spread my blanket for he will lie down. Sometimes he sleeps deeply, but as soon as I keep my laptop, he will move because he knows that I am preparing to sleep.

He will wake up when I wake up. He is with me when I am having my meal. He is waiting for me when I am using the restroom. He is following everywhere. He looks obsessed but nope, he is just a sweet cat. We talk regularly and I end up laughing because he is answering every question I am asking without understanding it. I more likely to think he is just asking for food all the time. He even stops me from working online when he is tired. It seems he is too sleepy to wait for me to lie down in bed. He is serious on that and even literally holding my hands to stop typing.

This cat thinks he owns me. I don’t mind being owned as long as it makes me happy. He is giving me the feeling he is satisfied by my love and care and I am happy to be loving him for forever. I hope that no one from the neighbor that will hurt her because surely I will forget how nice I am and might start a war. I appreciate this cat. I know we are destined to be together.


Image credit: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/cat-friend-animal-pets-636172/

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Cat is So Wise; Destroyed Window Screen to Get Inside
March 16, 2017

Last night, my cat kept making noises near our bedroom window. It was about 2 a.m. when I was roused from sleep by his scratching and pushing at the window screen.

I ignored it because I was so sleepy and did not want to get up to check. It kept making sounds as if appealing that I let it come inside our room. I do not allow it to sleep inside the house because it might pooh inside. I could not take the smell!
One time he let go of his waste in one of our bedrooms, until we discovered where the obnoxious smell was coming from.

From that time on, he was banned from sleeping inside the house. We allow him inside in the morning for just a short while, then we put him outside where he could watch over rats or snakes from the vacant lots near our house.

Then every night, he would rouse me from sleep with his scratching on the screen.He made so many attempts to get in till it apparently get tired. Then last night he was so successful in making an opening at the window screen. He tore a part of it enough for him to get through. He jumped in our bed, and made him comfortable near my feet.

Though we do not allow our cat inside, I always make sure it is clean, by bathing it.I use a shampoo and then blow dry its fur to make it comfortable. It is trembling though I used lukewarm water to rinse it.

Some Superstitions About Cats

Some people do not bathe their cats saying it will rain when they do so. Maybe it’s just a superstitious belief or a folklore. Do you also have some superstitious beliefs about cats? Some people said it will bring bad luck if you happened to run over it while you are driving; or when a black cat crosses your way while you are walking.

Keeping Cats Clean

Cats need to be kept clean, like dogs, because they roam the surroundings to catch rats, lizards or snakes. I make sure to wash my hands after touching or holding it.I do not allow it to lick my hands because its saliva could have some bacteria in it. It was already injected with anti-rabies vaccine when we had it spayed.

Cat owners should be careful when cats scratch them or lick their hands because it might be infected with rabies. It’s urine or waste could be infected with leptospirosis so being clean in handling the cat is a must for owners.

Cats Are Wise

I do not like cats as pets before because I do like the idea of touching it. I always like dogs for pets. Then when we adopted that feral cat, I learned to love it because it is easy to teach/train like a dog. It was then I discovered that cats are intelligent too. It knows how to get in our house by clawing on the screen then making a hole for his entrance. He is such a wise cat.

Do you own a cat? Is it also intelligent? Which do you prefer as pet, a dog or a cat?

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As I Play On The Music Something Drops Dead
March 5, 2017

As I Play On The Music Something Drops Dead
I was in my deep and motivating thought when suddenly I decided to play on my favorite music mellow rock and as I was concentrating on the lyrics to get some idea to blog, a poor thing dropped on my lap top. What a crazy thing something dropping with the tingling sound my nerves and my skin’ hair continuously standing not from a thrill and from a fear of losing a blink of that poor thing that suddenly drop dead in front of me and on top of my lap top. So while I am still describing the episode of that sudden story in two seconds program, you may temporarily give a try to guess this poor thing that suddenly dropped dead on my lap top in front of me. What do you think?

