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Some Poor Do Not Know How to Improve Themselves; Rely on Doleouts or Blame the Government
April 23, 2017

Image credit: Pixabay.com Free Images

Pardon me for feeling like this; it does not mean I degrade the poor, but I want to clear things, to help. One can not be totally poor if he will try his best to improve his life.

One way is finding a way to earn something; one can start from scratch. By scratch I mean, offering your greatest asset, your human power to do things you are capable of like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, or using whatever knowledge or expertise you have.

Another is doing some small business, even without a capital. Some people succeed by just starting a business on a consignment basis. They will get the products they will sell from a supplier, then on the agreed date, they will remit whatever goods they had sold. There is an agreement set by the supplier on the amount to be remitted. Of course, the reseller of the goods can set his own price, but it should be a reasonable one so he can have many buyers or loyal clients.

From this strategy, if you have a good business sense, you can earn something for your family’s needs, and can have some extra savings which in the future will become your own capital for another business.

For women or stay-at-home moms, selling cosmetics is one of the easiest form of a small business. There are cosmetic companies who offer many benefits for their resellers. Moms can use their social circle, mothers who are like them too, and they can even recruit them as resellers. They can use the social media like Facebook in creating a page to advertise their products.

Instead of wasting away the time the whole day chatting online and offline, they can turn the hours into productive endeavors. They can plant ornamental plants or vegetables if they have available space in their yards. They can sell them later on, and have their own supply of vegetables which is often raised organically. It is healthy and economical too. They do not have to go to the grocery or market to buy vegetables for the family.

Examples of vegetables that grow so easily depending on the climate are moringa and sweet potato. Their leaves are nutritious and are easy to cook. Just steam and put some soy sauce or lemon or calamansi as dip, and the family can have a nutritious meal.

I wonder why some poor families complain that they have nothing to eat. They can go to the market and offer to help the vendors there; and later, they can go home with some fish or vegetables for the family. One only needs to be creative or imaginative in cooking a healthy but cheap meals, like a combination of green leafy vegetables like moringa or water parsley (kangkong) and a small amount of anchovies. Just add a tomato, a pinch of salt and garlic, and it’s done! No one can go hungry or malnourished if they will think of ways to earn a little and cook cheap nutritious food.

Do Not Depend on Doleouts

Do not wait for the government to give you food. A poor person can have self confidence and regard himself highly if he is capable of uplifting his life in whatever capacity he can think of.

Some people blame the government for being poor. But if they strived hard to attain education, they will not be poor forever. They can work in a company and spend for all his needs. The government is there to assist people who like to help themselves.

It is just a give and take process. And the government should do its part in spending people’s money (taxes) to provide social services for the poor. One of such projects is providing them interest-free capital for starting a small business. It is not doleout because it is a loan which should be returned at a given time, so it can be allotted for other people who also need it.

So being poor and remaining poor depends on a person’s determination and ability to uplift his life.

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When The BBC was all that
April 20, 2017

I’m going back to the 1990s.   One can go to the 1940s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s,  for the British Broadcasting Corporation was what it claimed to be; “The World’s Radio Station”.

The BBC used to really report the News.   The News was important.  A story could be two minutes or ten minutes or twenty two minutes, it didn’t matter.  The purpose of the BBC was to inform, and if it took two minutes or twenty two minutes, that is what it took.

The standard of the BBC was to inform public of the stories it was about to cover, report on the stories in depth, then do a recap of what had been told.

Many of us sitting exams were instructed by our teachers to adopt the BBC Method;

“Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.”

Many of us followed the advice to good use.

The BBC used to give complete stories.   If you listen to the BBC about an event in Zanzibar, you would not only be granted the information as to where Zanzibar is, a touch of its history, what happened, who is involved, who they are and what the consequences would be.

You might not have even known Zanzibar was a real place when you began to listen, but at the end of that broadcast, you could sit an exam, for that is how in depth the BBC used to be.

The BBC used to broadcast news almost continually.  It would have historical programs of the highest quality so that you would know, at the end of it as much information as necessary to allow you to speak of the event with some expertise.

