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A few thoughts about Drones
January 31, 2017
A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The Reaper has the ability to carry both precision-guided bombs and air-to-ground missiles. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The Reaper has the ability to carry both precision-guided bombs and air-to-ground missiles. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)


What is a drone?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft that is controlled by a computer or by a cell phone. Drones have an interesting history. Their development started towards the end of World War 1 but could not be used during that time because it was, still , in the early forming stages. They were used during World War 2 but on a limited basis.

During the 60’s, they were used to spy on other countries. Equipped with a camera, it served its purpose bringing clear photography to its owners. The late 1990’s and beyond, saw the drones used to bomb strategic places in battle. It can,also, be used for crowd control. This equipment has gone through a long evolution and now we see that you can get a drone for an affordable price.

The development stages.

The drones come in all sizes. In fact, there are some that are the size of an insect. Others are the size of a small helicopter. My son Mark brought a drone and I was impressed at how high it flew. It was a small but tough. It made a loud noise, flapping its wings and it would move around with ease. It was, also, equipped with a camera.  Drones are flown everywhere and many would fly it over their neighbors house. There are some people who feel uncomfortable having a drone fly over their house because of privacy issues. My personal opinion is that there should be some respect for privacy in that area.

Notwithstanding, drones are here to stay and we will see more of them in the future. The Amazon company plans on using drones in order to deliver their products on a same day service. How would you feel having a drone deliver your goods from Amazon?  Also, Federal Express and other delivery companies plan to offer delivery services. There are many concerns, though because of the possibility of having their computers hacked and used for terrorism. Another concern would be that when they are flying around the skies, the commercial jetliners might have some difficulties and risk an accident.

Closing thoughts.

We have seen the different types of uses in the drone industry. How it was used in times of peace and war. Now, drones are everywhere and are a good source of entertainment. You can use it when you are on vacation. Just take the drone and use it to  scout the city or place where you are visiting. Imagine if you are going to Toronto, Canada and want to see the Niagara falls from a bird’s eye view? Can you imagine the pictures taken and how spectacular it will look? The sky’s the limit on how you can use the drone, especially, when you go on vacation. Also, there are some who had some drones made with the carcass of a cat and other animals. It brings to my remembrance–Rocky, the flying squirrel cartoon. Now, with this new technique, you might see a flying squirrel in the sky.  Well, that’s it for now sharing my thoughts on drones.  For your information, I will enclose some links below.


Interesting links–

1-https://binged.it/2jol7P8–Rocky the flying squirrel

2- https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2012/jun/05/catcopter-dutch-artist-amsterdam-video


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The Modern Level of Rudeness
January 23, 2017

I was raised to see people, say “Good Day”, (or something like that) and maybe a sentence or so.  I was not raised to pass people and not see them.

I was raised to tell the person on the phone to ‘hold on’, and deal with a physical presence.

Each day I see people on their phones, or with the earphones in, walking, talking, ignoring everyone around them.   They sit on their phones for so long, saying nothing much.   I know they are saying much, and hearing nothing much, because I can hear every word.

It is not a conversation one wants to overhear, it is just so loud and annoying one has to hear.

Cell Phones are the main driver of today’s high level of rudeness.  Of people who will walk into your office, talking on the phone, and expect you to wait until they are finished.   And hearing the conversation; often both sides, it is nothing that need be communicated now.

It is not simply that people ignore you, it is that they don’t see you.  One of the facts is that many people can not multi-task.  They can not talk on the phone and walk at the same time with any competence.  They don’t see where they are going, and certainly don’t see people in their path.

Some of them are driving, and talking on their phones.

I’ll never forget getting a life at about 7:00 pm and the driver never got off her cell phone during the 20 minute drive.  And she didn’t drive well.  It was lucky I survived.  And I am never stretching my luck again.

I have made it my duty not to speak on the cell unless I am sitting at my desk, or standing stock still.  I don’t walk and talk, and I don’t get into long unimportant conversations.

People who call; “Just to Talk” have to do this at specific times when I am home.

I have made up my mind to ‘be here now.’ Not to miss anything, not to be distracted.  To focus on what I am doing while I am doing it.

Which why I notice the incredible rudeness of people today.


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How to root the MTK6580 with Android 5.1 Lollipop
January 19, 2017

For a very long time I have been trying to find a solution to a seemingly very simple problem but I realised that finding a solution to this simple problem was an even bigger problem on its own. I have owned quite a number of mobile phones in my God given life and I have managed to do pretty much everything I wanted with them, from visual customization to adding functionality without any challenges until I sometime last year when I decided to buy my Gtel 715 Inspire One running on one of MediaTek’s new processor, the stubborn MTK6580, with Android Lollipop 5.1. Android by nature does not allow you to have full access to your phone, or rather, to the core part of your system which allows you to really customize your phone and grants you full access to your mobile phone. There is a lot you can do with a rooted device but i’m just going to mention one or two. You can flash the stock recovery in favor of  a custom recovery, you can skin your android version to make it look like  a different one, you can flash your stock ROM in favor of a custom one which allows you to do even more with your phone.