Of course, the sudden fear is associated with a very thin voice hard to come out the good and loud voice now due to humiliations of myself and the mockery of the night for that poor thing that dropped dead squeezed me like crazy that all people at home surrounded me and wondered what had happened to me. They altogether knocked the locked door to see the real situation from that thin voice asking for some mercy. When they came nearer me , they altogether shouted in fear inviting now some neighbors that reiterate the very rare commotion seldom happens at home. Our nearest neighbor so curios just got onto the place where I am intact and stocked up afraid to stand. It seems feet afraid to stand to do some simple stride to stay away from that poor dead thing.
When that curious neighbor came in , by the way she is female in her 50’s , she also shouted hilariously hehehehe and what makes me laugh her saliva spreads on my lap top that it wanted to boil it .LOL. Nice if it boils so that poor thing that dropped dead surely exudes some meaty aroma that may surely spread like a wild fire that had broke down the entire forest of California, way back three years ago , LOL. Now all people want to crawl onto the floor afraid to see again that poor thing that dropped on top of my lap top dead.LOL.

Oh well, I stood up finally to criminally investigate the session of awe and wonder. All disappear now like a vapor for fear that I may throw onto them that poor dead thing, a big LIZARD, LOL. What do you think is the reason why this poor lizard drops dead onto my gigantic lap top? Just write your answer in the comment blank and the best answer will have a price, LOL.

Image credit to Pixabay Free Images

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She Has Many “Boyfriends.” Are Cats Polygamous?
March 5, 2017

My Cat has so many friends

My Cat has so many friends

My adopted cat has so many “boyfriends!”

First is our dog, Oreo, who likes to kiss and play with her. Unlike other dogs and cats, the two goes along well. At times it is my cat,whom I call “Kamuning,” who is more snobbish and would strike her paw at Oreo. This is when she is not in the mood to play.

There is a saying in our country (Philippines) that when siblings always fight, parents would scold them and blurt: “you are like cats and dogs!” But this is not the case with my dog and cat who are very intimate friends.

Persian Cat as Boy friend (cat friend)

We had Kamuning spayed because we do not like so many kittens/cats around because I do not like it’s poo. But we were so sorry for that decision when we found out that a neighbor’s Persian cat frequented our yard because he is “in love” with Kamuning.

She could have so many beautiful kittens with a fine breed, and it could be sold at a high price to cat lovers. The Persian cat has a beautiful white fur and blue eyes. Kamuning is predominantly white with orange and brown spots at its head and feet.

Siamese Cat as Her Choice

Then during the next “mating season” when she is in heat again, we heard different sounds from our cat again, and we thought it’s the same Persian cat she was playing with. I was so happy when I saw the light brown big Siamese cat, with greenish blue eyes staring at me. It did not ran away and seemed to be guarding Kamuning.

So he is the next boyfriend/cat friend of Kamuning.

Orange Native Cat as Boyfriend

The third “boyfriend” cat friend is a native orange cat. It is smaller than the Persian and the Siamese cats.

It is good-looking also but I prefer to have kittens sired by a Persian or Siamese cats because of their beautiful eyes, and bigger in size too.

I just wonder if cats are really polygamous. They can have different mates in one season to another. Got to research on this.

Dear cat lovers, what can you say on this? Am glad to hear from you.

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Expensive pet accessories from around the world
March 3, 2017

Dogs are probably most pampered pet in this world, and their owners can go to any extent to show their love of their most trustworthy pet. Love for this loyal pet is shown by owners across the world through various ultra expensive products and accessories for their use. The furry friends seems to be enjoying the same with all attention. Infact some of the world’s wealthy pets have a dream life, which is probably a distant dream to human beings.

Right from designer clothes, diamond collars to luxurious beds and accessories, they have it all for the pet dogs. Dogs do have fur coat for their luxury and comfort and the expensive one ever made is available at $725. There’s also 22k gold thread pet mattress available for #3000, and just imagine the pet dog must be having golden sleep on the same. This just doesn’t stop here, there’s Versace Barocco Pet bowl available at $754 for the fancy feast of your pets. The affluent class has left no stones unturned to showcase their love for their pet through these high end possession and collector’s item. And then you will fall off your seat, when you get to hear that Louis XV Pet Pavilion worth $23,990 which can give them the sweetest sleep of this world. Dog’s collar worth $1.8 million, with 52 carat diamond has set a record – Studded with more than 1600 hand-set diamonds on 18 K white gold attached to a crocodile leather collar, this is undoubtedly Dog’s best accessories and something which the dog would love to sport always. Dog’s perfume priced at $65 is for those who wants to smell royally – the Sexy Beast Fragrance is unisex with a mix of natural patchouli, mandarin and nutmeg oils. There’s Crystal dog house available at $31,660 – This amazingly expensive bed only fits the tiniest of pups in the center of the bed adorned with 75000 crystal beads.

