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well rebond system for straight hair
May 3, 2017

My hair type is kinda curly and little hard without conditioner. because it I have to make Hair Relax treatment once a month

To be shiny and manageable straight hair

hair is short and with rebonding is great. However, after 10 months, my hair came back to its usual

became wavy and hard, got to treatment every 10 months. I got treatment at home so to save money.

Treatment In drugstore and online too rebond treatment. She told us the lady at store that it is one of good products of hair rebond treatment. Learned how to use it, product was small but followed the instruction when I applied at home to my hair. After the that, I needed to repeat next day to see how my hair is good and silky and straight ,treatment in the Salon so pricey and smelly, so different and I say that I was lucky a lot o find this

I am happy for this treatment in my hair. I like a silky and straight hair and that is easy for 10 months now. I do no longer have problem hair not wavy or dries. I am really happy, thought the rebonding needs to be applied two times before you see good hairs

I recommend this to everyone that has a frizzy hair, yet be careful when applying rebond, its not easy that much. You follow the instruction to achieve its good effect.

well rebond system for straight hair

there more, in drugstore there sunsilk, but was pricey, well price was depending on the box size the one i got was for 20 dollar, and the other is i guess 50 dollar

sunsilk is more pricey that is why didnt try it but have many friends that tried it


they have straightner and its like magic works find but do not stay more than week

there is more brands just need to find the one

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lady and the unicorn and southern cross book

Lady and the unicorn is book by author tracy chevalier

Talks about a man and a woman about forbidden love due to that old age they lived it. This story is not new, and little confusing at start. But Nicolas is a man who works as a great artist started his new work and that is doing up the museum; art wise walls, and there Nicolas become in love with the attractive girl who is a rich man’s daughter. while doing the arts in the their . but not only she attracts him there is another one and another one attracts Nicolas’ attraction. will he gets the rich man daugeter or what? Or you can’t tell , story is very complicated, and if you are not in novels and old ages, then you wont like it

Lady and the unicorn written by tracy


Southern cross book

Book is starts with Police Chief Judy Hammer who handles the responsibility of Richmond and helps her in that most trusted assistants, Deputy Chief Virginia West and also the officer Andy Brazil. One is aggressive and experienced police agent, the other young

but smart and show off. They were all hated through Richmond team who looked at them as intruders into their home; especially when Judy Hammer introduced softwares and measures that were so successful in New York city. The trio met with great resistance from the police team; not to mention, everyday battling against the growing rate of crime and politics.

These are really tough ladies, similar to MRs Scarpetta and her niece; but they are with better attitudes. First this started quite nicely and went ok to the point West and Brazil got rather childish in their thinking and attitude of each other’s affection, and begin the telephones and other stuff from non existent boyfriends. especially when both of them has activities were one not just for profit, but to enjoy time only yea

story new with twist too, until end, to see a guy defend himself so not to leave it to a some public defender.

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Marks and Spensers anti doederant review
May 1, 2017

Marks and spencers, I know for shirts but for skin products?

In like sprays more then rolls anit deodorants, I have never been a fan of roll ons as they stain the clothes. Yes bad experiences so no way to use again roll on

Any way went to marks and spencers sale and found this semi affordable spray in the store

seems to be one of the good brands for some reason I do not know why

though there were bad reviews there were good also. However, I bought it to write about it also

As a matter of fact, many people in the store bought it too. So thought it smell good, when reached home it smells little bad to summarise the review

I think that it good smell for first time only after that it build up if you put two times shortly after each other, the scent a mixture of oil and musk. You really cant not be sure about it

I put this on waited to dries. It took long time to do so. It was really annoying and if you put it outside not good

Also it is a disaster if you spray it on your clothes it will stain also

More so if its white clothes. I know its horrible really so embarrassing when I head to go out face and found the stain under armpits

I didn’t wait went to toilet and clean it up but no use.

Marks and spensers rate is 0/10 its not good at all

I thought the name is enough when buying anything, but no its not the brand for beauty items or skin care or other than shirts i have to tell you

Marks and Spensers anti deoderant review

do not change your anti deodorant  unless you know what you are buying and try it in the store, other wise you will lose money and time for seraching again and again and again and again and more

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fisher toy gym and stuffed lion
April 29, 2017

fisher gym and stuffed lion

My friends friend had a baby and she went shopping and decided on fisher price It looked nice in the store, soft that babies will like laying on the floor and looking up to this colorful aquarium figures toys and play with them , it will keep babies that age, busy for quite a while giving parents really good time as break.
the fisher gym, jingles and plays music as kids and babies like and will be attracted easily by sounds and movement and also colorful toys, especially the color of these toys are bright.

It is also for not age 1 to 12 months but its little high from the floor so, young babies of age 2 years will like it too

It can be turned into a crawl through tunnel for babies of 1 or 2 years.

It is very easy to wash it, with hand or with washer.