It would read a novel on air, a chapter a day,  or have it acted out within a thirty minute period.  It covered sports and business and science, but it was mostly news.  And news was not cut and pasted to fit into the space left between useless blah blah.

Blah blah is when they waste time interviewing no one of any significance about nothing you care about.  Doing some false history program where all the facts and dates are virtually omitted so that if you listen to a program about the Battle of the Somme you wouldn’t know if it happened in 1914, 15, 16 or 17, or who was there and why it was important.

In fact, if you look at the schedule you will see very little news and 90% worthless blah blah which is repeated over and over and over again.  So that if you turned off a blah blah about female boxers at 9:08 you will be turning it off again at 2:33, and again at 8:33.  It will probably pop up again the next day as well.

The decline of the BBC is of such magnitude that one is stunned that it’s broadcasting of Blah Blah has gone on for so many years.   One assumed that a station with the reputation of the BBC would have gone back to its previous high standards within a few months of its decent into Newsbytes.


The fact is, even it’s Webpage has very little news and lot of unnecessary rubbish as if they have joined the 1984 production of keeping people ignorant.

The rise of so many alternative news sites, be they right wing, be they whacky, is the result of the fact that you can not expect to hear news on the BBC.

The bits they give you are often hollow or deceptive, and the ‘need to know’ has become dulled in the minds of the public.  One simply goes back to what they were doing; whether cooking, playing a game on line, writing an item, with this shoulder shrug, assuming if it was important the BBC would have told them.

Which is the purpose.

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Review the batman lego films
April 15, 2017

When heard about batman new movie I rushed laptop because wanted to read some reviews about the new movie

Lego Movie the day I heard it will come out, reviews about the movie tempts you to spend money to see it in cinema but watching the movie at home is economical and is fun with friend. so we planned a day and download it the movie and bought the chips and juice and pop corn and planned the room where we saw the movie. hours before the movie we sat talking about it and how maybe the cinema feels yet its pricy to go there every two weeks. So we save money like this and still we are enjoying our company, I like animated movies but my friend think its the best animated film due to the presence of batman. I also not fan of The Lego films but batman is good, so after done talking we immediately started the movie, enjoying the movie is little word to say, it was fun comedy movie that made us smile sometimes and giggles other times.

In the movie batman is fighting the joker to protect the city, typical but the events are funny, so movie type is : adventures and comedy

I was thinking its a kids movies but at maximum for teens movie. Yet I saw it, its the first film lego I see. and certainly liked it, people saw many things and event in the movie in them so this batman lego has some events that makes adults like it too

Length of the movie: 100 minutes

released: feb. 2017

rating online were :6/10

the story and the character are based on lego construction toys

I do recommend adutls and kids to see, its family or movie

you will laugh the whole movie, you will enjoy seeing it at home as well as the cinema

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Shopping For Comfort and Style
March 24, 2017

Do you shop for comfort or for style?

There are people who buy things, example is a pair of shoes or sandals. They buy a pair because they needed something to wear for walking comfortably. So she had in mind a very soft, leather-strapped sandals which is casual yet so very nice looking she can wear it even when going to church or other casual events.

Comfortable Shoes/Sandals

Ever since I was financially capable to buy a good pair of shoes or sandals; this was when I had my first job, I always preferred to wear very comfortable shoes or sandals because the nature of my job requires a lot of walking or standing; or going places. So I chose very durable, easy to wear, shoes or sandals.

My shoes then were usually leather, flat, and soft, like wearing rubber shoes. Or it can be sandals, also leather, and easy to dry especially when I have to walk on floody streets during rainy season. Sometimes I also wear waterproof shoes because I feared that flood waters has so many bacteria or viruses in it, particularly leptospirosis from rat’s urine.

It should also be comfortable to wear even if I ran, chasing people , or chasing events.

Buying Locally-Made Footwear

There is a place in our country that is famous for shoes, and other footwear making. The town is called Marikina, where small shoe traders manufacture shoes, and other footwear that are of world-class for durability and style. So during those days when I was still so young to ride public transportations, I went there when I need a good pair of shoes or sandals. It is especially designed according to my specifications, which is primarily for comfort.

