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Complimentary Tire Rotation Service for Our Car

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Yesterday, I called the tire shop to make an tire rotation appointment for our car because it has been pass due. We have been busy and keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow and I just finally called. On average it is recommended that you get a tire rotation every 3,000 to 8,000 miles and for us it was about 7,500 miles already. The reason for tire rotation is so the tires can wear evenly and last longer. Essentially, the front tires will be removed and placed on the back and vice versa – the back tires will be removed and placed on the front. This service is usually $20 at the dealership but a local tire shop (that is also well known here) offers it for free, complimentary. It is very nice of them and you do not have to be a member of that tire shop but we also service our other car here also. They even do complimentary tire check and if your tire is low – they will pump your tires also patch punctured nail in your tire. It is very nice of this tire shop, company to do – they want to promote safety! Also, it is recommended to balance the car too but our car’s alignment is still good and we have no problems.

This morning, we went to go drop our car for the tire rotation. Even though to rotate it does not take long, max 15 minutes since it is complimentary – it can take up to a hour even with an appointment. We dropped our car for service then we went to go run some errands with the other car. We went to go get the other car washed, then stopped by the retailer to pick up some essentials like toothpaste, water, mouthwash. Then went back to pick up our car!

Do you get your car’s tires rotated?

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The Cost of Car Wash Keeps Going Up!

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Recently, I have observed regular purchases and services that we use frequently has been increasing in price. Have you noticed such behavior? For instance – the other day bread, juice, and other staple items is much more than before. It is not a little change, but by at least $1 or more.

This morning, while we serviced our car for a tire rotation – we drove the other car (my fiancés car) since his car was dirty from being parked outside, we decided to drop by for a car wash at the drive thru wash place. We have been going there for years and the price has drastically changed! A few years ago it was just $6 bucks. Sometimes if you go during the holiday season you can buy a packet of vouchers and save $1 per car wash. Then, they revamped the car wash with new machines so the cost of the basic car wash increased to $7 bucks. Then a year later, they added more complimentary vacuum stalls so they increased the car wash to $8 bucks. And usually after the car wash – included is a wipe down and people would typically tip the workers so in the end you are looking at $8 to $10 bucks for a car wash. Back then we would usually give at least a buck tip for their sloppy job just to be courteous but they do not put much effort. We have to always re-wipe it down so I guess many people stop giving tips so now the cost for a basic car wash is $8.99! They still have a “tip” box but it looks like not many people are giving tip because the cost of the car wash is getting too expensive. The car wash job is not even that great, it makes your car much cleaner than it was but still there are dirty spots. We need like one more car wash for a free car wash and that will probably be it for going here.

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It is NOT worth Fighting for a Parking Spot

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There are times when you know you are first to wait for a parking spot, even signaled but there is that jerk driver who comes out of no where and thinks they are first. Has that happened to you? What do you do? There are some people who will argue for their spot and honk or even get out of the car to yell at the jerk driver. Then there are some people who are the bigger person – ignore and find it not worth arguing about and searches for a new parking spot. Which one are you?

Today – my fiancé and I went to a store out of a town, it is not the best area but it is not the worst either but it seems like many are in a rush, and do not pay attention/know how to drive. My fiancé and I waited patiently while signaling for a parking spot. We were waiting for the couple to load their car and as they reversed, another car (a man driver) just pulls in. As my fiancé pulled in also,the man claimed it is his parking spot when we were like Hello! We obviously waited a few minutes the entire time whereas he just got there. We figured it was not worth arguing with especially since his car was super beat up and he did not care. Plus, we did not want to risk coming out to our car scratched up or even keyed and we were not in a rush so we did not risk it. We parked elsewhere shortly after. However sometimes if we are in an area that is limited to parking and we know we were first, we will honk. Then if we do not feel safe, one of us would stay in the car typically my fiancé to just double check while I run into the store or wherever we need to go.

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Uber Delhi Taxi is not good
April 17, 2017

Uber taxi worst service

This review about Uber taxi after I tried them for a month and tried them maybe 20 times, very rarely you find a taxi in that company who knows your area and where to go to, not sure if they have GPS or they are stranger to the city that is why they do not know the place or what?