It has also very reasonably cost and that is 20 dollar

Quality of the mat is good not fully Synthetic material but mix with cotton, no bad smell, gregarious paint on the mat of elephant, generally satisfied with the shape and size too

problem is with the music little loud. I was expecting a musical crawling mat with kids songs, but its not so kids music, its no way baby will not like this toy gym

and we got also a lion stuffed toy

so cute, not big nor small lion animal soft and really looks fun, and I guess kids like to hug such animals

would definitely recommend this for older kids stuffed toy with lion shape can be for babies to lie on or hug also.

These tow are cute gift s for especially babies and toddlers , particular the lion, I recommend fisher gym mat and toys and the stuffed lion also for any one likes to give good gift that kids will use and be busy for tometime

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Frozen yogurt from a shop yogofresko
April 29, 2017

Yogofresco shop, the name make me curious about taste and price of that product, is it cheaper than ice cream? i mean its good to try new tastes and new products

Every time I see I think to try it then I forget, but the temptation is high, here we are going to that shop

We stopped and went in store and tried see the menu they told us there is not menu, ok lets look at the photos, and we choose yogo with banana

It was serving frozen yogurt, okay healthy but is it tasty, let see, its real yogurt with flavors and chocolate it says it’s a healthier alternative to ice cream. then, we took our cups and sat, its strawberry with banana and chocolate topping added.
we picked small cup of yogurt as treat, and cost about 5 dollars, ok that is way too pricy. I thought the cup will look like the photo, but it has nothing to do with the photo. That was disappointing the topping is barely covering the middle of the cup, no strawberry pcs just the color

of that fruit is there

the scoop is small. We tasted it we were disappointment and the taste was like eating ice cubes with taste of yogurt

those who didn’t try it, do not, because you will nto like it, appreciate ice cream and its flavors

all I taste realy just ice and mild sour taste. Frozen yogurt from yogofresko, read more to go or to avoid

Honestly it’s not good, even the fresh yogurt, not tasty with the chocolate, no more frozen yogurt

really it is last time we go there, we left before we finished and won’t go back

I mean why should we eat yogurt, while yogurt it self processed food, its not milk it is processed milk with additives, so its not better or healthier

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the notebook and elephants can remember
April 29, 2017

the notebook a romantic book, is an amazingly captivating love story the author is Nicholas sparks

Style of writing is beautiful and really share you any the emotions and angery of the story


The story is about the relationship between Noah and Allie who were sweethearts when they were younger, they were deeply in love

But a little after they begin dating one another they are separated and no contact between them

The girl, Allie meets another man after a while, fast they become engaged.

One day Allie opens the paper and sees a news with the picture of Noah on it. So she decides to find out, why this happened to him, and help him before she go on with marriage.


Elephants can remember, book by Agath christie

This book starts with novelist Ariadne Oliver being asked by a woman who wants to know if Ariadne’s god daughters mother killed her father or its the other way around Ariadne

Oliver enlists the help of Hercule Poirot, who is an old friend of hers.

Celia, who is Oliver’s goddaughter also want to know the real story about that which part of the story is correct if any, ot there is a third party to it

With Poirot helping Ariadne sets out to solve this mystery. When the team start to investigate, they become surprised by how much and how many people remembered so much from the time of the crime happend

The end reveals in events answer to the old crime to the family of celia, though its 20 year old mystery, when someone unveils it, poirot

Agatha is one of the first crime writers that I read for

the way she tell intelligent, i used to see some series those old days too for her solving the crimes, some i read already about, its good book to read, if you like suspense and surprises too

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Dont judge a girl by her cover
April 29, 2017

Dont judge a girl by her cover is 2009 produced book, the cover is awesome of a girl in her uniform

pages: it has 260 pages, not big one

Don’t judge a girl by Her Cover, is girly book about Cammie Morgan she a spy who attend a spy school on the other hand Cammie’s friend Macey, and that is her real frind has to attend any kind of political conventions as well as campaigns, Macey then in danger to be in two side. With the new enemy who is running after her. Cammie puts Macey in danger too, so to protect Macey what she has to do? risking her cover and her spy school? Cammie  or Camero really smart and brav girl who protect her friends and do not think of herself as she think for them Don’t judsge a girl, Her Cover is meant for all teeangers and of both sexes

Its not spy and freidnship book but also romance and adventure, the author is Ally Carter. Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover is good one for the girls who like strong girls and also like detective books or stories too

I have enjoyed book and sure your teens will do to, its one of the books I used to like, written in clever and smooth way to enjoy the spy ideas and spy book, friendship is the main thing in this book

its simple not complicated and there pure innocent love and great friendship and funny spy events too

these are some of the quiote that i liked

I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don’t dare to let out

Sometimes people run to see if you’ll come after them

And as every spy knows, common enemies are how allies always begin

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Rexona 24 hours deodorant protection review
April 29, 2017

