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Online Business: Lessons To Learn

What is online business

Online business or e-bueiness is any kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing of information across the internet. 


This definition by Google is very comprehensive and covers all activities done in the name of online business. Often online business has its own challenges which every newbie in the business has to acquaint with.

There seems to be many sites promising heaven here on Earth. They promise ‘get rich quickly’ scheme with doing exactly nothing. We must all know what comes easy also goes away easy. If the deal seems to be so good then think twice. Online business is not a bed of roses. It is struggle to survive. One needs invest prudently, be very intuitive and cash on profits at the right time.

Online business is a vast venture which entails doing different activities to earn. One has to learn the tricks of every department seriously.

There is content writing where SEO features prominently. SEO or Search Engine Optimization are set rules to ensure your content features in SERPS thus attracting traffic to your blog or website. One has to learn all the tricks pertaining to this business.

There arises mining and trading in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin features prominently though there are other altcoins. One has to learn how to mine and trade at an opportune time. These digital currencies normally rise and fall due to demand and supply. Just like the weather changes, one has to learn signs of falling and rising in order to cash in at the right time.

Surveys, CPA, influencer sites are also available and are part and parcel of online business. One has to learn their tricks too.

Forex investments and trade are not to be left behind when we discuss e-business. They form an intergral part of the whole system. There are many others not discussed here. This does not mean they do not exist but are there too.

Challenges of online business

1. Beware of scammers

They will fleece you of the last cent you have.

2. Information and document seekers

They need your personal details and those of your friends. They will use them to their gain and believe you me, you will never earn from them.

3. Peanut payers

They are legit but what they pay is too small. You will spend your valuable time to earn peanuts.

4. Losing money through exchanges

Some exchanges will charge high fees to transact for you and thus losing money. Sometimes your hard earned money will be lost enroute.

5. Some sites come and go

Very many sites come online and go in the same way. Beware of them.

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Who Is Superior Between Men And Women?
Who Is Superior Between Men And Women?

What a question? How does the case of superiority arise here? That is the idea that is probably springing into your mind. I know you have the answer too. Most men will say that men are superior. They will have their reasons too. Some women will agree with the men and they will justify their case too. There are other women who will vote for women being superior. This is a question that we want to discuss here.

Men Being Superior
Those men and women who believe and read the bible will say that men are superior. Their argument will be based on the reason that God made men first. They will argue that God is a man because He made the first man in his image and likeness. So men are superior because they are like God. Women, they will argue was made as an afterthought and so she is inferior to men.

I have no problem with the creation story though I might not agree with this theory. Does it mean that if you create a thing first that it becomes superior to the latter? Is it not that the latter may be perfected to be even more superior to the former. If we go to the garden of Aden, we see the lady taking the first step in disobeying God. If she was inferior, would she have convinced the first man to disobey God?

Women Being Superior
Women happen to be the mother of the universe. It seems that all were because the woman wanted them to be. It is the woman who takes care of all the world. She overworks herself for her family. It is the woman who has the final say in family matters. How can you call this creature inferior? The home belongs to women.

Final Submissions
Will a leg tell the hand that since it is the one that walks then it is superior to it? Oh, no! All are members of the same body with different functions. It is the same with the family. Each member has to work towards a common goal, a happy and prosperous family.

None is therefore superior here. None either, is equal to the other. Each should play his or her part and respect the other.

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Benefits Of Pumpkin
pumpkins-Benefits Of Pumpkin

What Are The Benefits Of Pumpkin?

Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable? That is maybe one of the disturbing questions when we talk of the pumpkin.


The main reason of the above question is that a pumpkin fruit is often used as a vegetable. The leaves too make very delicious vegetables. So many people know it as a vegetable.


The Pumpkin In Halloween Celebrations

The yellow pumpkin is normally very marketable during Halloween celebrations. They are decorated with eyes, mouth, ears and nose to adorn this fearful celebration. Together with fancy dressings, Halloween is one of the most enjoyed celebrations. After the celebrations, the pumpkins are usually a waste. We should learn other methods of using the pumpkin.