The Marikina shoe makers/traders also set up a place in Cubao, Metro Manila where buyers can go to choose footwears. It is called the Marikina Shoe Expo. It is relatively cheap, and durable.

Dying Industry

Now, many shoe makers stopped making shoes, unlike in earlier days when almost every household there had a small shoe shop. They lamented that raw materials like leather, had become so pricey. Another is the stiff competition when very cheap imported shoes from China were allowed to be sold in the country.

But one can attest to the durability of Marikina-made shoes compared to some imported cheap ones.

Shoe/Footwear Industry Being Revived

Now, I think they are trying to help the Marikina shoemakers in reviving the industry. One shoe maker made a special shoes he offered as a gift to President Duterte. Some notable people also patronize the Marikina-made shoes to help the small shoemakers to have a sound business, and for the industry to live long in spite of stiff competition.

It is a sad state of some industries, like the shoe/footwear industry when industry giants from other countries “eat”up the market for the locals. It is up to the people to patronize their own products to help local businessmen.

Like the Marikina shoe/footwear industry, Filipinos can help make it alive by buying locally-made footwear that are known for comfort and durability.

Sorry folks, my topic was about shopping for comfort or for style, but my mind drifted to local shoe industry in Marikina, Metro Manila. This is quite nostalgic, because yesterday, when my husband went to a store inside a mall in our place, I was so happy to know that they are still selling Marikina-made shoes.

I told the sales lady that I was a fan of Marikina-made shoes for its durability. Now I am also looking for very comfortable sandals that I need for walking a lot. But for morning walks, I use a comfortable rubber shoes.

Do you shop for comfort or for style?

(Photo above is my original photo of yellow gumamela or hibiscus flower-acelawrites)

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Tea Industry – Adventure and fun with money
March 22, 2017

Career in Tea Industry is one of the most lucrative careers for Indian job seekers as it pays handsomely besides it has an adventurous life in some of the best peaceful and beautiful areas of our country like Assam and Karnataka and Kerala.

Tea industry is growing rapidly in Indian as well international markets. Most big companies are expanding their business taking over smaller companies and new companies are coming up creating good opportunities for employment in the tea industry.

It would be worth mentioning here that India has almost six hundred thousands of hectares of area where tea is produced spread over different states in West Bengal and Tamilnadu apart from states mentioned above. India is also one of the leading tea exporting countries in the world with some of the best quality of tea produced anywhere in the world.

Personal attributes- If you are willing to make a career in tea industry than you should have a flair for outdoor life. You must have an excellent healthy body and ability to adjust yourself according to environment of the site. You should be well aware about topography and geographical locations about tea-estates for a better adjustment.

Educational qualification- Although specialization in tea sector is as necessary as in any other field as botany, agriculture and food sciences could be the need of the jobs in processing section. However, there is no need of extra specialization in tea management sector but MBA in marketing and business management or human resources is enough to get a job.

Job Expectations – The tea gardens are managed by a group of managers, assisted by juniors as assistant managers or deputy managers. Initially an assistant manager is recruited to assistant a particular manager in the particular departments managing plants, plucking, processing, packing and transportation. Incidentally, there are many more departments in tea industry but those are too technical to be mentioned in this post.

I saw a ‘tea-tasting’ section during my visit to a tea estate in Assam a few years back. This may sound very ordinary to readers but it was highly skilled job, where experts were mixing and tasting blending different qualities of tealeaves and powders.

Researchers- Tea industry is one good choice if you are a botanist, biotechnologist or expert in any other field of agriculture. Researchers keep on adding new flavors to the tea to upgrade their products constantly. Posted

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/person-woman-india-fields-plantage-690245/

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The True Story of a Bank Robbery
March 14, 2017

This is an event that happened about ten years ago.   On the face of it, it seems straight forward, but is it?

A bank was robbed, the robbers made off with the contents of the vault.   The employees, who had been locked in the vault were traumatised.  They were unable to say much, crying and confused.  The retrieved security footage showed average built people, presumably men, wearing masks.