I used evening shifts and lives out side the city and I did not like aht my brother has to stay awake let to pick me up, so a friends told me about uber service in delhi and I said why not. I downloaded the app and start using it, called a cab from the hospital where used to work to the hotel. after long time and i see him on the appl that he stops for long time not moving at all, though no crowed, finaly after 20 minutes he came. I went in and reached and after more 20 minutes we arrived at a mall and the driver said that this is the place I ordered to reach.

the driver had no idea how to drive around the two blocks to reach the hotel. so until he try here and there we reached the hotel and had to pay :20 dollars
averagely It took the drivers 50 minutes taxi to arrive. though the hospital is 10 minutes far away & they dont know the streets nor the distance, when you complain on the phone; no apology, and hang up the phone

I do not advice anyone to use uber taxi service at least not in delhi

the rating they get online is 6/10, not sure why the six, I stopped using them, I take any taxi in the street but not them no more uber, unless you want to waste your time and money and stand in the hot weather waiting for the taxi to come to you and the problem is that when they are lost they stop and wait for you to call them to tell him where are you

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Paid Car Wash or Physical Labor Hand Wash

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How do you like to wash your car? Do you like to wash your car by yourself with physical labor at home? Or, would you rather pay someone? Or pay to drive thru to get a car wash?

  • There are people who love to keep their car spotless and clean and prefer to pay someone.
  • There are people who love their car, want their car clean, will never allow anyone but them to wash their car.
  • There are people who like their car, would rather pay than to wash themselves.
  • There are people who like their car and washes their car themselves.
  • There are people who do not mind if their car is dirty and hardly washes their car in general (or allows mother nature when it rains to wash their car)
  • There are people who would wish they could wash their cars at home but unfortunately they cannot as they live in an apartment complex, townhouse, renting or an area where they cannot wash their car at their home.

As for me, growing up – my parents never took their car for a carwash. I was told the bristles of the machine is harsh and could leave scratches on your car. The automatic track you drive up could scratch your rims and driving in a car wash is just not a good idea and could potentially fade your paint. So, when I had my first car at the age of sixteen – I always washed my car once a month by hand. It would take me a hour because I would thoroughly wash the exterior of the car, rims, vacuum, spray the windows and do a good job! Then, I met my then boyfriend, now fiancé – he drove his cars in the car wash! I was so shocked how fast and easy it was! But he did not mind because he would always switch up his cars. Yes, the bristles are harsh, but it only took ten minutes of your time and complimentary vacuum to use! It was so easy! But, now we prefer to wash our cars at home. It is a lot cheaper to buy all the supplies which is not even a lot just car shampoo soup, sponges, a bucket, and you are good to go! Some spray to protect the inside and for your tires but you will get many uses versus paying $10-20 or even more if you detail! How do you like to wash your car?

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Water in the Coolant Compartment of a Dacia Sandero

So today started off quite well, except for my 2-year-old getting up at 6am, I managed to get him back off to sleep until 7.30am and then we got up. We had a pleasant Sunday Morning, played some games, watched some films. Well some bits of some films, we watched half of Inside Out, some of Cars and some of the Lion King. He is 2 he gets bored easily. Then he went for his nap and slept which hardly ever happens anymore.

So, I got him up from his nap, gave him some lunch and we decided to go out to the garden to play on his slide as it was Sunny. I thought I would hoover the car while he played. It may sound strange that I can hover my car while in the garden but my house is a strange layout and my Garage is between the house and the Garden.

What might also sound strange is that my next-door neighbour was in my garden doing some gardening, but she is my landlord’s mum and the garden used to be hers. She loves gardening and we don’t have the time to do it so she keeps it tidy when she wants to.

Anyway, I didn’t want to leave my son in the garden with my neighbour as I didn’t want her to think I was expecting her to watch him, as I could see him from the car but I know she would worry. So, I stayed in the garden with them for half an hour or so and played ball and all the slide.

Then he started helping her with the gardening, just picking up the leaves and putting them in the bucket, that sort of thing. While he did that I managed to hover some of the car. Then my neighbour decided it would be fun to get my son to help wash the car. Well I wasn’t even planning to wash the car but it did need doing so I agreed.

