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Between tears and laughter lies the imperfect romance.
February 12, 2018

Check out the teaser to our latest music video, Between Tears and Laughter, or as we say in Afrikaans, Tussen Trane en Lag. https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=pvzEHdsG6ktKDz64&u=/watch%3Fv%3DO0-9ijkRy1A%26feature%3Dem-uploademail

I basically was still getting over my 5 year relationship when I started with this song. In it, I promise to not repeat the same mistakes. I was already dating Sias when this song was written, and with it, I threw away the old and embraced a new life with him.

The words translated:

Between tears and laughter

is where you will wait for me

between tears and laughter

we hurt each other so much

but when you kiss me, it’s so soft and tender

your kisses are so soft


I hope the Angel who keeps you safe

holds you close tonight

I hope you make it through the night


Always writing and singing

but nothing stops the pain

in the process of personal gain

I have caused you to go insane

I hope the Angel who conforts you

holds you very close tonight

there never has been a brighter dawn

than after a hellish fight.

Between tears and laughter

is where you waited for me

I am so glad we got back together

we are free from our past


and I hope the Angels who keep us safe

Will hold us both close tonight

between laughter and tears

we have stilled our fears

and tomorrow is a bright new day


Just roughly translated. I hope it makes sense, and I believe I have kept the meaning in tact. Should we as local artists translate everything into English? We have many English songs but no one ever bothers to translate them into Afrikaans. If there is a demand, I can quickly translate and make it rhyme, within reason, for the next season!

It is very funny however, that the person the first lyrics were written to, will never know. I have absolutely no desire to tell them. By the last verse, the song was already a redemption song and no longer just an admission of guilt. My ex will never know, but I have been working on this relationship now for years. It is fantastic to be able to spend so much time with your best friend, who happens to be a fantastic guitar player and singer!!


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