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I think Earnably is one great earning site

I found this site a few months before but I registered and then forgot about it until a close online friend reminded me about it. I was surprised to note what I was missing by not working on it so started working on this site immediately.

I found Earnably is one good site with plenty of interesting of earning features. I went through many features and feel I can easily earn money working on this site on this site using in different categories. In fact this site reminds me of GrabPoints with couple of more features than available on other similar sites.

It seems like the site pays you in points which you can convert in cash to your PayPal account or if you feel that Bitcoin is a better option then go for that. By the way you have options of shopping vouchers of yur choice too.

Maybe you would like to know how to begin your campaign on this friendly looking site. Here is a starting guide for your –

So how do you begin your campaign?

It is needless to say that you can join earnably easily by going to https://earnably.com/ once you register yourself and reach to its homepage you will find everything right there like, “Offer Wall’ and what a fantastic offer wall having tons of jobs listed there offered by their partner sites.

You can start with clicking at “Earn” almost every earning opportunity is listed there and if you wish to know more click at Help center to see everything in detail what you can do to earn points by completing offers –

Taking Surveys

Watching Videos

Referring Friends

Promo Codes



Finally, go to “Actions” tab and see how you can earn some quick points.  By the way you can cash out at as low as $1 from this site. But you get more cash if you redeem on higher points. Check out everything thoroughly please.

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Obstacles help you achieve your goals
April 27, 2017

Most of us believe that our life stops when we pass through a painful stage of life. That is not true, but on the contrary the pain makes us stronger and provides us opportunity to learn something new. I chanced upon a book ‘Invincible Thinking’ written by great Japanese writer and founder of Institute of Human happiness Ryuho Okawa. That was so inspiring I could not stop quoting him here.

You will appreciate what he says about facing obstacles and pain ‘that just by reading and practicing the thoughts and by using the thoughts as your own power you will be able to declare that there is no such thing as defeat but only victory’. I have a firm belief that what I get is what I worked for and I am thankful for what has been provided to me. In fact, I got what I was looking for.

These are his own words “There should be no doubt that our life can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; we are often obstructed by solid rocks. Invincible thinking works as the powerful drill to break through these rocks”.

But the truth is that we can always learn so much from our surroundings and when we practice this we have more chances to win than losing. We shall never feel defeated in our life. He says, look at the tree of a bamboo that grows so fast and tall but in the process of growing it develops lumps and stops growing at that point but as it overcome the process grows even faster after that.  Some of the verities of bamboo grow as tall as 35-40 meters and grow at the rate of 80-90 cm a day despite the entire blockage due to joints.

Ups and downs are part of our life and if we only manage to learn how to live with them and adjust with all these with a positive mindset there is no reason we cannot come out of any situation however tough. Pain or obstacle is something thing that blocks one’s way or prevents us for a moment but at the same time gives us strength to fight our way out of the trouble.

Image source  https://pixabay.com/en/pasture-fence-barbed-wire-fencing-1995820/

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Life is like a game of chess
April 27, 2017

Life is really like a game of chess where you win some and you lose some depending upon our own skill or the player we’re playing opposite. There is a popular saying in our local language, “If you lose your concentration while aiming at the bird better postpone the program and keep the bow aside”. Life is not easy when you are in state of dejection because it takes away the power of thinking in right direction.

!” Honestly I am not the writer of lines mentioned above but I read them at so many other places that I have really started to believe in them.

Richard N Landers, an Associate professor in Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota, USA has a very interesting view in this matter. He says when you face a serious problem in your life then lift your head high and look into the eyes of the problem and say I can face you as I am stronger than you.

As matter of fact, a life with nothing to worry and everything to gain is not as interesting as a life with full of challenges where you come out as a winner in the end. I can’t imagine of a life where nothing goes wrong but one gets everything without even wishing for it or making any effort to get it. I would myself find bored in such a situation.

Ups and downs are very much part of the life and if you ask me a person having no idea of struggles fails when he meets the real challenges in his life. I believe losses are as much part of the life as gains. If we celebrate our success as result of our hard work then we should accept the losses as failure of our proper efforts.

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Nicole Scherzinger is fitness freak
April 27, 2017

Please don’t get confused if you read this post about Nicole Scherzinger one of the fittest women in the trade. If you look at her you would never believe that this woman is 38 but she maintains herself better than 20 years old girls.

I don’t think I need to tell you about Nicole Scherzinger a TV Star, recording artist, songwriter and actress born in Honolulu, Hawaii bred and brought up in Louisville, Kentucky.  I came to know about her from film “Slum dog Millionaire” and song she sang “JaiHo” Official Music Video (HQ) and became her fan forever.