The pumpkin as A Body Mask

Pumpkin can be ground into a very fine liquid called puree. The puree can be mixed with aloe Vera, small amount of yoghurt and other ingredients to make a body mask. The body mask is known to cure acne and other skin ailments. The final product is to make your face smooth.


You need to apply the body mask and wash it after 15 minutes. You will soon discover the beauty that comes from pumpkin.


The pumpkin in making cakes and pies

Pumpkin puree can also make very good cakes and pies that can be enjoyed in the family. Once you know how to make these nice edibles, you will realize that a pumpkin is very precious and should not be used in Halloween celebrations only.


Pumpkin Seeds As A Snack

Pumpkin seeds make a very good snack. Once fried, the seeds can be eaten as a snack. The seeds contain zinc which can cure diseases of the urinary tracts like the prostate glands one.


There are many other benefits related to pumpkin that our readers should know. Pumpkin contains very many vital vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.


When is the last time you treated your family to pumpkin meal? Do you consider it in your diet?

featured image/ antranias/pixabay


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Are You A Newbie?
baby-Are You A Newbie

Are You A Newbie?

Who is a newbie in the real sense of the word? I came across this word in Bubblews, a site that went over.


When you were called a newbie it meant that you were new. It also meant that you do not really know how to go about in the site. You needed somebody to tell you how.


My assumption then is that a newbie is a new person. It is the opposite of oldie. New does not mean that you have been born anew. No! It means you are a beginner.’ Bie’ must be a coining of ‘by’. The word means by way of. The word is used like in passerby means a person who is passing. Newbie also is not permanent. It may be the name which should pass or the person.


It beats me how long we should call a person a newbie. What will qualify him to be an oldie! Is it his work or his staying for long? Maybe we should judge him by how good he is in maneuvering his way around a site, company or any other.


How long should it take for a visitor to be a host? This is quite a challenging question. You may say that a visitor will always be a visitor and likewise a host. You are probably right. What if a visitor overstays the visit? He is no longer a visitor but a host.


The visitor who overstays his visit will know all his ways round your home. He will assist in the normal activities of the home. He may know where all the property of the home is kept.


The same applies to a newbie. He is no longer a newbie if he knows his way around the site or company. E can explain the site or company better than its owners. That is an oldie now.




 featured image by nickannamari0/pixabay

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Do You Choose What To Eat?
wine-Do You Choose What To Eat?

A Colorful Table

The table hajs been neatly arranged with all the delicacies that your best chef only knows how. There is Meat of all colors, red meat,white meat and others. The table is laid with all the appetite arousing colors. There are flowers and candle light burning that one may think you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or birthday. No, it is just a normal meal.

Are you choosy what you eat?

Do you just fall on the food and eat gluttoneously over any type of food or you watch what you eat? Do not tell me that you have not been refused any food by the doctor. Are you waiting for the doctor to tell you to mind what you eat. You must choose as you are the solo doctor of your body.

Are you aware of these?

Your body needs no meat in your diet. If it is a must that you eat meat, then opt for white meat like fish, chicken, rabbit e.t.c.
Eat plenty of vegetables. Vegetables are known to have most of the essential minerals and vitamins that your body badly needs.Some vegetables like stinging nettles or urtica are known to have curative and preventive qualities to diseases.

Take plenty of fruits daily. I know your mind has gone to bananas and fruits such as coconuts. Yes, they are fine fruits. What I meant was that you eat more than five types of fruits daily. They must be fruits that you eat both the peels, succulent flesh and seeds.
Always be wary of the oils used to prepare the meals. Solid fats contain too much cholesterol and solidify quickly Making them not good enough.
Sugar intake should also be controlled. The body Needs only One Spoonful of sugar a day. Too much of it is poisonous. If You were to Take soda then Take club soda Otherwise the Other sodas have too much sugar.
Take plenty of water. Twelve glasses are needed by the body daily. Water assists in digestion, food Swallowing  and excretion. Most of the body Is water. Blood And  milk  is One Hundred percent water.

Do you do exercise?

This is another Vital part of Dating. Exercise is very necessary. It assists to burn down the food eaten. Exercise opens the pores as it rids the body of excess water, urea and salts.


