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Wire Secure Messaging App for Desktop and Phone
April 20, 2017

I remember using Skype for almost everything. I have used Yahoo messenger, Skype and many others for some time. I learned that as Yahoo stopped the messenger, it was role for the wire to work on some of the security related messenger. In case of Yahoo the connection was secure for the clients. You don’t get to see that with the Skype. The reason being many such apps with similar sources have their set of rules. I have found that Wire has lot of interesting features worth taking a look at. If you are already using something like say Telegram then you may not need to change from there. But if you are using Skype and other messengers which have no security and has ads, then it’s worth changing for sure. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Wire messenger app.


The biggest issue with many chat apps is that it lacks the security. And you have to consider using some sort of connection wise security for such apps to work. I have found that only telegram has such options. And only they managed to keep things running with some level of security. You can say that security means even bad people can not be tracked. Yes but by giving excuse of bad people, you may have to keep access open. And that is not something most of the chat apps want to do. So they are making the security more tight on that part. I think Wire app too has managed to balance some of the desktop apps security in their settings.


Most of the apps such as whatsapp and Hike are going to use the ads. And they wish to make money using the displayed ads. To some extent that is fair enough for them to survive using the ad money. But if you consideer how the messaging apps are collecting data while using the ads, I think that’s not fair enough. Instead they can ask for the messenger to be going paid. I don’t think anyone woud mind about that. Because ads have managed to make it harder for people to keep the privacy. And these days most of the things that you see going on are all about the privacy so make sure you pay attention to that as well.

Audio & Video

Another area that I think it needed improvement was the audio. I have found that Audio is worth checking out in such apps. Most likely some apps make use of your own connection speed for audio. Some relay the signal through their servers. And in this process there is a loss in the audio stream. I want to understand how to manage the audio during this process. Some video chats may also not work well with 1 on 1 video services. I know that because I used skype many times and found out that it’s not upto the par as I expected it to be. But yeah Audio and Video services from most of the paid services are lot better due to their servers managing the audio and video stream far more effectively. Like say Gotomeeting is lot better some of the time than whatsapp audio stream or video stream.

Another thing I liked about the app is that it has @username. Most of the apps don’t offer that. So it’s some of the times better to have it. Because that way we can easily tag that person and then communication can be resumed as well. I am sure with time, there are going to be many updates for this app. As of now it is available on all the mobile devices with Android, iOS and Windows. There is also Linux support going on. And Mac version too is similar like the Windows version. So it’s another app worth checking out.

Image by Wire app.

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Laptop Cooling Fan is a Necessity!


If you asked me many years ago if I would prefer a desktop or laptop? I would vote desktop all the way. However in our current day and time, I prefer a laptop because it is convenient, lightweight and easy to bring on the go if needed! For instances: A laptop would be more practical if someone is in college, so they could take notes while in class if allowed on their computer vs. writing everything down or if the student needs to study or do homework at the library while waiting for their next class.

Why I did not like a laptop in the past? All the laptops I have owned previously mainly by HP and Dell would overheat. I did not know the cause because I used it like everyone else, but the reason is that the laptop would get hot and just be dead, fried. I thought the fans equipped with the laptop was strong enough, but I guess not. However, now technology is much better and laptops have a good fan but to help my laptop cool down faster, I bought a fairly inexpensive laptop cooling pad from a local electronics store. The brand I purchased is by Belkin but there are many brands out there for a laptop cooling fan, pad. When I feel that my laptop is getting hot, I just plug the laptop cooling pad in via USB and allow the cooling pad to do it’s job! Once I feel my laptop has cooled down, I would disconnect the cooling pad. Not everyday do I have to reach for this but it is a necessity to have on hand for me just encase!

Ever since I had this cooling pad, I never fried my laptop anymore. My Apple MacBook Pro is going on three years now! Or, it could be that this laptop is much better quality compared to the HP and Dell I owned previously and of course literally triple the cost!

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The perks of being an Amazon Prime Member

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 11.09.10 PM

Amazon is a widely known website and it is a convenient for online shopping. Being an Amazon Prime member essentially paying a yearly fee or by month, you get a ton of perks! What’s great is that I am actually free because I was added to a membership. When you join, you could add a couple of family members to your account so if you share among a couple of people and spilt the cost, the membership could be more reasonable.