He did a very good job for a 2-year-old and left the wheels alone as instructed. He got bored quick so it was a struggle to finish and watch him but we managed.

I then thought I should top up the windscreen wash as it had been empty for too long and with the weather warming up the windows get dirty quite quickly.

I opened the bonnet and looked around for the washer fluid compartment, while trying to keep an eye on my son. My neighbour looked as well but we couldn’t see anywhere obvious where it went. There was a compartment with a picture of steam and a hand and I thought well steam comes from water maybe it’s there. Thinking straight now that makes no sense as there is no reason the windscreen washers would get hot, but being distracted by a 2-year-old does funny things to your head.

So, I went ahead and poured it in, it was at this exact moment that my neighbour found the right compartment. We both panicked a bit worrying that I may have put it in the oil compartment but we followed the pipes and we’re sure it was the radiator.

I did a bit of searching around online and I shouldn’t have done any damage but I guess I won’t know until I drive it. I will try and top it up with neat coolant as soon as I can to elevate any potential damage I may have done.

I am going to drive it on the nursery and work run tomorrow so fingers crossed I don’t break down as I live in the middle of nowhere so that would be disastrous.

Wish me luck.


P.S The image is of the bottle ca I removed to add the water, that is not where the water is meant to go. That is where the coolant is meant to go.

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How To Avoid Getting Caught In Road Rage While Driving


Credit image share to 123rf.com 24908262 Editable-vector-illustration-of-two-men-fighting-after-a minor-road accident-stock-vector.jpg

Many of us have to commute from our residences to offices daily. This is a routine we all have to follow as we have to work and receive our monthly pay which helps run our lives smoothly. Many of the cities all over the world have grown into vast concrete jungles. The mad pace at which life goes from morning till night is frightening and overwhelming to an individual.  Many have deadlines to meet at each place at all times which has made life into a rat race literally. Hence one cannot avoid getting caught on the  roads in traffic jams or snarls. Which may result in loss of pay. Each of us who is a traveler is tensed up at the time of travel and would want to reach office in a dash. Sometimes we end up getting caught in a road rage incident while driving. Here let us see how we can avoid getting this ugly side of us to come out and do the damage.


Being Calm: Before starting your journey tell yourself that I am going to be calm while driving and not get provoked by anybody or any incident which may happen on the road with me and others. I will not retaliate to any verbal abuse nor physical abuse by anyone. It is very easy to say this and difficult to follow one may say but getting ourselves disciplined and making it into a habit over a period of time will definitely help. At least one can try to do this and an attempt or a start can be made and built upon.


Monitoring  Speed – Accidents or mistakes tend to happen if we over speed and cause damage not only to our lives but to others lives too. Tell yourself you want to be a safe driver for all 365 days of the year. Motivate yourself by telling I will reach office and home safely after finishing work. I will not harm anyone else because of my rash driving. I will see that no one is injured by my vehicle and especially when I am the driver. This self discipline will help work wonders as it brings a sense of responsibility towards to you, your family and others. Check speed levels while driving regularly and get vehicle checked and do the servicing required.


Rushing Not To Be Late – This is one of the important things which is the cause of people who are driving getting caught in a road rage while driving. One can tell himself or herself that I will leave a bit early daily say at least by half an hour early than the usual time which is needed to reach the workplace. I will go early reach office and spend some time with my colleagues discussing work related issues before the office time starts. Or if you are the sort who would work only when the clock hits the starting hour you can just relax and read the new paper or set your desk. Tell yourself in case I get delayed due to some unforeseen incident which is rare and I end up losing pay as I am not reaching on time its Ok. I will take this cut as a lesson for my life and will not repeat it. But under no circumstance  will I rush to the office not to get late.


Others Fault –  Tell yourself before leaving the world is made up of different characters and I can face anyone if I am going to have a bad day. But I will see to it that it wont be a face off by getting caught in a road rage. Even if the other person is at fault and is being unreasonable and angry at me I wont talk back but be polite. If I end up getting hit I will take the help of law which is there to protect me. But I wont take law in my own hands under any cost. Tell yourself that if I do so I end up conceding that I too am a similar character which I am not.