The accountants estimated that there was about Fifteen Million dollars in the bank, although the Manager presented some information that there was Twenty One Million Dollars.

The employees went home for two weeks, received counseling.  Some were able to return to work after the two weeks, but were sent to a different branch.   Some were not ready and got another two weeks.

Meanwhile, the accountants and auditors went over and over the documents, trying to ascertain exactly how much money was missing.

Some documents made it Twenty One, Some Fifteen, and some suggested Eleven, so the problems were not only that the bank was robbed but that there had been so much confusion in the early moments of rescue, and the count for the day, that long after all the employees were back at work, the Accountants and Auditors were still trying to ascertain how much money had been there.

The Manager, who had been helpful and useful suddenly had post traumatic stress.  He went to a psychiatrist who found a laundry list of mental issues.

He took leave, and left the island, and never returned.

Over time, the police did have a few break throughs  but all they recovered was just over Nine Million dollars.

Trying to work out how much each robber could have carried, the size of the bags,  it seemed that Eleven Million was the limit of what could have been in the bank at the time.

The insurance company refused to go above Eleven Million, leaving the Accountants and Auditors trying to figure out where the other numbers came from, or where the money went.

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Who Do You Think Was To Blame For This Accident?
March 13, 2017

Last week, a meeting was called for the project engineer , operations and maintenance department, HR assistant and me.

This time, since the HR officer was absent, I have to take charge of the meeting.

The ceiling of the ground floor of one of the company’s building which was contracted to a construction firm went down , while the electrical section of our operations and management department were finishing the wirings for the said place. It is to be occupied by a new tenant , while the second to third floor was occupied already by a business processing office.

I want the meeting to be just brief because from experience meetings like this will take time because those involved would be made to speak what their involvement were.

Thus, at the start of the meeting I told everyone that the meeting was called not to blame anyone but to find a solution to the problem once it is determined as to what really happened.

The electrical section head said that while they were doing the wirings and some were up in the scaffolding they put up where they can stand to do the wirings it suddenly fell down on them.

The part that was hit was that part where two electricians were up in the scaffolding doing the wirings. Thus, the said two personnel when the ceiling went down were hit. The others escaped.

The next to tell what he knows was the security officer, who told everyone that since their part is to secure the safety of everyone, he told the men to put on their hard hats to which was not followed.

Thus, the heads of the two personnel was hit, luckily they weren’t hurt much. They suffered some scratches and of course their head was knocked on by the ceiling that fell down because they don’t have hard hats.

The next to tell his piece was the project engineer.

He told everyone that he was telling the electrical department to already do the wirings before the contractor would let his men finally seal the ceiling. But since the electrical department was also busy that time, they weren’t able to do it during those times.

Thus, the workers put up the ceiling without the wirings yet and when the electrical sections were already putting up the wirings , this happened.

With what happened, the project engineer said that it could be that the hangers weren’t all put up in the ceiling because the BPO on the second floor doesn’t like the banging for the hangers and they were given a schedule to do it . But then, the workers weren’t available on those schedule. So, they sealed the ceiling, forgetting to put on the hangers.

But this was the conclusion only of the project engineer.

To this, I pointed out that this incident was a blessing in disguise actually .

Why? Because hadn’t it been for the pounding of the electrical personnel when they did the wirings, it will not be discovered that the ceiling isn’t sturdy. It should have been that it is sturdy , that it can bear the weight of one or two persons, if ever there will be a repair to be done for the wirings inside the ceiling.

To end the meeeting, I requested the project engineer to point it out from the contractor to rectify and fortify the ceiling. To this, everyone agreed and was happy that there was no blaming done but just a speedy solution to the problem.

But on second thought, the one to be blamed is really the project engineer since it means he didn’t inspect the ceiling works done when it was finished since it was after all already paid half .

Sometimes, a thing happens really to point out something that should be corrected.