What are some perks of Amazon Prime?

  • If there is an Amazon Prime logo, you do not have to spend the minimum of $35 for free shipping, you will get free shipping regardless of the amount. Most often receive free 2 day shipping or even same day shipping on select items!
  • If you are an e-reader and enjoy books you will be eligible for early access to ebooks
  • Print photos straight to your door at a low cost and with free shipping
  • You can steam movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, and games all on Amazon Prime
  • Now there is food delivery option for fresh product, groceries, etc
  • Receive access to good deals, specials that Amazon occasionally has!
  • And much more!

What is the cost of Amazon Prime? $99 a year or $49 for college students. Sometimes there are on going offers for cheaper.

Some more reasons why I love Amazon Prime is that there are sites where you can review products (optional to write a review) for a discount and I come across lots of good or cheap deals for cool products. For instances the phone case above I was given for free! It is a great case that I was able to review for free for my previous phone, that I bought it for full price for my current phone. Also, Amazon Prime products have a free return option encase it does not work out for you! The free returns is really easy, all you do is request a free shipping label and drop it off at a local UPS. When UPS scans the label, a few hours later Amazon has already credited you with your money. And did I mention, the customer service representatives are extremely helpful if you come across any problems!

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What do you do with your old phone? I sell mine online!

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 4.04.33 PM

What do you all do with your old electronic devices? For example your old cell phone?

Some people may:

  • Hand the cell phone down to another family member, sibling, significant other, child, and so forth
  • Sell the phone to a family, friend, or stranger whether it may be a in person transaction or online transaction
  • Donate the phone for free – or – recycle the phone for free
  • Upgrade the phone in exchange of a new phone
  • Upgrade the phone in exchange of a new phone and get credit toward a new phone
  • Toss the phone out because the phone is no longer worker
  • Keep the phone around just to use around the house, or to use like an iTouch instead

I personally have found that if you hold your phone for too long – you will lose value. The maximum amount of years I will hold onto a phone is two years before upgrading and you still get a decent return value. It is best to re-sale your phone if it is still popular and on the market. People will pay money for a used phone if your phone is good working condition. I found that if you also include accessories you have better chance of selling your phone too! If you are able to sell your phone, it is definitely much more money than what stores are buying your phone back for. 

For instances I upgraded my phone to an Apple iPhone 7 Plus and I paid full price. My previous phone was an Apple iPhone 6 Plus and the “buy back price” was around $150 – $175, no way! I was able to sell my phone online for double that! However, the risk with online sales is what if the phone does not arrive to the person? What if the phone is damaged upon delivery? What if you get scammed? Those are the risks you take when selling online, so make sure you sell on a reliable website and have some sort of insurance for the “what – if’s”. You could also sell in person too, but there are risks like someone trying to scam you, or upon meeting up – even though the price you both agreed upon is set – the buyer may want to still try to negotiate more (which has happened to me in the past and it is very annoying or they are a flaker and end up wasting your time/gas!)


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Samsung S8 vs Google Pixel
April 10, 2017

Samsung announces two new models of galaxy series Samsung S8 and S8+. Both sets have many new features. This time Samsung introduce new ways of unlock your smartphone. You can now unlock your smartphone using IRIS technology, Face recognition and finger sensor technology.
They have introduces with higher battery life and also Wi-Fi charging.
Samsung latest mobile set is S8 having impressive infinity display.
Google pixel with apple like appearance and pre android capability.
Comparing Samsung S8 with Google Pixel
Samsung S8 $720
Google pixel $650

Release date
Samsung S8 April 2017
Google pixel October 2016

Samsung S8
Height 149mm
Google pixel
Height 144mm
Samsung S8 is taller than google pixel

Samsung S8 155gm
Google pixel 143gm

Samsung S8 aluminum glass with curve edges
Google pixel aluminum glass

Water Resistance
Samsung S8 has IP68 water resistance
Google pixel not water resistance