Arms – In some countries people are allowed to carry arms like revolvers and the like so if you have one for your safety. Tell yourself under no circumstances will I be a trigger happy person if I am caught in a road rage incident. As it takes only a minute to take someones life in the heat of the moment. But one ends up regretting having done so later the whole of his life in jail. And no amount of regret is going to help revive the person who is gone. He too has a family or someone who is depending on him hence I will never do such a thing in my life. It is better to get hit by someone and file a case on him and claim damages than ending up killing him.


Anger Management – If you know that you are a hot headed person and have problems with anger management. Then tell yourself that first I need to get myself treated and heal from this. I will drive on my own only later when I am sure I will not be a threat to others. Till that time you have to request either one of your family member to do the driving, or you can go with a friend as a carpool, or you can take public transport, or you can take a private taxi. But tell yourselves no to driving till your anger management issues are resolved completely. Tell yourself that I will never allow my anger to spill on the streets and upset my and others  day.


Weather – If the weather is not normally what it is and it is going to rain or snow badly or there is going to be a storm. It is better one makes alternate arrangement on that day. Tell yourself you are spending this amount as a sort of insurance to see that you do not have any major accident or breakdown of vehicle. As all these cost a lot of pain, time, money and loss of pay. Whenever the weather is too bad try to pool a car or see that all concerned pool the amount and travel in a taxi safely. Professional taxi drivers are better drivers at such a time usually. It has been observed by me.


Meditation  – Regular meditation and deep breathing exercises with other exercises keeps your body alert and calm. If you practice this daily then chances of you getting caught in such situations will vastly reduce. It will also keep you in a happy and jovial mood and not in a grumpy one. People who are tensed up and anxious and in a grumpy mood are more likely to be caught  in a road rage incident. This has been observed in studies which have been conducted at many places.


Travel With Others – When you are traveling with others you usually tend to interact with others and also drive simultaneously. The attention of the mind is not focused on the road and chances of accidents and getting caught in road rage incidents are very high. Hence it is better the person driving focuses on the road rather than getting involved in talk. If you feel so much that you too feel like participating in the talk then stop the vehicle and talk as freely as possible for some time then continue driving. If this is not possible then better have a chauffeur to drive the car or the vehicle. Then you are relieved of the work of driving. Moreover you are doing things in a safe way which is good for one and all.


Alcohol etc. – Many people are involved in drunken driving and they end up ramming the vehicle on innocent bystanders or on other vehicles leading to loss of life and property. The person driving who is under the influence of alcohol does not really know what has happened at that time. Due to influence of alcohol he or she is not really in his or her real senses. It will take hours for them to realize what they have done, which they never intended in the first place. So if one is going to a party or to a club or bar and is going to have intoxicants like alcohol it is better he has a driver who can drive him back safely. It can be a driver or a friend who is a teetotaler. This is a safe and efficient  way to have a good time and return to ones home safely and also not caught in any road rage incidents. If one is caught for drunken driving the law in many countries is stringent and strict action is initiated by the law enforcement agencies.



Bad Roads – Many a times the roads where we travel is full of speed breakers, ditches, potholes, damaged roads. Sometimes their is oil spill on the road from other vehicles or they may be nails on the road. All these are a recipe for disaster which is in the waiting. The best thing when one is passing through such roads is to keep safety in mind first. Do not over speed  because you want to cover the bad patch faster or you want to compete with others in reaching you place first.  It is always better to be a mature and sober driver, rather than a rash and negligent killer.


You can decide what you want to do to avoid getting caught in road rage incidents while driving.  Remember the people who are dependent on you and who will be eagerly expecting your return every evening. Do you want to end up smashing their dreams? It is for you to think about this and the consequences which follow in the case of road rage and accidents. At the end of the day peace of mind is more important than the feeling of guilt of having done something wrong you never intended to do. It is also important to be a safe driver. Promise yourself daily that I wont cause an accident or bad behavior on the roads while driving or end up hurting or killing people. Renew this pledge daily this will act as a good reminder as to how you are supposed to behave while driving on the roads. We can at least control ourselves if not others. Even others are as tensed up or have similar duties to perform. Share a thought for them and their families too. The next time you are on the road be composed, calm and cool and drive, do this for a year and see the difference in you. Remember speed thrills but kills.