Rooting used to be a boring process but these days you just need a few clicks and that will do the job. When I bought my phone I wanted to root it but all the root applications I tried always failed so I eventually gave up. Its only yesterday when I really needed to do something super crazy with my phone that I decided to search for a solution and this is what I got.

Kingroot now supports MTK6580 and it seems like its the only one that can root this phone at the moment. All you need to do is visit www.kingroot.net and download both the kingroot Android app and the windows version. Install the Android app on your phone and the windows application on your computer. Run Kingroot on your phone. Your phone is most likely going to give you a warning saying that the app you are trying to install is harmful, this is because rooting is actually a process that manipulates system files of your phone, so its recognized as malicious software but its not harmful. When you see that just allow it to install and run the app, then its done. If this does not work, juist connect your phone to your computer with a usb cable and run the windows version of kingroot, this one will definitely work.

Make sure you do not uninstall kingroot from your phone, the moment you do that is the moment you loose your root, installing supersu may help but its not proven so its best to keep kingroot.

Thats it, Happy rooting.


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MACHINES OR APPLIANCES: gives more rest and less work

MACHINES OR APPLIANCES: gives more rest and less work.

What does a man need Less work and high yield? Till 1980’s every one of the general population that were additional tedious did the family work. Remembering people groups’ essential necessities worked in machines were presented in the market with a specific end goal to spare time and vitality of the general population so individuals can focus on other curricular exercises in their everyday life.

What are constructed n apparatuses

Computer and television monitor are both have the elements of a set-beat box so here we can state TV and screen have worked in elements of a set-best box. Also, the implicit machines can be connected by items:

* Microwave Ovens.

* Dish washers.

* Refrigerators

* Freezers.

* Washing machines and other clothing types of gear.

* Cooker hoods.

* Hobs.

These all types of gear are identified with home inherent apparatuses where icebox is utilized to store sustenance under required degree Celsius. Clothes washers are utilized to wash and dry the garments as the dryer is inherent hardware, and so on. Likewise, different machines work can likewise be connected.

Insurances and upkeep:

It regards utilize these machines, however, upkeep and safety measures are to be taken. While utilizing these apparatuses make an indicate not turn on the switch until attachments are appropriately connected to in light of the fact that it might result to electric stun, which is unsafe. In the wake of rechecking the association’s switch on the machine. Machines ought to be kept spotless and far from clean and earth. Support ought to be taken at any rate following six months for security so that the machine can work for a more drawn out timeframe.

Review of inherent machines:

In the wake of having some fundamental information about the implicit machines, we can infer that they have turned into an essential need of human’s life. These apparatuses spare heaps of vitality and time of a human and give abundant of time for some different exercises. Some best makers of implicit apparatuses are Whirlpool who is known best for Home machines; Smeg and Hotpoint are known for Kitchen machines, and so forth.

Last however not the minimum BUILT-IN APPLIANCES gives more rest and less work.

Home apparatuses – For a house that matters

Setting up a home incorporates, aside from painting and hues, blocks and minxes, home apparatuses as well. These are the most fundamental piece of running a house since great home machines protect great housekeeping. Step by step instructions to pick a home apparatus is the primary issue, or should I say the trickiest part of the entire procedure. Before getting to that here is a brief rundown of the home machines that are for the most part utilized by us day by day. A look at the rundown will give you a thought on precisely what you should contribute on the off chance that you are wanting to set up a home.

Machines for the home

Here is an extensive rundown of the machines that are by and large utilized or important for the smooth working of your home –

* Refrigerators

* Grills and grills

* Kitchen cooking ranges

* Washers and dryers

* Dishwashers

* Heating and Air molding

* Home gadgets like your TV, DVD player and recording devices

* Lawn and garden devices

* Fireplace and hearth items

* Personal care apparatuses like hair dryers and irons and so on

In this way purchasing these apparatuses in view of your needs, usefulness and feeling of style are of most extreme significance.

Picking a home machine

Picking a home machine can be the most repetitive trial that one needs to experience. This is basically in light of the fact that there are such a large number of various aggressive brands that are accessible in the market today. In any case, here are a few tips that may make the occupation marginally simple for you.

1. Choose your financial plan. Try not to go over spending plan however never be parsimonious and trade off on the quality and the brand name.