Samsung S8 5.8 inch
google pixel 5 inch

Display type
Both have AMOLED over IPS technology

Finger print scanner
Samsung S8 back mounted finger print scanner
Google pixel back mounted finger print scanner

Face recognition
Samsung has added face recognition technology in S8
Google pixel not added

Iris Scanning
Samsung added Iris scanning in S8
Google pixel not added

Samsung S8 has snapdragon 835 octa core 2.3 GHz
Google pixel has snapdragon 821 quad core 2.15 GHz

Both have 4GB ram

Samsung S8 has 64GB
Google pixel 32 GB & 128GB

Samsung S8 has 3000mAH
Google pixel has 2770mAh

Wireless charging
Supported in Samsung S8

Camera megapixel
Both have 12mp back and 8mp front

VR headset
Samsung s8 supports Samsung gear VR mobile headset
Google pixel supports google Daydream but Gear VR’s content library is better and bigger.

Desktop deck
Samsung introduces DeX dock. Using DeX user experience desktop like experience monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Network supported
Both supports GSM / HSPA / LTE / 4G Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot

Both supports v4.2 Bluetooth, A-GPS, NFC, GLONASS, BDS, v3.1, Type-C 1.0 reversible connector

Samsung S8 are the first one which have Mobile HDR which supports HDR content
Samsung introduces a new digital assistant called Bixby, users can now operate many applications via voice instead of using touch.

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How to keep your Smartphone in Great Condition

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 8.51.41 PM

When you pay retail price for a smartphone, I would think you want to take great care of your phone right? I sure do! I am going to share some tips on how I keep great care for my smartphones so in a couple of years, I will have a better resale value and use that money toward a new phone!

How do I keep my phone in great condition?

  • You will need a screen protector – not just any screen protector but a tempered glass screen protector. A tempered glass screen protector prevents scratches, chips and helps your phone encase of any drops you may have. If your phone drops the tempered glass protector will be there to help prevent cracks to your phone essentially saving you $200 bucks for a screen replacement. Of course, it is just a protection – every drop scenario is different but for as long as I have owned my smartphones and used tempered glass screen protectors, I have personally saved my phone! Do not purchase these tempered glass protectors in stores because they are a rip off ranging from $20 to $30 bucks, instead on Amazon they are usually $8 to $15 bucks. I specifically like to purchase the 2 pack, so I could have back up just encase I drop my phone and the screen protector is damaged, but not my phone!
  • You will need a secure phone case – you do not necessarily need a bulky case like an Otterbox, but you want a phone case that will not pop out or fall apart when dropped. You could test on carpet and see if your case you selected holds up. I would recommend a case that has a raised outer lip so that if the phone does fall face down, the raised lip would not hit the screen directly “even” having a tempered glass screen protector.
  • Do not toss your phone, take the extra second to put your phone down.
  • Keep your phones original box, Apple bag, receipt if you could – when you resale your phone this adds value as you would be the original owner and it is more trustworthy to purchase from you!
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I was scammed with a locked iPhone!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.12.08 PM

Background story:

I am helping to purchase an Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, or SE within the price range of $75 to $125 for a family member. The phone has to be in working decent condition without any cracks on the display.

My story:

After a few days of browsing, I was able to narrow it down to a couple of phone selections. I purchased from an online app that I sell from and the website is secure as you are given three days to confirm your purchase or submit a case for a refund. Once I make a purchase, my money is being held by the website and only released if I accept the phone to be in the condition and description claimed. The price of the phone listed was fairly reasonable but the listing was vague. Prior to submitting an offer, I clearly asked if the phone is for a specific provider, if so what kind as I want to ensure the phone will work for a family member. I also asked the condition of the phone, any damage and the most important – if the phone has been factory restored back to original because I do not want to purchase a locked phone. I also checked the sellers history if they sold anything and their feedback section. The seller looked to be legitimate and all green flags so I submitted my offer which was $10 less than asking essentially to cover the shipping charges I had to pay.