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Tips on How to sell your Used Car

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 7.52.19 PM

I have had my fair share of selling used cars in the past with my fiancé. He had a phase where he would switch cars all the time if not every few months. The free website where we would list the cars for sale is called, Craigslist. Craigslist is essentially a local classifieds where you can sell or buy: cars, houses, clothes, electronics, tickets, barter, find jobs, seek relationships, and so forth. It is free to list here just follow the restrictions and be safe!

~ My tips on How to Sell your Used Car ~

  • First off, you must know how much your car value is by referring to a site like www.KBB.com – Also put in consideration how much you paid for your car too. Even though the website may say your car is worth less, but it is a “hot trending car”, it can be worth over value but it is good to just have an idea of your car.
  • If you are not in a rush to sell, I would not recommend trading your car in. They will take the lowest value ever and end up re-sale to make profit. Unless you are in a rush and are getting a better value for your new car overall. I have never sold via dealership trade in because they will rip you off or there is some sort of catch. You are best selling in person and this is called “private party” sale.
  • Compare your car and car’s condition (mileage, title status – clean or salvage title, cosmetically and appearance) with other cars being sold locally for an idea of how much other’s are selling for. Then you would follow the crowd with the pricing. If you know your car is better post higher, if you know you car is fair/or around the same then list within their range. However, in general you should list your car higher than you expect especially if your car is a clean title because people like to negotiate. For instances, you know your car is worth and the lowest you would go is $10,000. I would recommend putting $10,800 – or like $10,900 because many will want to negotiate to even $10,000. That will be a win, win situation for you and the buyer. The buyer will think they got a deal on negotiation but in reality, you are getting what you wanted. Had you put $10,000, you will get offers in the $9,000’s. Do not leave a flat value, always put $10,550 something that shows your vehicle is negotiable.
  • Take clear photos of your vehicle, but do not necessarily point out cosmetic flaws like a ding, or a minor scratch of the car or zooming into flaws
    unless it is major because it is a used car. There will be minor wear here and there. Post several photos of your car, inside/outside, the speedometer. I would hide the license plate though, but that is just my personal preference and not post the Vin # online either.
  • When listing your car for sale in your description be clear as possible but do not write too much. The ad should get all the basics answered for example:
    • The car type, model, year, color
    • The cars condition and car title status (clean title or salvage – if salvage why briefly)
    • If you are the original owner that is a big selling advantage, but if you know your owner status if it is less than 3, I would mention that since people will trust your car more. If not, if you have owned your car for several years or longer, I would put that down. The more ‘original’ parts or paperwork, accessories of your car – better value of selling like if you have all the original keys, service records, and etc.
    • List recent maintenance you may have done or if the car has been recently maintained
    • Brief description why you are selling your car
    • Avoid price is firm, price is non negotiable, or not in a rush to sell – you do not have to list those points, they will not attract the potential buyer what so ever
  • If you know you are going to sell your car, I would clean the car out and keep it to a minimal just encase it sells fast. That way you will not be rushed to clean your car out on the spot and you do not want to forget anything in the car.
  • If you are car does not sale or receive attraction (emails/calls), then you should delete the post and repost. It could be the time or day you post and it does not get a lot of views. I would recommend posting noon to mid-day. At night, not many will be on the market to look at cars. Note: When you list your phone to call or text , to make sure it is not a scam you should conceal your number with letters. For instances your phone number is (  623 ) 394 – 0004 you would type  ( six two three ) 394 – 000 four to prevent any scam text messages. I have dealt with scam text messages before and emails. Never respond with those emails that say they would love to buy your car and give you money through those money gram or check. Those are lies, do not be sucked in!
  • When you meet up with someone interested, meet during an appropriate time and not too late. If it is late, I would reschedule or have someone go with you. Meet locally at a well known place like a grocery shopping parking lot. Always have someone go with you so you can have that person hold on to your car’s title.
  • If someone is interested in purchasing the car, do not give the title first. Make sure all the money is accounted for before transferring the title. Take a picture of the document and also the persons driver license and if you want to write a bill of sale just encase.

