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Buffet Eating – What are your thoughts?
April 27, 2017

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There are several buffets around here and what attracts many customers to these buffets is that you pay one entrance price (anywhere from $10 to $30 bucks) to eat all you want. I know most people who know they are going to a buffet will literally “not eat” so they can fill themselves up and eat their moneys worth! At a buffet – you walk, grab a plate or two/three and go around self serving yourself to the foods you want to eat, or try and after you finish your plate (or not), repeat until you are full! There are an assortments of foods you can eat usually consisting of: chicken, sushi, fish, crab, lobster, seafood, desserts, fruits and so forth. The foods are usually among variety of cultures like: American, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and etc. For me, I would recommend just taking a piece or two to try just encase the food is not good – that way you are not wasting that much food to the trash.

However, overall about buffets – I am not a fan of dining at buffets and very rarely eat at buffets because I feel the food is more quantity rather than quality. I do not like trying bits and pieces of food and that would ultimately get my stomach confused and I would be full easily. I prefer to have a nice quality filet mignon with lobster tail for the price of an entrance fee at a buffet.

Once in a while, I do go to buffets for events that is hosted but I do not enjoy the food. Attached is a photo of a buffet I went to for my cousin’s graduation party. The food was so, so and not very appealing. I did not enjoy the food and in fact, I had to eat more afterwards because the food was not good.


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