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Price Match While Online Shopping!
May 14, 2017

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This afternoon, I went online shopping at Walmart.com for free store pick up because it is Mother’s Day weekend – I figured it would be crowded so why not shop conveniently at home in my pajamas and go pick up my items in stores later. Plus, shopping via eBates, I earned 1% cash back on my entire purchase which isn’t a lot but adds up to my quarterly checks from eBates! However, I should have shopped via Swagbucks for 4% back.

What is great on Walmart.com is that you can price match while shopping online and receive a price adjustment after ordering. I never knew that was possible until today. One of the items I was purchasing (as pictured) an oral care professional home care kit that retails for $5.97, is priced on sale at K-Mart for only $2.37. That is a $3.60 difference, so I decided to see if I could do a price match on the website and yes you can! All you do is request to chat with an online Walmart rep, I sent them the link from K-Mart displaying the same exact product for only $2.37. The chat representative agreed that it was a competitor match and told me to place my order when I am ready. I also purchased other items and then I provided the online chat representative my order number. Then, I was immediately sent an email issuing the price difference! It was so easy and I automatically saved some money, receive cash back for shopping all from the comfort of my own home!

A few hours, my order was ready for pick up – my fiancé and I went to go pick up our order which was fast. There was only two customers ahead and then we were off to run other errands too nearby.

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Saving Money: Price Comparison Pays Off!

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If you take the extra minute or two, to compare prices online – you could save yourself some money. For instances this afternoon – my fiancé and I needed to purchase printer ink for our printer since we are running low on black ink.

First, I had to research our printer online to see what kind of ink we needed to purchase. You do not want to get to the store and not know what printer you have or what ink you need (that would be a waste of time). Then, I compared the ink prices online. The stores nearby such as: Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Best Buy were selling for $16.99. The store I plan on purchasing from is selling the ink for $17.99, however online at Amazon, it is only $13.50! That is a $4.49 price difference and what is great is that the store I’m going to (Staples) has a 100% price match guarantee policy where they will be happy to price match competitors plus an additional 10% price difference, so that is an additional $0.45 cents, total savings $4.94!

Some other reasons why I go to Staples:

  • I am a free rewards member and get a percentage back on all my purchases I spend there.
  • Since I purchase ink frequently, I can recycle empty ink cartridges and get $2 back per each one, max of 10 per month which I do not have that much but it is better than nothing and also recycling.
  • Staples has good on-going sales and clearance. Last month I scored an incredible deal on napkins and tissues!
  • Plus Staples is conveniently located near places I frequently shop at.
  • Lastly, you can price match with competitors and also get a 10% price difference off, so thats essentially 110% price match guaranteed savings is what they have on their deduction on the receipt.
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Review: My Favorite Nail Polish Remover
May 7, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.15.58 AM

When I do paint my nails which is very rare because I resort to press on nails, I would hate removing my nail polish. I hate strong scents and harsh chemicals against my skin, nose but this is my favorite nail polish remover by Pure Body Naturals and once you try this – you will love it too! I was at first skeptical this would work, but it is amazing! This bottle is made of glass and is only 4 ounces for $14 on Amazon. However, a little product goes a long way! I have had this for over a year and it still works great and not dried up! This nail remover also comes with a glass dropper but I do not use a dropper at all. It is optional to use perhaps for sanitary purposes? I have no clue. I just use a cotton ball to soak the solution and dab my nails to remove the nail polish.

When you think of nail polish remover, you think of the heavy strong odor and harsh chemicals, however this nail polish remover does not smell like anything! There are no strong odors and actually is very pleasant to remove your nails naturally. There are no harsh chemicals, no: acetone, acetate, ethyl lactate and is non-flammable where regular nail polish removers have all those chemicals. The nail polisher remover is made with plant based and toxin free ingredients so that is nice and eco friendly. Not only does this nail polish remover, remove nail polish but it is also hydrates the nails and your cuticles to provide strength back to your nails.

If you are looking for a good nail polish remover, I would highly recommend this brand. A little side note on the listing is that this does not remove UV Gel nails but all other nail products works.


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Disable DATA When Using Wi-Fi Internet

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 6.03.49 PM

If you have unlimited data for your cellular phone device then you do not have to worry about having your data being on or off. However, if you are someone like my family and I, we have a cap each month for data which is 10 GB shared among four people then it is important to keep track of data, so we do not go over. If we do go over which we never have (thankfully) it would be a hefty charge! But, once I almost went over but luckily I caught the reason!

I remind everyone on our family plan (which consist of: my parents, fiancé and I) if they are using wi-fi at home or free data anywhere like: at a friends/family members then to turn off cellular data! The reason being is once I was using wi fi data, when you are using wi-fi it automatically switches over from data to wi-fi, but the wi-fi was experiencing problems so really I was at home still but using the data plan. After watching YouTube for about thirty minutes, I noticed I was on LTE (data) instead of free home wi-fi because my house was experiencing internet was having some sort of problem! So now if I am switched off of data and at home – knowing the internet should work and if it does not then that means my home or the place I am using free wi-fi is having problems! That way you will never have any accidents and save money!