Good luck on your car sale! 


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Tips on Buying a New or Used Car

I have had my fair share of buying new cars, used cars and here is what I learned from these experiences.

Car acura NSX white , 2017 modelIf you are purchasing a used car:

  • If you are purchasing a used car from a private owner for instances from Craigslist, you want to:
    • Ask the owner if the car has a clean title or salvage title. If the car is salvage, I would not purchase it. Ask the owner, how long they have owned the car for? Why are they selling the car? Do they have records of the cars services? Inspect the car throughly.
    • You also want to check Kelly Blue Blue to know the value of the cars worth so you can factor in on the price to negotiate.
  • If you are purchasing a used car from the dealership? Make sure it is a reliable well known one and not from a smaller dealership. Smaller dealerships usually do not help you get a good loan if you are going that route and their cars tend to be on the lot longer. If you are getting a car from the bigger well known dealership, try to negotiate the price (never say you are interested or love the car) and get some sort of warranty included with the price.

Regardless of purchasing a car used from a private party, dealership or even new – you must test drive the car to see how you like the car. Throughly inspect the car inside and out. Ask any questions you may have – as it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are purchasing a brand new car:

  • It would be a better deal if you bought a brand new car as the year is transitioning. For instances it is currently 2017, and say the 2018 model is coming out. You are better off buying the 2017 model as they would want to get rid of that year and you would get a better year.
  • Buy toward the end of the month or year because the dealerships want to meet a quota.
  • Never say you absolutely love a car because then they won’t give you much room to negotiate
  • Check local websites like True Value to know how much is a good price the car would be worth or should be sold to you at, to get an idea. Or read forums on how much other people paid for that particular car.
  • If the price is not right, do not hesitate to walk away. Try back again or a different dealership.

Overall: Not always the first car you see will be the first car you purchase. Sometimes it takes time, do not rush the process if you want a good deal and do not settle on a car you do not want or feel pressured to buy a car you do not want.

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Stoplock Steering Wheel Lock shopping experience from Amazon seller (Street Rhino)

Let us take a break from my usual product review article for this one. It is still a review but this one is a seller review from my recent Amazon buying experience.
I often buy from Amazon. I find they have good deals and there are times when it is a lot cheaper to buy from them in comparison to local shops here in Ireland. Especially if I am able to reach the “free shipping” option!
So we are recently trying to buy some car accessories one-by-one. And my husband’s first priority was the steering wheel lock. He chose Stoplock Steering Wheel Lock for this. We compared prices and checked the deals available here and we found that this seller from Amazon (Street Rhino) sells it for a competitive price. Shipping is not free but even if we take that into consideration, it still ends up about 20€ cheaper! Not only that, but the item available here is a “generic” Stoplock Steering Wheel Lock whereas the one we bought from Street Rhino was specially made for the brand and make of our car!
We ordered online and I received dispatch information after a couple of days. We arranged to use a third party shipping facility from UK to Ireland called Parcel Motel because it is more cost-effective (why else, right?).

We received the goods after a week but we were quite disappointed to discover it was broken! My husband initially thought it was just a small crack but then after closer inspection, he realized that the plastic completely fell apart!
I took some photos and sent it to the seller – who responded within the same day. He was extremely apologetic and promised to dispatch a replacement for the faulty item. I responded asking whether I need to return the broken item and how to deal with the shipping cost (since we paid for shipping the first time and paying again would defeat the purpose of trying to save money). And I was so pleasantly surprised when he told me to send the receipt over for the shipping costs and he would refund it to me as an act of good will! Not only that! He also told me that I need not return the faulty product! WOW, that is brilliant customer service for sure!
I didn’t wait too long for the refund to occur – I received notification the next day that I got money on my Amazon account. I didn’t receive any dispatch notification for the replacement (unlike for the first item) item but was surprised to receive it 3 days after my correspondence with Street Rhino!
Overall, I am so pleased with my dealings with them, I wouldn’t think twice if I have to buy a few more car accessory in the future from them. I hope that I don’t encounter any more issues with a faulty product but it is reassuring to know that they have superb customer service if I need to count on it.

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