We have had diseases and most of them are food related. There are deficiency diseases caused by lack of certain food nutrients and those caused by taking certain food nutrients in the excess.Our eating habits are wanting. Take precaution before food kills you.

Featured image from pixabay free images

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The Problem Of The Opening Sentence
contract-The Problem Of The Opening SentenceImage credit pixabay.com

You have the topic for your post ready. All the subtopics you will use in the post are already on the Draft. The keywords you will use in your post have already been charted out.  Now you want to begin writing your article.  How do you get the opening sentence?


An opening seems to be the introduction of you, the writer and what you want to write. It May be catchy and attract readers to your article. Or it may be boring and Draw readers away from your post. Is your start sentence a magnet that attracts or a stench that repels?


How are the choice of words? How do they marry together? The words must be right. Here is one opening sentence that I read some years back in a James Hardley Chase book.

He found himself staring into the muzzle of a .45 automatic riffe.

Here you are gripped to know very many things. You want to know who the man staring into the gun is and what he had done wrong. You want to know the gunman and what he is up to. You want to know what will happen next. You will be forced to read on.


It is a big mistake to have a great opening and disappoint the reader on the way. You must keep the flag flowing to avoid premature exit of interest in your article.


Good opening sentences are like courting words, they should be sweet.


I have always looked for good opening sentences. Am sorry that I have not got them. Have you?



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Which Books Did You Read As A Young Person?
reading-Which Books Did You Read As A Young Person_kindlefeatured image by janeb13/pixabay

 Which Books Did You Read As A Young Person?

Reading makes a writer and most writers are good readers. You are writers because of those amazing books that you read. Good books nurture language and make good scholars. Did you come across these books?


Treasure Island

A group sets out to go to Treasure Island to look for hidden treasure. Among the group is a small boy by the name of Jim Hawkins. During this dangerous and adventurous journey, the boy comes face to face with pirates. There is one with one limb as the other was cut off.


The story is very enjoyable and I cannot recall all that I read in this book. Was the treasure found? Yes, but it brought war and many deaths. This is one of the books which sharpened me and prepared me for the task which was ahead.


Tom Thumb

This was another of the books that I read as a child. It talks of a boy who was as tiny as a thumb that his parents named him Tom Thumb. As much as they tried to feed him well, he remained as tiny as a thumb. The boy was however, very clever.


One day his father, who was a woodcutter, fell sick. The boy offered to fetch firewood for the dad. He was put in a donkey’s ear where the boy commanded it where to go. Curious men had to follow the taking donkey and were the ones who assisted the boy to pack firewood on the donkey. They put him back into the ear and he ordered it on.

  image by janeb13/pixabay        stack-of-books-1176150__340


The men however, had other ideas. They wanted to buy the boy to use him in acting. What a proposal!


Did they buy the boy? Yes they did. Yet adventure after adventure befell the boy as he tried to escape from the men. He was swallowed by a cow. It was slaughtered and the intestines plus the boy inside thrown away. It was swallowed by a hyena. It took the boy in its bowels home.


Quite interesting indeed! I loved to read and re-read it.


Oliver Twist

This is a boy who was in a home whereby they were served with very little food. Asking for more was unheard of. Yet Oliver Twist asked for more which brought him into great problems. I read the book but do not really know how the story ended. You may know it and feel like completing it for us.


These books and stories were very good. Are they still in the market? I would like to read them again. I wonder who the authors of those books were!

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5 Wonderful Reasons Why You Write Online
blog-5 Wonderful Reasons Why You Write Onlineimage by geralt/pixabay


5 Wonderful Reasons Why You Write Online

Online writers are a great community. They are very good in creating content. They love their work.


Why do they enjoy writing online? There are many reasons which make online writers be online writers and nothing else. We outline here some of them.


1.  Online Writing Makes Them Sharp Witted

All online writers have very sharp wits. They can create a very long story out of nothing. They smell and sense a nice article even on their writing table. These writers are also sharp with their cameras. They do not know when they will come over a nice picture.