2. Solidness and guarantee are of most extreme significance while picking an apparatus

3. Go for an apparatus that gets your attention and is stylishly appropriate to your home

4. Pick machines that are naturally amicable and spare vitality, gas if there should arise an occurrence of cooking reaches and water in the event of washers and dryers.

5. While purchasing coolers ensure that they have sufficient capacity limit, on the grounds that on the off chance that they don’t then you will atone later.

Counsel a specialist in the field, or companions who have a decent involvement with a specific brand. Never go for a local or less expensive brands, unless you are sure that the appliances have a complete quality, which is of most extreme significance.

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Iphone VS Samsung – Why I Like Samsung!!!
Sans titre-_Iphone VS Samsung - Why I Like Samsung!!!

Hello everybody!


Why I like Samsung mobile phone ?

Let me start by this : there was a time I was a big fan of Apple. Just a big fan not a fanatic. I use to call them “Appleboys” or “kikoopples”.  What is a kikoopple ? A kikoopple is a person who buys all Apple products without restriction, whithout thinking a seconde.


Let me be clear, both phones are great each in its difference. My first and only Apple phone was Iphone 3GS. A very good phone at the time. But very quickly I was boring by all Apple restrictions and went for jail break. It was the liberation, the discovery of a endless world, limitless #BrianFinchKnowsWhatIMean…


I think the most enoying and disturbing restriction of Iphone mobile is the absolute use of iTune. Bloody hell!!! Who is the guy in the lab of Apple who said: “and if we associate a software to the management of the Iphone? Yeah! Good idea. It will be just snappy!” If you want to put music… go for iTune. If you want to put videos, photos, whatever… go for iTune. WTF ??? iTune is just a pain in the ass. Yeah, real pain and a wast of time.


Luckly, Samsung made it all simple, fast, easy… no need a software, no complication. Just get to the point. Plug you phone to a computer and upload whatever you want. Simple and efficient. And you can use you phone like an usb driver… Wow! You can personalize your phone and put all the non-official rom, skin, color, text font you want. Delete all the native samsung applications you want like Samsung hub, Smart Manager, etc.


Do you know the importance of “the return key”? Samsung users know. It just makes sense. When you are in an app and you want to go back or exit… you press the f*cking return key. But in an iPhone there is not a return key. In my memories I remember of a little arrow on the top of the screen. Ok. Why not. But I can’t deal whit that. I’ve tried but it was the struggle. Obviously the iPhone users are good with that it so natural for them. The habit.


My last complaint against Apple is its ability to introduce new cans of the new Iphone as some great things. To be fair I thing they are good marketers and sell well the product and its novelties. But hey… at present, how many people with an Iphone still use Siri? Apple sells Siri like your best friend. Everywhere you go Siri is ther. You can not do without Siri, they said. Now, Siri is just another scam like so many novelties before it.


Those are why I prefer Samsung mobile over Apple mobile. In fact, it’s more an opposition between Samsung / Android vs. Apple / iOS. At the end of the day everyone uses the phone he wants. Now, it’s always Samsung for me.

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The Aim and Shoot Cameras are Here to Stay
November 14, 2016
The Aim and Shoot Cameras are Here to Stay

At the time the image above was taken I had a very simple camera that did not have a zoom feature. There were these 4 owls that made their home in our garden.

Normally one does not see but just hear them hooting either in the night or in the early morning hours. But these owls had made their home in our garden and resided there. It was a joy to watch them talking to each other in some gibberish but talk they did – sounded like sweet nothing whispers. .

They would sit still for hours on end. I do not know whether they left that place in the night and came back during the day.



Unfortunately we had to do  some chopping in the garden which reduced the greenery around them. I did not see them there the next day and they never returned.

If I had a camera with a zoom feature I would have had all those owls captured zooming them to full size. As they say something is better than nothing. I have preserved this photo and look at it that brings back happy memories.

The camera which I now have is loaded with features including a sizeable zoom. This DSC H-50 Sony Cyber Shot Digital camera  is my companion.


This camera even has a feature that only clicks when you want your subject to smile. This is only with human being and no other objects.

Several mobiles have been introduced in the market which take pictures and videos but I will not trade my camera for anything in the world.  I have thousands of video clips and photos that have been taken using this camera. One of the photos have been given recognition by a site that invites photographers to upload their photos for contests.

The memory card reader makes it easier having to do away with the usb cable which often does not deliver. It also takes power from the camera unlike the memory card readers.


Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sony_DSC-H50_front_with_lens_hood.jpg

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Woes of a Consumer When There is Upgradation
October 27, 2016
Woes of a Consumer When There is Upgradation

Upgradation is not always a blessing

I have a Sony Cyber shot DSC H50 camera which I had bought a few years ago. I have great moments with it as I am a passionate photographer. A few days ago the memory stick stopped working and I had go in for a new one. The original memory stick was 1GB. That is no more available. I went in for the 4GB memory stick. I can take great photos using this memory stick. But I cannot transfer the photos in my pc with card readers.

