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28. If you can wear them, consider switching to contact lenses. Make sure you remember to remove them when swimming. You can easily
lose them in the pool or worse, if you wear soft lenses you could contract a cornea infection that comes from a parasite found in water. The chlorine
won’t kill it and the result of this nasty little dude is not pleasant. You are inviting painful corneal infection that could cause partial or total blindness.

29. Try buying different colored lenses. You might discover a whole new you behind blue eyes!

30. Better yet, check out lasik. If you are a candidate it might give you a whole new lease on life. Of course, it’s a treatment for nearsightedness only, but if that’s your reason for wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses you might want to look into it. Just remember, even though the procedure is done with a laser, it is still a surgical procedure. Take your time and investigate to make certain that you visit a skilled surgeon who has completed many lasik procedures.

31. Take vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene to improve your sight and overall health of your eyes.

32. Avoid caffeine. It negatively impacts the system that they eyes use for focusing. That includes coffee, tea and chocolate. Well, okay, if you can’t quit, at least cut back!

33. Do not over use eye drops. You may just make your eye sredder. Artificial tears are okay, but you should limit or avoid using vasoconstrictors. They will shrink the blood vessels on the surface of your eye. Check with your doctor if you need further explanation on the differences.

Did you know. . . that eye makeup worn by the ancient Egyptians served more than just a cosmetic purpose? It was worn by men and women alike.
It was decorative for certain but they also wore it for medicinal purposes as well as magical reasons. The Egyptian word for eye-palette is a derivative
from their word for “protect.” An eye that wore no makeup was considered to be “unprotected.” An unprotected eye was therefore at risk from the Evil
Eye. The next time you are standing in front of the mirror applying your eye makeup just remember that it is a rite of protection passed along from
Cleopatra to Betty Boop!

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