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Birthday Month – Freebie Deals & Offers
April 1, 2017

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No, no – April is not my birthday month but actually my fiancés birth month! It looks like we will be dining out a lot since he received a ton of awesome coupon offers!

His e-mail account is currently been flooding with all sorts of birthday deals, offers, promotions and freebies from all sorts of restaurants that we have previously dined at! We will not be taking advantage of all of them, but just some! Chances are if you sign up online for restaurant’s newsletters or subscription – they will request for your birth date or birth month, year or sometimes your anniversary so they could keep you in their system. Then as a loyal customer, they will send you some sort of birthday or anniversary deal, offer or freebie. Some restaurants require you to redeem the offer immediately on the day of your birthday, but most likely the offers would be valid for the entire month – you have to read the description and expiration date carefully.

Example of some of the birthday perks he receives:

  • Free meal from Rubio’s
  • Free burger from Red Robin’s
  • Free dessert with purchase from Chili’s
  • Free steak with the purchase of another steak, at a local Steakhouse
  • Free ice cream cone with purchase, at a local Burger Spot
  • Free Ice Cream Scoop at Baskin Robbins
  • Free Breakfast Meal (on your exact birth date) at Denny’s
  • And the list shall go on. 

Also since this is his birthday month, I plan on figuring out fun day trips within the state that we both can go and enjoy. I am very excited to celebrate another year of his birthday with him and then a few months later, it will be my birthday where I would get emails filled of promotions and offers.

Please Note: These offers may not work for you. It varies depending on store, restaurant, where you live, etc. I live in the United States.

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