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Books can help to solve psychological problems.
April 18, 2017

For the purposes of bibliotherapy, reading and sharing ideas, we foster a sense of belonging and empathy – is a way showing how to deal with feelings and solve a variety of challenges. Bibliotherapy is a kind of meditation, when reading people more clearly understand survived emotions. It helps to know others and to develop spiritually. Bibliotherapy can be applied to people of all ages, but particularly literature positively affect children. A child or teenager reading a text understands that the problem can be solved, that he can overcome it, that not only he alone meet such problem. This reduces the feeling of loneliness and promotes a sense of community, empathy, hope.

The books help to more openly talk about variety themes of child concern, even if it is painful experiences or losses. We can mention the bullying and parents divorce, even a passing illness, loss. These problems are reflected in different environments – home, school, among friends, in relation to himself. People investigating the bibliotherapy, say that it can become a way of showing how to deal with those feelings, experiences, how to deal with different challenges.

Reading can help reduce aggression. We can talk about anger and its management and stress, various fears and their overcoming. Even about how to build friendship and to maintain it. For the purposes of bibliotherapy, can talk about difficulties in adapting to the school environment, for example, by changing it or just starting to attend. It is also about school conflicts. Bibliotherapy process begins with the identification of issues or problem

First we need select specific theme, such as parental divorce or bullying. Then we should choose literature that reflects the theme that would offer not only to recognize and meet the problem, but also would show how to deal with the situation, feelings, what are the alternative ways to solve your severity or the challenge.

Selected text should be consistent with the age of the participants. It is important, whether it applies to a child or adolescent, or adult. Selected literary passage is usually not long. It is for the child to get involved, to focus for some time. Books for every age group are selected so that the participants can understand and get involved in the process.

Bibliotherapy is not just reading. It is complemented by creative writing or images exploration. According to the principles of bibliotherapy patient can successfully deal with films or cartoons. It allows deepening the subject in question, to empathize with it more, access deeper personal insights about the relationship with yourself, the environment and so on. So, bibliotherapy’s principles can be applied to video or watching its fragment.

While scientists and psychologists usually notice only the positive aspects of bibliotherapy, some of them draw attention to the shortcomings of therapy. For example, if the child lacks of motivation to read. As with any other therapy, bibliotherapy can be accompanied by resistance. This is normal because the topic is not always easy, pleasant. Naturally, there is resistance talking about serious topics, it is impossible to control all processes. Psychologists are also looking for ways to reach the younger generation, which spends the most time in the virtual space. For those who are not interested in a particular book, are offered virtual bibliotherapy sessions. The world really is changing and psychologists have to adapt their services.


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