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Boy child verses girl child

I have both genders, but which is better? I remember when we had our first child (daughter), we went around informing family and friends about the birth of our new born with so much joy in our hearts. The news was good for some, while it was bad for some. Some friends were worried and said to my husband, ” Dis one wey Joy born half current so, how we go do am”? The sentence was in pidgin, some may not understand. Anyway, the translation will be, having a girl child was not so good after all. We both laughed and swallowed the bitter words.

What is wrong with having a girl child? Are boys better than girls? In my own opinion, a girl child is 100 times better than a boy child for so many different reasons. Girls are more caring, gentle, tender loving, kind and what have you. While boys are rough, not as kind, show lack of care and so on. I have both male and female as children, and I can tell you that my son is so lazy, he hardly gets anything done. While my daughter is hardworking, I am at peace when she’s home. Boys find it difficult to grasp things quick unlike girls. A girl child would care for her parents till the day God takes the life of whoever first. The boy child would care less and have no time to take care of his parents.

Society sees the boy child as the heir to the family throne, while a girl is seen as just a homemaker. A man who dies today may not leave any inheritance for his daughters but rather leave an inheritance for his son. Reasons being that the female child will leave her parents to marry someone and thereby change her name. I find this appalling and absurd. While would you discriminate amongst your children. A child is a child irrespective of his/her gender.

I love the fact that society is beginning the recognize the importance of having a girl child. Most women of today are becoming leaders and role models for the younger generation. Our role is not just the kitchen , being a home maker and all. In fact, we combine both together, beauty and brains, office and home chores. I must confess that being a housewife is a more challenging job than being at the office. A housewife must ensure everything is in place to make sure the house runs smoothly. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, mopping, sweeping, taking orders, laundry, and so many other chores for just one person to handle. These days, it just doesn’t end there alone, but the woman now contributes financially to the home.

I hope to see that he girl child is being appreciated and celebrated more than a boy child. Girls are better helpers than boys. No wonder mothers are being celebrated at least thrice a year, thanks to all the efforts we put in ensuring all is well at home.

God bless all women out there.

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    1. Kids are a blessing to each one of us from God. we cannot start saying or asking which one is better than the other. But we are humans and we will always take sides. Many are the times that the girl child has been looked down upon I have never come to understand why people say that the boy child is the best gift a mother would have. What is it that the boy child has that has gone miles away from the girl child. If it’s anything to go by I would say the girl child is more profitable in the society than the boy child. We are discussing and this are from my findings. When you go around usually in the African communities you will find that the girl child has a lot to offer than the boy child. In the African societies the girls are the ones who benefit their parents when it comes to dowry. The boys give out. When it comes to building homes who does that the girl child. When we think about our parents when they become old who takes care of them isn’t it the girl. There are so many things that I would say about the girl child but they can be seen all over the world. So if we were to measure kids by what they do I would say the girl child is far much better than the boy child and there are many ways of backing up this statement.


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