Don’t worry I am not going to give you former Pussycat Doll and X-factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger’s program or her exercising habits or how she was declared number one in fitness but I was instantly interested when she said she was practicing Yoga for her fitness. And what she said was not a casual reference of Yoga but she said she practiced it seriously in the company of experts.

I mean I was not surprised listening the secrets of her fitness as she is the ex of formula one racer Hamilton and I wouldn’t have felt surprised a bit had she said that she was racing alongside Hamilton to keep herself fit. She really has a figure that will make best of the beauties of the trade jealous.

I am not interested to give you the long list of her favorite singers she listens to while doing her Yoga but a few names were interesting enough like the one she especially mentioned “Coming Home” by Elena Siegman and “Naughty Boys” by Beyonce. I was not at all surprised hearing her that her favorite was Jennifer Lopez and she mentioned it categorically that her figure is unmatched.

She does not eat anything from the processed food’s list or avoids leftover which in her views is sure spoiler for a celebrity. But she has a love for Italian pasta and Mexican cheese. I would have loved if she had mentioned Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov but she did not.

Image source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicole_Scherzinger

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I don’t want to say ‘no’ to right person
April 27, 2017

I am sure I have met hundreds of people that were absolutely wrong in their approach but none of them wanted to accept it. I always gave them a smile and never said I did not agree with them because that was not my idea to condemn anyone on outright basis. I always tried to understand their point of view before reaching to a final conclusion because there was always a possibility they were right however remote.

I often wondered when I heard someone speaking so confidentially but then my way of evaluating his views was I put myself in his place and gave the idea a look from the new point of view. That helped me understand him better. I always looked at his plans from different angles and tried to find positive points and not the fault of that particular project.

I tried my best to find something helpful for the project from the suggestion in place of rejecting the idea. I just wanted to know why that particular member of the project was so confident about his idea so I left no point which I did not examine. And trust me some of the ideas proved me wrong in the end and I accepted them gracefully. That’s how a great team works accepting the right ideas and filtering out the wrong ones.

I was often asked why I never felt bad when someone taunted me about my reluctance in the first place for accepting their idea. I always told them it was my duty to examine or reexamine an idea before implementing that in to the ongoing project because a project is as successful as its team members make it.  I had no intentions of imposing my ideas on the team but implement the best ideas coming from any or every source.

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I will not do this or that
April 27, 2017

I no more feel strange when I read that some people do not want to attempt achieving higher goals because they have no time to do that or they feel they will never be able to do that. Some of them have absolutely no reasons or pretending to be too busy on other work which keeps them off from doing a particular job. I have nothing against any of the peoples belonging to any of these groups.

But if you ask me I can see they are looking at others with a feeling of jealousy while saying all these things but just because they are too lazy they do not want to attempt or there is another possibility, they do not know the right procedure. He will have to work hard to achieve his desired target. Or tell me if you know how to get the work done without putting your best efforts into something and I will follow you immediately.

One should understand a simple fact that if one has to achieve his targets there is no way but to do his job within a stipulated timeframe. You do not have an option to say no even if you have other jobs to do. It’s all about how you manage your time and divide it according to your priorities.

I remember reading a sentence in a book written by a famous writer Norman Vincent Peale, “The Power of Positive Thinking”. He said that one should not consider himself as good as Atlas that carries the entire weight of this Earth on his shoulders.

Norman Vincent Peale did not say one should avoid doing his routine work but he only meant that do not get yourself burnt out and the important of all come out of the mentality that you are the most important person on this planet or nothing will move without your contribution.  Do everything within your ‘comfort level’ all will be well in the end.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/bless-you-heart-human-group-2070882/

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Brands or value- What do you want?
April 27, 2017

I was on a forum site that asked me to post a question. I simply posted the one which was in my mind for long time. I just wanted to know whether my friends liked the brand names or the same stuff at lower rates minus the brand name. The responses I got were huge but most of them thought and said that brands were a better choice since it gave them feeling of superiority and the branded material lasted long.

Okay so I agree with them to the point that brands give them feeling of superiority. But perhaps they missed the words “same stuff at lower price”. You see that makes all the difference isn’t it? You know, I hear, see and read a lot about ‘Brands’. In fact, I just finished watching a promotional displaying the “vest”, a big brand of course but these vests were so common and looked the same as any ordinary or premium brand in that price range.

