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Benefits of Playing Computer Games for Adults

Do you still play games in your gadgets like laptops, netbook, ipad, tablet or cellphone though you are already old, say past 50?

I do, and while playing an old favorite game, tetris or block/brick game, I thought that seniors or even octagenarians should play to keep their mind busy.

Benefits of Computer Games for Adults

While too much playing computer games has negative effects on children and young people, it is the reverse for the “oldies.” It can keep their brains busy, thus preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

I read in the net that adults or seniors should have some brain exercises to keep it healthy like looking at flying birds in the sky, or watching the clouds. I thought eye movements can help make the brain healthier too.

By playing computer games like puzzles or blocks, the adult’s eyes and mind are both busy, keeping the brain busy too, or keeping it active. They can play with other adults or with their grandchildren. It would be a very interactive bonding time between them because they both appreciate the games.

Hours Pass Quickly When Playing Games

An old person would not notice the passing of time when he is so busy on his favorite computer game. This is in contrast to the situation of those who seemed to be counting the minutes, the hours, wishing that it would be night time so they can sleep; or worse, if they can not sleep, they will count the hours till dawn, wishing it would be a new day.

It is a lamentable situation for the elders. It seemed they are counting their days on earth, wishing they would be gone.If they are busy doing things to let them forget the time, or the passing of days, they would still enjoy life and wish for more time on earth!

May the children of adult people encourage their old parents to engage in activities like playing computer games to help their brain be healthy; to ease boredom and make them happy.

So if you are already old, do not stop playing computer games, or do other activities that will make your mind busy like answering crossword puzzles, playing chess or scrabble, or keep your hands busy like writing or doing crafts like crocheting, knitting, etc. Somehow it will help delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

What do you think?

    1. Online games are upgrades of some old games.. and it has developed to am even better version

      • Thanks Kat2x for your reply. Yes, new games are just improved, but they are based on old games like brick games, etc. I like it best, now called tetris! I was also playing Plants and Zombies, Candy Crush,etc. when I have some spare time.

    2. thaks for the info, i have to say also any thing you do using your brain will delay alzihimars, and as acelawriters said that the new generation s games are not really the one that help the brain and protect it

      • Thank you mangoh for your reply.Yes, I do hope brain exercises like playing computer games could help delay the onset or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. But for the new generation or for the young, it can also help them though it can lead to addiction on games and they will always be sitting all day playing instead of doing other things or studying their school lessons.

        • thanks for replying, regarding these games, it does not apply to any game, i m sure it is applied to good intelligence games, not the one that new or young generation are playing now, becuse playing silly games will no way improve your brain or protect it from any aging, so you need to find useful game to win the against alzehimers, for example playing candy crush is not helping, playing shooting games do not help either, you need to play games has benefit such as strategy ills, and organization, that is how you train your brain and boost it so you do not have Alzheimer later in the futures, it si nice post and nice info that do help in searching the good game to play and use your free time to gain some info also, i like to write and read and rading is the best boost brain needs for sure

          • Playig games not helathy
            I guess its waste of time, yea its good sometimes to relax playing games but to make your brain healthier, it is not what i would beleive, and I guess maybe they talk about math games

    3. that is true, as we are getting old, we don’t have work to do and then our mind starts thinking so much. To stop mind, make yourself busy with games, puzzles thats the good option.

      • I agree with you Trupti. When we are old, we have to “pamper” ourselves with such relaxing activities like playing computer games instead of getting stressed with so many problems around us. It helps a lot. Thanks for your reply.

    4. An very informative article. Though I personally do not play games. I have seen many of my relatives and family members who are more than fifty play games online. They seem to enjoy the experience. I have also seen people those having no education play online games and enjoy the same. I keeps the mind and the reflexes active and delays health related issues which are common with ageing. The number of games and the companies too has increased and it has grown into a very big industry. Having a great future and market.

      But too much of anything is bad and it would be better if it is balanced with outdoor activities like walking, just sitting on the porch and observing the sky, clouds, trees and the birds and other life existing. It gives an interesting insight into the life of different creatures who we rarely used to observe carefully when we were working or busy during the working years. It is a very good activity. Even seeing the rains fall or watering the plants also works as a therapy for the mind. If one likes pets they would be your best friends and so do books as they give unconditional love and affection. Writing and expressing you point of view is also a good therapy. Thanks for the share

      • Very well-said, Krishan Kumar, and thank you for that reply. Yes, old people have to do combination of activities to ease boredom and to keep them busy. Socialization or just talking with friends or relatives is one; walking, and as you mentioned, admiring the beauty of nature around us. This is the stage where people can usually appreciate the beauty of everything, because they were so busy with life in their early ages. Now is the time for “repayment” of the blessings we have, appreciating it, and sharing it with other people.

        Playing computer games relaxes their mind, keep the brain active, and takes the person away from nuisances around him.

    5. Mhmm.
      Time consuming.
      Having fun.

      • It could be time-consuming for people who are still productive, or for working people, but for retirees who could not think of anything to on a daily basis, it is better to play gadgets, read a book, do some light physical activities that will keep their body and mind busy.

    6. Yes, keeping the mind and body busy at old age, when many retire and passing time meaningfully becomes tough is much needed. So some dose of computer games is not bad.

    7. Yes playing computer games can delay and reduce the risk of getting alzheimer but I think this only applied to games that makes us use more of our brain rather than fingers.

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