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It’s undeniable that aside from one’s full time job, sometimes one desires to find a venue to earn some extra cash. The important aspect that most people consider is that, this “sideline job” needs not to be stressful while being innovative, fun, doable, easy and has a high potential for gains. But where can one find such?

People around the world are finally recognizing a new trend and now engaging themselves in PTC sites (Get Paid to click websites.) In fact, the number of people engaging on PTC sites for extra earnings has enormously increased throughout the years.  One caveat however is that, not everyone seems to earn as much as they expected to as some of these websites turned out to be scams.

It is imperative therefore to check for the PTC site’s credibility – one that has catered to thousands of users and able to pay them according to how much they earn based on their performance.

Among these PTC sites, one of the leading and trusted sites I can readily recommend is ClixSense. The site is very user-friendly and there’s about a handful of ways one can earn and maximize the income potential and the good thing about it, it is absolutely free. One does not need to pay anything to start earning. Here’s how one can earn from ClixSense:

  • Clicking ads – By clicking on ads shown in ClixSense, one can earn about $0.001 up to $0.02 per add clicked.
  • Earn more when you refer people to the site to join
  • The heart of ClixSense and one of the major ways to earn is completing easy offers, surveys and tasks. Depending on the duration and type of surveys one can earn as much as $4.00 per survey completed. Some surveys are quick to complete between 3-5 minutes while some may last for about half an hour, though the rewards can be relatively higher the longer the survey is.
  • Earn bonus by installing ClixSense Toolbar. Get notified when new survey arrives and earn additional 2% bonus from your daily earnings for running the toolbar at least 60 minutes per day.
  • Complete daily checklist bonus (get 12% more from your earnings for the day) by completing at least: 2 surveys or 2 offers or a combination of both or performing 10 tasks or completing 5 tasks paired with either 1 completed survey or offer.
  • Get an additional 2% bonus from your daily earning when you log-in for the day. To unlock this feature, one has to log-in for at least 3 days.

Join ClixSense now by following the link here: https://www.clixsense.com/?13159446



There are lots of ways too to withdraw earnings too:

  • Payooneer: With Payoneer you can withdraw funds to your local bank or at ATMs worldwide. The Payoneer Prepaid card enables you to easily withdraw or spend funds, from anywhere in the world.

Fee: $2.00

  • Skrill: Skrill allows you to send and receive money by email, withdraw funds to your local bank account and make payments online. Make ATM withdrawals and spend with the Skrill Prepaid card.


Fee: 1%

  • Tango Card: Convert your earnings with zero fees into digital gift cards from top brands like Amazon, Wallmart and iTunes®, or Prepaid MasterCard® and Visa® debit cards.


Fee: Free

Some Caveats:

  • Sometimes, you may not meet the qualifications for a certain survey. But no worries, you can always choose a different one. The important thing is, you can do this on your free time so you don’t have to stress yourself on it.
  • Some surveys may take time to complete
  • While the credits are given instantly, some surveys marked with red flags can take up to 30 days to credit. But there’s just a few of them.

Update: the feature to earn by clicking ads has been removed.


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Supply of Nurses in the Philippines versus Global Demand
June 10, 2018


It’s undeniable that there will always be a high demand for nurses around the globe. In fact, almost everywhere, nurses are needed may it be in hospitals, communities, even in the battlefields. The aging population at the same time, most notably in the US and most European countries have contributed to this high demand. But why is the Philippines, in spite being one of the leading producer of nurses in the global market unable to cover these demands?

In the Philippines, there’s an overwhelming number of nurses so much so that most of them have decided to work instead in other industries like call centers because of either lack of vacancies in hospitals or unattractive compensation. Thousands and thousands of nurses are currently unemployed or underemployed in the Philippines that there’s almost no room for additional nursing graduates in terms of opportunities in the nursing field in the country.

The demand for nurses in the US in the years 2004-2006 prior to its recession is what actually kickstarted people in the Philippines to study nursing. When the recession happened, other’s considered UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Canada, Ireland and a lot more. Today, the US a few years later after the recession, has once again opened its door for nurses,

But despite all these opportunities, why are nurses still flocking in the Philippines? Here are my thoughts as to why some countries like UK, Ireland and the US are hard to penetrate for nurses with English as their second language and why despite the overwhelming opportunities in the Middle East, only a few nurses are willing to venture there.

The answer can be attributed to the following reasons:

1.) First and main reason is the English Language Proficiency. Although English is no second nature to Filipinos, a lot are still failing the IELTS exam. To be a nurse in UK for example, one has to have a score of 7.0 in reading, listening, writing and speaking and an overall 7.0 score. While, some are able to achieve an average of 7.5, a score of less than 7.0 in any of the four categories mentioned above is still a failure.

2.) Another reason can be attributed to associated fees. Aside from placement fees, some countries like Saudi Arabia get their nurses through partner agencies in the Philippines. In my experience as a nurse and being friends with a lot of people engaged in the same field, I have come to know that some agencies collect money from applicants for a period of two years at least. Thinking about the future fees and amount of money one needs to collect can be discouraging. Although, depending on one’s agency, one can actually find a way around these fees or at least put them to a minimum.

3.) High qualification needed. These countries at times, look for specific applicants meeting an established qualifications. An example would be ICU nurses who’ve become experts in intensive cases over time. Part of the requirements sometimes is that, applicants must have rendered at least 2 years continuous nursing experience which can put up a great challenge as hospitals in the Philippines are so filled with nurses despite unattractive compensation with everyone trying to get experience to the point that most job seeking nurses in the Philippines had to pay in the past, before they can even be admitted to hospitals as volunteers hoping they’ll be regularized one day.

4.) Low compensation in the Middle East for nurses. My sister once worked in Saudi Arabia in a private hospital and had managed to earn about Php 20,000.00 or about 330 Euros a month as net income. While she didn’t pay rent, this amount is nonetheless not so enticing considering that there are better opportunities out there for nurses. If one gets lucky though to be able to work in a government hospital in Saudi Arabia or any other Arab countries, the stay there can actually be worth it.

These are just among hundreds of reasons why despite the demand, it can never be easy for Filipino nurses to set foot in other countries. Maybe when adjustments to IELTS score will be made in the future, or when the Middle East can provide better compensation for nurses, then the demands can finally be met decongesting at the same time the nurses in Philippines, thereby helping reduce underemployment and unemployment rate.

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