I was once watching an advert of a famous brand of “shorts”. Please excuse me if my point gives you reason to laugh but you might as well be naked in them. As far I am concerned I am not looking for brands but good stuff. I never buy brand names or anything purely based on brand but I buy things especially clothes and shoes for particular features that I need. For me brands are fine but I want value for my money first.

I believe that I have my own thinking power to decide about my needs and not what a sales person choose for me. I consider branded clothing and accessories are no better than other regular lesser known varieties available at almost at fifty percent or even lesser price compared to “branded” ones. By the way I don’t think people are checking your clothes and accessories for the price tags they carry or do you think so!

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/acoustic-guitar-advertising-artist-1840381/

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Losing and wining: part of our life
April 27, 2017

I have faced so many problems during my long career and finally reached to the conclusion that every moment of life good or bad has its own importance. Every experience of life teaches us a new lesson that finishes the difference in between win and loss. But let me add it here that it applies to the people who put their best step forward. They learn something good from their worst experience.

They say there is a cutthroat competition to stay in the race but I have a firm belief in the famous saying, one should feel proud he participated in the race with all his might and not that he won it or not. There is an important message hidden in the saying which says that if you have done your work properly it makes no difference whether you reached to the top or not. Perhaps the one who won the race did it better than you did. Don’t you think there could be just one winner when you participate in a race?

Once we understand the value of winning and losing we have every reason to enjoy our win but if we lose the race we should consider it as an opportunity to analyze the reasons of our loss. We should understand the fact that both are important factors of life therefore need be tackled on equal terms.

However, it’s easier said than done but the fact is problems are the best teacher s and we learn to face problems when in odd situation. It’s easy to keep ourselves under control during good times but when we find us in trouble it’s not easy to keep a proper control but if we look at the problem with right point of view we shall find that hard moments of life are the right time to self analyze and make things right.

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We should have alternative energy sources
April 27, 2017

Almost every country of the entire world is in search of finding ways to generate as much electricity as it can adapt all the possible methods even if some of them are obviously harmful for the future of mankind. And despite of all these efforts to increase the generation it is not enough to meet the requirement but it still falls well short of actual demand.

Obviously the demand of electricity will increase with the growing global population touching almost 8 billion. However, the fact is that any amount of increased production of power will reach to the population getting richer by the day and not to the people who are in actual need in poor countries.

There is no doubt about the fact that hundreds of millions people will earn better than what they are earning today with multiple programs working in these directions so they will be in a position to have a better reach to the use of electricity as well. That will further increase the consumption of power hence the need of more generation.

Now, let’s give a look at the power generation options which are mainly limited to oil/gas or coal. Therefore, if we have to reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere the most talked and discussed topic in recent time then the time has come we should look at alternative sources of energy without any delay. Although, the nations are working in this direction but the fact there is lot that has yet to be done.

When we talk about alternative of gas/oil and coal then what else we have atomic energy, wind or solar? The problem with all the alternatives energy sources like wind and solar is the cost factor. Solar power could be one of the best alternatives for most countries in Asia and Africa but the production cost is the deterring factor which is almost 2-3 times more than conventional power production.

However, there is no alternative but to go for costly alternatives of energy sources to save this world.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/sunset-afterglow-landscape-208771/

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I am afraid Facebook is fading out
April 27, 2017

I maybe wrong but what I feel is that Facebook is going down the hill, after all who wants to be there for nothing while the owners are earning billions. I don’t see most of my friends posting as there were doing last year or in previous years. I have 400 members in my list of friends/followers also my account is open for everyone but I do not see may posts like I used to see in the past.

I hope Facebook is not going the same way where my favorite Orkut went. When I say my favorite Orkut I don’t mean I was too active on that site but I loved that site for online chess playing purpose where I met several good chess players and learned several new moves and tricks of the game.

Let me come back to Facebook, I never was a fan of any social networking site but I used them in my personal interest as link sharing sites. However, I used Facebook as photo sharing site of a single but my lost loved person. I visited all my friends that share their family photographs on Facebook.

I think even Facebook management knows the fact that there is a considerable decrease in number of personal posts as lesser people are sharing their personal life related information, lesser photos and videos but people are sharing mostly commercial posts. I am no more surprised watching members sharing their favorite brand updates instead of personal information.

Some of my friends are taking full advantage of using Facebook for promoting their personal business or selling different items. However, I am limited to whatever promotional work I do through closed group pages only.  I had posted a few personal videos but I did not like the way Facebook handles that feature. If my calculation is anywhere near the fact and the rate people have slowed down their activities the site is in for major jolt within 2 years from now.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/facebook-social-media-internet-2171590/

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