Note : Picture is from google

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world classMedical billing and coding
March 8, 2017

Life is successful if an excellent course is chosen in your life. Medical billing and coding course is such a wonderful job-oriented course at present. The job market is huge in this era and many fresher want to pursue the course with the help of world class training. This training is highly essential to match the needs of the client. Hence, an individual has to select the medical billing and coding course does have an excellent future. The reasons for choosing this course are lucrative salary and immediate job offer. Once the medical billing and coding training is over effectively, the deserving candidate will be given job offer without hesitation by the employer.

An individual who wants to pursue the carrier in medical billing must enroll in an excellent training firm for better future

An individual who wants to select the best school for undergoing medical billing training can search directory of medical billing and coding classes by state and city. This directory facilitates the individual for having world class training. A major advantage of this course is an individual need not depend on others for employment and instead can start own home business easily. The basic qualifications for the good employee are Basic English knowledge, good eye power, science knowledge and figure counting. Since the training program covers the before mentioned things, the candidate gets abundant knowledge for the job.

Online search is fine for the individual who needs to find site list medical billing and coding schools in Houston. This list would tell him the exact school for the effective medical billing and coding training. Many employers expect certified medical billing and coding professionals for the job. Certified people perform better job when compared and hence the demand is more for them. Nowadays, the medical billing training is offered both in person or online and so many individuals are benefited. Medical course does provide job offers to everyone

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Piercings in the workplace should be acceptable
sunscreen-The Pond’s BB+ cream with ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B.  Image source https://pixabay.com/en/sunscreen-spray-skincare-sunblock-1461332/ 

Î have written about tattoos and why they aren’t accepted in the workplace and now it is time to discuss piercing at the workplace.

Piercings have been done for many years on people in many countries, each location meaning a diferent thing. Just like tattoos more people are deciding to get piercings no matter were the locaction is. Now pierings at the workplace is also frowned upon. People tend to associate piercings with people that do drugs or something related. This is not true.

There is a upside to piercings when it comes to some kinds of jobs and it is the fact that you can remove most of them during work hours and put them back when your off duty. It is a pain to do but it is how some people live to be able to have the job they need or want.

Some piercings are hardly noticable so some jobs don’t really complain about them such as nose piercings, belly piercings or (sin some cases, tongue pierings).

Just like tattoos i have facial piercings and i can say i am lucky enough to not have to remove them or hide them with retainers. I have snake bites (piercings on each side of my lower lip) and i am accepted at my workplace by everyone, even the clients.

There is a saying that after seeing a peron so long with a certain thing, you tend not to even notice it is there anymore and this happens often. I am valued for my work and not how i decide to decorate my body. That does not define me.

I am hoping that in the future both piercings and tattoos will start getting accepted both in the workplace and society and that they stop associating these to bad influences and bad work. Most of the times is isn’t the case. Just because some bad people have tattoos and piercings, doesn’t mean everyone else will be the same.

Does anyone have an opinion on this matter?

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Tattoos in the workplace should be acceptable

This is a huge matter that is always being discussed and always has negative responses. More and more people are getting tattoos. It is a way to express yourself in art on your body. It is something permament that will remind you of something. Yet there are still places and people that do not accept tattoos. They associate tattoos with bad people. this isn’t the matter anymore. In the old days people would get tattoos, especially in gangs to represent certain things they did or where they belonged. This art has been changing and now there are more people willing to get some beautiful art marked on there body.

Now where am i going with this? It is due to the workplaces. There are workplaces that do not accept workers with visible tattoos. There are some places that i kind of understand the need to have a great presentation yet i am not 100% agreeing with it.

The fact that you have a tattoo does not mean that you are incompetent. It just means that you decided, one day, to get something to remember something in your life and decided to get it permemantly inked on your body. Nothing else.

Some people are unfortunate and don’t get many job offers because of their visible tattoos and this is unfair. This person could be the most qualified in the group and they wouldn’t be picked because of this little issue that doesn’t even bother anyone.

I am lucky enough to have tattoos and work in an open minded company where they value your work. You appearance only has to do with what you wear and not if you have tattoos. This is something i was always proud to say about my job, not only about the tattoos but piercings also.

Do you judge people because they have tattoos?


Stay tuned for Piercings in the workplace.

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