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Balancing Your Work and Life
January 12, 2017

Sure people want to work hard for what they have, and that’s great. Yes every capable person should have to earn the things that they want and need. On the contrary imagine if you could want less; imagine yourself needing less. I’m not saying that anyone should want to be without some luxury in their life, however most would agree that they would be just as happy without some of the things that they spend hard earned money on. Picture this, you work a 60 hour week, and barely have any money by the end of the pay period. Would you rather work a 30 hour week and have money left over? You may not see how this is possible, but it is! Simply cut your spending. Take one pay period and track every dollar that you spend. This should even include the large things like car payments, house payments, utilities, etc. Then see what you can do without. Its likely that you can do without at least some things that you spend money on every day. Simply put, if you want to work less; you need to reduce spending as a whole. Ask yourself these questions, am I happy with my work and life balance, or would i prefer to have more free time? I am willing to bet that a large amount of you wouldn’t mind more time to spend with family, more time for hobbies, or more sleep.

I think we could all relate in the statement that people seem to fall into the so called rat race of everyday life. It seems that everyone wants and in some cases believe that they “need” things that they truly do not. The thought of the biggest houses, the newest cars, expensive clothing probably excites you at least a little, however what if you could live in a smaller house, drive a older car, and wear thrift store clothing. Imagine the money that you could keep, imagine the hours that you could spend doing things that you enjoy. Instead of working 10 hours a day 6 days a week with no end in sight, now you have the ability to work maybe 8 hours a day 4 days a week. Which make you happier?

Before now taking your children to the park on a pleasant Friday afternoon was near impossible. There was a time not long ago when you would have had to ask your boss for an evening off while cringing at the thought of missing a few dollars on your next paycheck. Sure you might occasionally daydream about driving a fancy sports car, but doesn’t your 10 year old Toyota get you where you want to go? When your at home in your smaller home your happy right? That old t-shirt that you put on this morning is still comfortable isn’t it? The point is life goes by in a hurry, and face it you can’t take materialistic things with you when you go. So why not allow yourself to do what you want with the time that you do have? After all it really is up to you.

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    1. I have my full time job and so with my hubby . My working time is from 8:00a.m.- 6:30 p.m while he has 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
      But at night , we always make it a point that before sleeping we will be talking about each one’s activity for the day , the problems at work if there are any . Then , we would both show a funny or interesting post at FB . And on weekend , we watch movies .
      Our only daughter now working on a posh hospital in a far city , would always text us or we call her .
      At least despite our busyness , we take time to communicate . Communication is one key to keeping the family bonded .
      Well, each one of us has style of being connected to our love ones despite us being busy at work .

    2. I do think that we need to balance work and family life.
      If not, then there will be a great impact to every members in the family.
      Our lives should be in balance.
      Life is not always working.
      We need to consider family time.
      As they said, “Money cannot buy everything.”

    3. I cannot balance my work and my family life for I have so many hours work than staying at home and when I am home, I do on line activities hehehe.But I only have this kind of balancing if I have many works in school. My family members are also busy in their works and businesses, to each his own. e still give time to bond every weekend, that is how to build a strong family trough bonding even once a week if not thrice a month. It is so important to know each others needs and demands.

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