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20. Maybe you would prefer something a bit less abrasive, pardon the pun. If so, you might consider a deep peel. This process is
accomplished using an acid and are for moderately deep wrinkles. There are some risks associated with the acid procedure. It isn’t as stable as the
laser resurfacing because there is less control of the acid solution.

21. Have a glycolic or beta peel. This process won’t do much for your wrinkles, but if you are only looking to improve general skin tone, this is the one for you.

22. Try Retin A. If you want to see a smoothing of fine wrinkles and an overall healthy glow that will remove mottling and give your skin a youthful blush, then this is the route to go.

23. You can avoid all the nastiness of the previous treatments by choosing collagen injections. The biggest challenge with this choice is it’s temporary lasting just a few months so you have to repeat the procedure frequently.

24. Stop shaving your legs and use hot wax. Much gentler on your skin.

25. Mix up a tablespoon of brandy along with a smashed up peach and apply to your face for twenty minutes then rinse. Makes for a great summer facial hey don’t call them the “windows to the soul” for nothing! The eyes never lie. If you’re feeling and looking great your eyes will shine and sparkle. If you’re sad and lonely your eyes will give you away every time.

26. If you have red, watery eyes due to allergies, deal with them! There are plenty of medications available to eliminate allergy symptoms. Nothing will detract from your appearance faster than red eyes.

27. If you wear eyeglasses make certain that they do not detract from your appearance. Eyeglasses should complement your eyes,
not cover them. If your frames are unattractive it means you had the wrong sales person. Try again.

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