From these facts, we can figure out the amount of disposable income and wealth the owners of these pets possesses.

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Benefits of Having Pets; Do You Own One?
March 2, 2017

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

My pet, Oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

Photo above shows my naughty pet, Oreo. He took the sock and ran as fast as he could to avoid me. He declared the sock as his own toy to chew on. Maybe he loved it because it is so soft and had my “scent” on it. Do you also own pets?

Here are some of the benefits of having pets. You can add yours if you have a different experience with your pets.

1. They are stress-relievers.

When you wake up in the morning, and you were greeted by a cold lick in your foot or in your hand, you became happy because someone who is so close to you is there to see you moving.

The little pup, a cat, a cuckoo or any pet you have can make you realize you have the responsibility other than caring for your own. Most of the time when you got their signal that they were hungry, you’ll rush going out of bed to feed them. People who do not have children or those who are single, can find the joy of having pets as companions.

It can make one active, prevent being sluggish, because someone like a cute pup can change one’s mood, brightening up his day!

2. Pets are Good “Entertainers”

Pets usually show antics that can make the owner laugh. It is good if you have a camera ready to record on video the event. You can show it to friends when they visit you and it becomes a lively conversation topic. Everyone who can see such funny videos will surely be entertained. You can submit it on some sites and even earn from it.

Pets liked to be coddled.So your guests specially children would have a great time feeling the soft, shiny fur of a dog, or a cat. If you own big pets like horses, they too are great for bonding activities. Children would always cherish the experience of a first horse-back ride, of course, with the adults or parents as their guide to prevent accidents.

3. Pets as Therapy

There we

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

My pet, oreo, a mixed shih-tzu breed.

re clinical studies on how pets can help a sick person be happy. As a result, when happy hormones are produced by the body, it would result in improving a sick person’s condition.

Nowadays, there are nursing homes who allow patients to have their pets near them. Or their guests can bring along their trained dogs or cats or birds to bring joy to a patient; both for young and adult persons.

They allow the patient to touch the pet, coddle them, and most pets who are well-trained will reciprocate the gesture, showing how happy it is with the interaction.

Truly, there are so many advantages of keeping pets. But or course the owner should be responsible enough to meet its needs. It is just a two-way process, a mutual relationship between the human and the pet.

Do you also have pets? You can share your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading.

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My Bengals are Such Silly Cats
February 10, 2017

Yes, this is a real photo, and I did not Photoshop it in any way. However, I have seen where my photo has been taken and used on the internet, but I can prove it is my photo, and this is my cat.

To protect his name, I will call my cat “Rugburn”, this is actually his registered name, but it’s not the name he goes by. Rugburn has a sister. She was the runt of the litter, so she’s smaller than him. The photo of Rugburn on the potty was taken when he was about 4 years old, and he’s 7 years old now. Bengals are a very difficult breed to take care of, because they are like having a 2 year old running around all the time, and they get into anything and everything that they can.

Rugburn actually taught himself how to do this, because I wouldn’t be able to begin to tell you how to potty train a cat. We noticed that he didn’t like to get in the litter box. He would actually stand on the side, and then do a balancing act on the rim of the box. I’ve seen him do this so many time with the balancing on the litter box, and I would just hope that he wouldn’t fall forward and end up with what should be in the box, being out the box, because he always faces himself outward from the litter box.

His dislike for the litter box, I believe is what forced him to try something different. He only does this every now and then, so this isn’t something that he does all the time.  If he could teach himself how to flush, then we’d really be on a roll. But then again, not sure what my water bill would end up looking like if he discovered that he could flush.

Here’s Rugburn with his sister. She prefers the litter box. 🙂


And here’s Rugburn just chillin’.


And, Rugburn’s sister is just as silly as he is. She loves boxes, and she found use out of this Pepsi box.


Even though Bengals can keep you on your toes, they definitely make life interesting.

Photo Credits: mine (Debbie G. – lovelights)


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