2.    Online Writers Are Very Good Researchers

This is wonderful. They are conversant with any topic that comes their way. Tell them to write about ‘ants’ and you will be amazed by the nice articles that will come out of this. They do research on all subjects.


3.  Online Writers Have Acquired The Skill Of Patience

Since they began writing online, these people have become very patient and do not give up hope. They believe in good things to come. They are not in any hurry to quit. They move on with life. Those are online writers; very patient and do not give up easily.


4.  Online Writers Have Bonded Together

The online writers have created so many friends among themselves and keep on adding new ones. When they get any new site, they are quick to move in as a family. They enjoy the togetherness. The bond that binds them is what keeps them afloat.


5.  Online Writers Are Making Good Names

It happens that everybody needs a name. This is always natural with online writers. We know who can write good receipts. We are aware of those with nice tips. There are those who know all vegetables and fruit. There are those who know the inside out of computer gadgets and other machinery. Due to the expertise, it is easy to refer somebody.


Are you an online writer?

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How Was Measles Managed In The 60’s?
blood-How Was Measles Managed In The 60’s

How Was Measles Managed In The 60’s?

Measles used to be and is still one of the killer diseases in the world. It used to be feared so much that it got the nickname of ‘the school disease’. Once it attacked one child in a family, it easily moved to another. It used to claim many lives.


Measles was more deadly than HIV/AIDS. By then diseases like Ebola and Hepatitis B were not known. Diseases of the likes of High pretension and Diabetes were little known.


The control of measles was a very big threat to society. Doctors by then were still working on immunization of the disease. Vaccines had not been discovered. That is what was happening in the 60’s. That was a pathetic situation in the making.


              image credit/yolanda/pixabaysouth-africa-163062_960_720

The management of the disease in the village was worse. In my village for instance, A twig was planted in all the paths that led to the homestead that had a measles patient. This was to deter anybody to move into and out of the homestead. Going to the shops and the river was a problem to the members of the family.


The village headmen insured that the rules were obeyed. In such all family members who had not been sick with measles caught the disease. It is known that measles does not attack twice. In case somebody died in the family, it was the duty of the family members to bury him. Other members of the village never assisted in the burial.


Treatment of measles was always done traditionally. Cannabis sativa leaves boiled in water and used to wash the sick was the treatment used. There were other herbs too but their effectiveness was minimal.


Many died of this disease. Though vaccines have been discovered and the disease is almost managed, reports from WHO indicates that the war is not yet over.


How was measles managed in your area? Was it a problem in the 60’s?

 Featured image/pixabay/publicdomainimages

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No, Mommy, no! It is Painful

No, Mommy, no! It is Painful

Bliss is all I feel

Tis so good to be real

Bliss that surpasses all

It is so nice and so full

How nice it is to the full


No feeling remorseful

Mommy I love this bliss so wonderful!

Tis so good to be real!



I swim and dance and grow

This ocean is so nice to row

Nice with no war

So nice in it to flow

There is no love like such in a row

I feel blessed

I feel loved

Let me so big and wonderful grow

Tis too good to be real!



work-66680_960_720pixabay images by LoboStudioHamburg

Mommy, no, mommy

What is this thing so prickly?

It pierces so deep without mercy

No mommy, no, I am bleeding profusely

My blood with the ocean mix thoroughly

What is this thing?

What is his pain?

Why this sudden interruption?

Why stop this bliss so peaceful?



Mommy, no, mommy!

Stop this madness

Stop this messy mess

Save my dear sole so defenseless

Am sinking from my bliss

My days are cut into pieces

Am out from the bliss

Into the pain filled mess

Oh mommy, no

Stop this madness.




Down I fell to the ground

I was not dead but sound

Yet mommy is nowhere around

Come back mommy

Do not leave me here

I still need your love

I still need your care

Though am badly wounded

Am still your child

My heart beats and pound

Yet in sight there’s no sound

Save me mommy



I have no life

There is in me much grief

My life has been stolen by a thief

Who threw me down a cliff

And left me

Threw me away

To die

To rot

In this garbage



Why me?

Why me to suffer such?

Was I not like other children?

No, mommy, no, tis painful

featured image credit/pixabay/unsplash

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