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Banff National Park: an essential wilderness experience
November 15, 2017

Banff National Park is an essential wilderness experience, a fairy town dwelling, blue lakes, sun-kissed towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, clear skies teeming with twinkling stars, well it’s not imagination at all because mirroring heaven on earth, there is Banff National Park.

Located in Alberta, surrounded by the burgeoning Mount Rundle, Sulphur, Norquay & Cascade, Banff is a resort town in the Canadian Rockies. An hour and a half from Calgary, or half a day from Jasper, the road to Banff National Park is every motorists dream.

Spend a day canoeing the inviting waters of Lake Louise, saunter through the lively streets of the dreamy Banff Town, gaze at stars on the shores of the Vermilion Lake, and finally, simply soak your weary souls in the Banff Upper hot Springs. Banff is what I would call a perennial magnet. If the calling of forest trails, splendid lakes, and accessible glaciers is strong enough in summers, winters pulls crowds for frozen lakes, Canyon Icewalks, and winter sports galore. July and August are the busiest, and get sold months in advance, a bit of diligent planning, and you are on course to visit Banff when it’s at its best. Banff town offers myriad accommodation options, still not enough to satiate the peak demands of summers, a gap aptly filled by its quieter neighbour, Canmore.


Set at an elevation of 1,383 m, the town of Banff is the highest in Canada, and I would say the prettiest in the whole wide world. Exquisitely surrounded by mountains in all directions, and further accentuated by the Bow River flowing through its heart, the dreamy town of Banff is a sight for concrete-sour eyes.

Bow River

Glacier fed Bow River, slices through the town of Banff, rendering a magical charm and hosting the activities avalanche. Sitting on the edge of the downtown, the Bow River waterfront provides a fairly long Nature walk. Bow River offers an idyllic picnic day, go just saunter through its pathways, soak some summer sun, dabble at fishing along its shores or engage in some adventures in its mild waters.

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