The issue is with the card reader. No card reader is compatible with this particular  memory stick.I had no problem with the old memory stick.  I am now supposed to go for a USB CABLE. The fact of the matter is Sony has countless models in cameras and every model has a different USB cable. I searched online but I can only find this product that fits  that will take over a month for delivery.

I am too attached to my camera as I have spent great moments with it. I am in two minds now. Should I go for a mobile that delivers or wait for one month for the delivery of the USB cable that is compatible with the memory stick.

I fail to understand why manufacturers do this to their consumers. .

Upgradation is here to stay with no spare parts available for the oldere models be their refrigerators, computers, mobiles the works. Companies involved in manufacturing these items can stay in business only if they have something new to offer. Understandable. But why not have stocks of parts that are needed to repair old modesl is a question that needs a serious answer.

The loads of items that are out of commission because of no parts being available is a matter for concern as this garbage is not biodegradable. Hope the powers that be get a bit more involved and make rules to see that spare parts care made available.


Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sony_DSC-H50_front_with_lens_hood.jpg



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Get MI Band 2 in India: Just launched
September 22, 2016
miband-Get MI Band 2 in India: Just launched_What new features available with MI Band 2?

Mi Band 2 was already announced or launched few times back in china. But now it will be available in India soon. They are putting it in Indian online market from 27th of this month through their own official site. After that it will be available on Amazon too. It sounds pretty good. For those who are interested in fitness tracking belts then this seems best to me.

I am already using MI band first version since almost one year. And I have already written article about it here on this site. I am having really good experience from its first version. It is quite good and quality product and I am hopping the same thing from this second version too.

What new features available with MI Band 2?


Let’s learn which new things are available with this brand new belt and how it is different from its previous version. Let’s talk about the features.

Display: Unlike previous version this band is having small display with one button; display will give you all tracking details directly on screen and with button you can go through different functions on its display. So this is wonderful change if we compare it with its first version.

Heart rate sensor: First version wasn’t having heart rate sensor underneath it, but his one is having it. I know upgraded version of first band was having heart sensor but that wasn’t able to get more popularity and also didn’t able to came into Indian market. But now we can have hand on this latest band with heart rate sensor too.

Water and Dust proof: They say it is water splash proof and dust proof. I don’t know what they mean by water splash, because previous version was completely water proof for me. I mean I have dive in the pool with that band many time and till now it is working fine. So hope this one will work the same. So we will have band with display which is dust and water proof.

Battery life: As this band is having display on it, we will not have that much battery backup which we had with first version of mi band. First band is still giving me more than 30 days backup after charging it full. Now I have heard that this band is going to give 15 to 20 days of battery backup, but I am sure it will give you around 20 or some more days for battery backup which is quite good if we compare it with few other fitness belts.

Is the MI band 2 worthy?

Well, if you ask me, then I will say yes it is. You can just compare it with other fitness tracking belts by yourself. You will notice big price difference for sure. And yes quality wise too MI bands are really good. I am saying this from my own personal experience. It is working like charm. They use really high level of sensor which provides almost accurate details.

So if you are thinking about to purchase fitness tracking belt then this is best choice as per me. You should surely think about it. Have fun.

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Apple decides to open exclusive stores in different cities of India
September 13, 2016
iphone-Apple decides to open exclusive stores in different cities of IndiaImage source https://pixabay.com/en/iphone-6-apple-ios-iphone-ios-8-458150/

After reading the news Apple launches the latest Apple Smartphone S7 having a price tags of almost $1000 in India on 24th of this month. They have even setup their local exclusive outlets in different cities including mine ranging from $400-$1000.

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Best android applications for daily usage
August 10, 2016

In android play store you will get huge list of applications. But not all of them are useful. At least I am not person who used to keep installing different applications on my phone. I don’t want my phone full of those useless apps. But there are few certain apps which are really helpful to me. Each of them has different functions but they help me for my daily work. Let me share you my collection of best apps.

Useful android applications


ES file explorer:

Almost all android phone is having file explorer application by default. But let me tell you almost all of them are with very limited functionality. I never use them. Instead of them I always install ES file explorer which provides many features which are missing in default application. This file explorer almost works like windows file system which makes it easier for me. At least I feel like this. With that I get so many features like easy file copying, pasting, sharing, selecting, hiding and many more. It may sound normal tasks but this file explorer makes it even more easy. The other feature I like about it is that we can share files on other android phone via wifi.

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