Fast forward:

A few days ago, I received the phone and cleaned it up because it was a mess. The phone was out of battery juice, so it took forever to load up and finally when it did load up – the phone was locked! I contacted the seller numerous times and did not hear back until a day and half after saying she was out of town. I told her what she had to do to get it back to factory, so I could activate the phone and she said she would. 2 days later, no word back from her. I did submit a case with the site and they approved my return and I will be shipping the phone back to her tomorrow. She has logged in since and I know she received my messages.

Tip: It is important to clearly communicate with the seller prior to purchasing so you have all the information in black and white. She claimed it was factory restored and it was not and the phone cannot be functional, therefore I had that proof, so I was granted a return for my money back.

This is why I prefer to purchase online because whereas, if you purchase in person, you could be easily scammed once you hand over your money.

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Do you use product only due the celebrity you like used it
March 21, 2017

Is there ny of you use hair conditioner or makeup or soap or food or shopping store and more things only due to thea fact that their celebrities used it! or i have to say due the tv ad, to see my view point and know what is this post is about, read more here and tell us your opinion at the comment site

I hate it when the media tell us look this star or that star using that product or taht make up brand or any brand only to make us use it.

i like some stars and like what they wear or the makeup they put , but they didnt choose it , these brands of clothes and makeup are given to them only to make us fans like to use it too, and even that star has choosen that brand does not mean i have to choose it too, stars or celebrities are human like us, and i dont follow another human only due to my likeness i buty what i like, i buy what suits me, not what suits the media or that brands. i like to be free and choose what i like with no effect of the medi what do what hey do only for money, also for bad luck the fans the stars do that also for the money, so that is were you should not think for any body but yourself, thikn if it suits you , if its affordable for you and so on.

guys and gals do you agree wit me on that , do you follow what ever the stars doing

any body is welcome for thei ropinion and let us be free to express our view points, thanks for all those who read and answer and those who read and do not answer or comment

good morning and good night


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My Apple Genius Bar Experience

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 6.42.41 PM

Are you an Apple user? If you are and ever have any problems with your device – you should definitely make an appointment at Apple Genius Bar. It is free to make an appointment and if you have any problems with your device(s) – they will be happy to repair free of charge for you if your device(s) still has warranty or extended warranty like Apple care. If the problem cannot be fixed, then you will receive a new device at no additional charge. If your warranty or Apple care is out of warranty, they will still help you figure out what is wrong with your device and give you a quote – then you are not pressured to get the device fixed, but at least you have an idea of what is wrong.

What is Apple Genius Bar? It is a free service where you have to make an online appointment if you have any issues with your device whether it may be cosmetic or hardware, software, need help with using apps or anything relating to Apple at the Apple Store. The Apple Genius Bar is in the back of the store, that is why you sometimes see people luging their iMac’s or laptops, etc to the store for help and occasionally free classes are offered. If you are unable to make an appointment at your nearest Apple store – you could also seek help via Chat, at an Authorized Apple Center or even E-mail/Mail device in. It all depends on your situation and you should read the details on the Apple website.

My experience with Apple Genius Bar? I have had camera issues with my Apple iPhone and they were able to change my camera out within one hour. I also had damage charging cords and headphones and were able to switch out for new ones immediately.

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online book or real book
March 17, 2017

do you like online books, i mean whta they call now ebooks or ereader, i dont have it but tired to read online book, its nice and free and so it save money but the thing is that you need to open your eyes too wide to read and thats hurt, the real books and i mean actual books the one with the papers and thick cover as you remember

they have nice feeling, to start with each page and turn the page and mark the page wne you stop to go eat or go out, then you come back in a few minutes or next day and check where you left the last page and keep reading.

real books are something you cant feel its sensation with other tech, that is why you need to have real library or real books, the people who loves understand that situation.

i like to read few times aday but when i was younger i liked to read everyday for hours, and love to read the whole book as fast as possible, but after starting my work its really hard to find time for that hubby, then had to read if possible online and if there free time and quite time then read

do you like to read online or hard books? if so what types of books do you like to read? i like all the types but mostly science and health and the writer i like to read to is Paulo choelu

he is brazilian and he write in good way that let you think and think and enjoy how intelligent he is as a writer and hwo inspired he is

do you like this writer or knwo him if so which book for him did you read, i read all his books that i know

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