I live in where the sun here most of the year, middle east, asia and I sweat easily, having good lasting deodorant is extremely vital to me. I tend to sweat easily, and when I go shopping or pick up the kids, the heat for long periods so I have to carry anti deodorant with me all time and, some times needs to change blouse too. deodorants stain the blouse easily too

Rexona is a 24 Hour Protection Deodorant as they say. To be real I didn’t belive them, but I thought to try it anyway, I liked the small bottle with the nice logo of rexona on it in blue, and it was only for 2.3 dollars, skeptical about it yet bought it, as I was curious and I hope that It will do what they say it does

I used it first at home to see how long it lasts, with the AC on it lasted barely 6 hours. So thought to try it the minute I had to go out, I put enough amount many times, and kept it in my hand bag too, just in case, so here is my review with rexona after trying it for many days.

The smell is really nice and though sweating, still I smell the deodorant only. I usually sweat more and faster, with this its good and delay and reduced the amount, but did it last, it did not, I have to say that ai am happy and it did really  a satisfactory job. I usually need to change my shirt when im out that long, but this time it was not really wet and most of the time dry and fresh smelling until 2 hours done, I started to feel more sweat is there and the smell of the freshness and rexona is reducing, so I had to reapply it, I am happy it didn’t stain the clothes. I am happy with the nice smell and the work it did, though not 24 hour lasting smell or lasting effect its good for me that it stayed, it’s a must for now to keep it, not usually I like the scent of the deodorant but this is great smell

there’s no nasty smell, no bad stains on your clothese, no need to change if you are heavy sweater. And you are feeling dry for 2 hours even if its too hot out there. Protection Deodorant from rexona is perfect is very convenient, I don’t have to reapply it 3 or 6 times throughout the day, I used it only twice per day.


I used before nivea and I like it too and like its smell, but that was not for 24 hour protection that is why I had to try this, and yet this anti deodorant is not 24 hour protection as the representative told me its still good one I will add t to the smell and products that I like too

They have different bottles with different colors, not sure for what maybe the smell is different, anyway this one is great good and I love it

Have you tried nivea or rexona or any other brand that really worked for twenty four hours I find it hard to belive that there is something works that long

like to hear from any body found good product Read more

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Bridge of spices 2015 movies review
April 29, 2017

Bridge of Spies is an action movie sent in 1967 in berlin, you think you will like. Looking at the film’s poster you will find it like Agatha Christy books, one would think it is full of action and thriling with the guns and tricks, but its really slow paced film, it is some drama and some action, with too long dialogue, one might think that you can go sleep and come back and you will miss nothing form the movie

Its duration is 142 minutes too long

Tom Hanks plays a man, Mr. Donovan who become from a businessman to a lawyer , but not just normal lawyer, he is defending a Soviet Spy that in captive in America. Mr. Donovan believes that everyone deserves a defense because everyone is important

Mark Rylance who plays the accused Soviet Spy Rudolf Abel, is not afraid and accept his faith, which at times make mr. Donovan angry from him, what is going to happen with calmness, he accepted his prison,  or its because worry will not help, any way that is his answer to his lawyer, Would it help?

Sometimes movies teach you good lessons  this is though slow paced movie, which I hate such movies, has good story and it was Oscar-nominated film, so its not action movie nor its spy movie, its about protected a person who is accused of being spy until the truth is out and either he is psy or not.

For those who don’t like long lines the movies has , maybe you will not like this movie, as this is lots and lots and lots of talking and rarely there is thrills

simply about providing fair court trial for a person who maybe innocent though accused of betrayal to the country.

its really good idea for a movie, but only i guess it needed more events and more life infvolvement of the person in jail and life of the lawyer too

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The call and it follows two movie review
April 29, 2017

The call and it follows two movie review

the trailer for the movie is really good, The Call , it was a little only before it is in the market , I like Halle Berry’s, the movie about usual serial killer or crime suspense drama. It start from the 911 operator halle berry, who answers chilling call from a young girl who tells her that someone is breaking into her house. jordan, played by Halle Berry tells this yougn girl of what to do and hide try her best the help

then the call is cut off, and when Jordan call the girl back she hears the abduction on the phone. And girl were found dead

she feels that its her fault or so, then later she try to concentrate on her work to find out later that there is another call from another girl in the same situation and she tries all she can to help her, can she help her and what can she really do to help her, does she reconginset the killer then?

It follows, new thrilling movie or says so


It is horror films, here is plot

Some one will sleep with someone else and pass on a curse which creature that transfer to the form of strangers

Though you can not see them , you are going to die if these creatures touched you, then kill those who are cursed. The has lots of unneeded scenes, it is frightening and the curse is monster like that walks to its victims , who are the only people who are able to see the things that are killing them

These cursed people travel to a place they think will kill their killer, they travel few miles, to a nearby pool, it is fictional and drama movie

I would not recommend this film. Its story not strong , it follows, have you seen it or no, please check the review and see the low rating for the movie before you see it

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