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Caribbean Life: You Will Never Regret Visiting The Caribbean
Caribbean Life: You Will Never Regret Visiting The Caribbean

Its so awwwsome!  the beauty, the people, the worship, the festival, the parties, the food, the music, the beaches,the lushness, the aroma, all these fabulous attributes of the Caribbean makes the envy of all.

The Caribbean is by far one of the best region to live and visit. Its lush green vegetation and sparkling  blue seas are its most inviting scenery.Each island in the Caribbean is blessed witbbean own different attributes which makes them unique. For example, Trinidad is the calypso capital, Jamaica is the home reggae and dance-hall, But which ever island you choose to visit  you”ll be delighted with a  wealth of warm and welcoming people not to mention our beautiful sandy beaches and other breath taking natural sceneries. The chatter and laughter of our people is fascinating and the way they communicate is out of the ordinary. Caribbean communication brings great life to the world of communicating; with its various languages coloured with distinctive accents and remarkable slangs and parables and in some Caribbean countries, communicating brings great humour.

I must say, the Caribbean is the place for romance;filled with romantic getaways enhanced  with marvelous amazing sunsets.  How on earth can one be on a Caribbean island and not be stimulated romantically?Its exotic music and dance is enough to put you in motion.

Not only is the Caribbean romantic, but is also filled with loads of spots that the entire family can enjoy and make memorable adventures. Its culture is something to talk about with a wealth of different types of dance and its music is a beautiful art.Its festivals are out – of -this – world, and the costumes are evidence of tremendous creativity. Everyone in the Caribbean loves the experience of carnival music is thumping and people dancing to the rhythm in their different costumes.

Hmm hmm hmm! How can we not talk about the food.So many different types of dishes, from ackee and saltfish to doubles and curried chick pease. Juices include the famous cane juice, coconut water and who can resist the stunning taste of sorrel at Christmas time. OOHH! How can we forget illustrious white rum? White rum and appleton are some of the most well-known spirits of the Caribbean. Whether you choose to have a drink while partying or just taking a sip while relaxing at a lounge, its up to you.

If you are ever planning to visit the Caribbean, whether it be work, vacation, honeymoon, getting married or what ever your reason is, we assure you that your experience will be next to none as the Caribbean is one of the best place on earth.

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    1. You say right my friend it is the place full of natural beauty and human soul and romance beauty in a natural way. The places descriptions you have mentioned is wonderful and magical.

      Caribbean arts, hotels, places, mountains, vales and dales, garden, birds and larks all add charm in the beauties of Caribbean sea. It is the place that fascinates the visitors’ hearts from far away.

      I like such places very much because I am sonneteer like such places make swift poetic flight very fast.

      I think sixteen places of Caribbean are most famous all over the world. British Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, Curacao, St. Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, Havana, St. Martin – St. Maarten, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, St. Barts, Grenada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Bonaire…

      All these places are full of natural romance and I think here fairies land at night to make romance in lone and fairies children play all night on the beach.

    2. The “Caribbean’ is made up of different countries with different customs and languages. It isn’t one place. It is like saying; “Africa”… where?

    3. I am recollecting the year 2003 the year when I visited the U.S for the first time. Everything was confusing. Everybody was advising, everybody was ready to suggest and guide. Totally confused whom to accept and whom to rely on. But, individual decision sometimes helps a lot. Whether for good or bad, for luck or unluck took my own decision and visited the Caribbean Island.

      Everything was really perfect with scenic beauty. The blue water and the brownish sand beaches are really exciting. The clear water will make one to run into them with minimum on the body and enjoy the nature. The Jamaica and the Bahamas happened to be my favorites.
      It is highly difficult to give and name which one is the best. Each island has got its own advantages. The languages spoken are many and the treatments the guests receive is amazing. The love and affection, the use of slang (mostly coupled with Spanish) are really stunning.
      One has to take the help of parameter against which each Island has to be compared with other. This is the job of only a professionals in Tourism Industry.
      But, if one has got bulky pocket these are the best places to enjoy and know what life is.
      If you really want to enjoy the life visit with good heavy pocket otherwise one can visit these island as a Tourist only with tight budget calculating each and every penny you spent on the tour limiting your dietary habits and suppressing the saliva of the mouth. The Rum is quite extraordinary to taste .

    4. If given the chance to visit other countries, Caribbean will be in my number one list. I just love to experience the luxury of nature especially the white sands and the great sunrise and sunset of that place. Feeling the way of rich and famous in the hotels and inns. Carribean is far away here but when I win the lotto I will surely have a good vacation here.

    5. wow! what a perfect paradise! I must say, it was a sight to behold! One of the breath taking place in the whole world.

    6. I have always had a fantasy of visiting the carribean and miami, those have always been my dream destinations when it comes to having fun. Given that i come from a Tropical country I would really appreciate a hot sunny place, and the carribean is the perfect place to be. I have always watched on tv and seen how people enjoy such places. the Sun, fruits the food, the people, the ambience you name it. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place like this. I usually enjoy going to our beaches back here in our country because they are really nice, they are clean and just relaxing at the beach can give you a peace of mind you get to enjoy the tranquility, and all. So I will be so looking forward to going to the carribean one of this fine days. And I know I will through God’s will.


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