Plus it is very easy to enable and disable the  data internet on our iPhones. You just go to setting > cellular > and toggle the on, off for the cellular data!

I am sure the phone companies love it when people go over on their data, text messages, or minutes. Luckily – we are not concerned about text messages and minutes because we have unlimited there.

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Selling in Person – How to Be Safe?

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 11.47.26 PM

I honestly prefer not to sell items in person because:

  • Some people just want to waste your time and are flakers.
  • Chances are some people will still negotiate the price even after a price is agreed upon prior to meeting up. But since you already wasted time, meeting up, you will accept their price anyway.
  • They have your personal information (phone number) and I do not like giving my number to a lot of people because it is a number I have had for a long time. I do not like getting random calls. And, I do not like to be seen in public selling things? Not that my items have anything wrong, I just prefer to not communicate in person especially the crime rates on the news, it is just safer not to deal with in person sales.
  • Selling in person you are targeting just locally, whereas posting on the internet – you have a bigger audience to sell to.

Ultimately, selling in person is not for me however in the past from clothes, electronics to cars and recently I have sold in person for electronics. The reason why I prefer to sell electronics in person because online, I could possibly get scammed. I have sold online for electronics and thankfully came across honest people but the site I no longer like to sell on (Mercari) is not trustworthy of their customer service so I listed online locally.

In the past: I would list my phone number on the ad especially for bigger ticket items like a car however I do not directly put my number. For instance: (888) 888-8888 is my number right? I would put ( 8 8 8 ) 888 – 888 eight and spell out some of the numbers, or add spaces that way you know real people are reading your ad and not scam people who just copy numbers and send fake text messages.

Now: I do not list my phone numbers and communicate via e-mail. I would select a spot that is safe during well lit hours (never after 7pm) and I always go with my fiancé. I would not recommend going alone unless it is at a safe public space and still bright out.

However, I do not have any plans to sell in person anytime soon.

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People should take Fire Alarm & Drills Seriously
May 5, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 8.53.35 PM

If there is a fire alarm going off, regardless if it is a fire drill or not, I think people should really take them seriously. For me, if I hear an alarm, I would look around and try to see if there is danger and be open minded.

However, back in the day to be honest – from elementary school throughout high school – fire alarm and fire drills are not taken seriously compared to now a days. I guess because now there are school shootings, threats, lockdowns therefore I hope the drills are taken more seriously in an event there is something going on that everyone knows what to do. When I was school, when we had these types of drills, it was more of let’s get out of class pass, or hopefully the drill will go off in a class we do not like, for me it was PE.

When we had fire drills at my previous employer, since we are being paid on the clock – why not perform the fire drill properly right? There were some who did not even want to leave which made absolutely no sense. You are being paid to take part in the fire drill by going outside. That is automatically 30 minutes of free time and getting paid, so why not do it? I have no clue why some did not care for it. Anyway, it is for our safety also and we were being tested on how fast the entire building could evacuate.

This topic caught my attention today again because this afternoon, I went to the postal service and they were having a fire drill, obviously fake but I had no idea what the point was to have the drill go off during busy hours with lots of customers. The drill was awfully loud and non-stop, it hurt my ear drum. The employees had tell people not to leave as it is a drill only. If it is a drill only, why not perform the drill or test the alarms after hours? Or instead, allow the employees to take part in the drill, maybe even drag customers in just encase and for their time maybe a sheet of stamps for their time! In the end, I was not happy to stand in loud beeping drill while waiting in line – I had to cover my ears and I was also not happy to see the employees not take part in the drill.

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Purchase of the Day: Mother’s Day Card

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 2.28.33 PM

Mother’s Day is two Sunday’s away! I was at Walmart and browsed the Mother’s Day card section and the selection was quite low. It is either many people are purchasing their cards earlier or, the store has not restocked yet. Either way, I usually purchase my cards from Dollar Tree because they are just as nice and at a much cheaper price! Plus it is the thought that counts in the message, not the card itself unless the card is handmade.

We walked next door and there was a large selection of Mother’s Day cards – fully restocked. So, I spent some time browsing them and I came across two perfect cards for our mothers and it says from the both of us which works out perfectly! The cards above on the left suits my mother best because she loves tea! And the card is also textured not just a flat card so that adds value to the card and you will not guess how much the cards cost! The one on the right will be for my fiancés mother, and the orchards have glitter to them so it is a nice touch to the cards.

Now price for the 2 cards were just a buck, yes $1!!!! That makes it .50 cents each. I bought these at the Dollar Tree, if you have the .99 cents store they should have card deals too! The cards I purchased regularly retailed $2.25 each – that is the price on the back of the card! Now we have the card down, we will get to the gifts soon. For my mom, she actually got her gift already which is a new phone upgrade.

Other items I purchase at the Dollar Tree that make it a good deal is: balloons, table clothes, gift bags, glass jars, books, and cute seasonal knick knacks.


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What Works For Me on Literacy Base!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.58.01 PM

I actually joined Literacy Base awhile ago from a myLot member who recommended me this site. However, I was debating whether to try a new site or not because at that time – I was content with the sites I have been working with and I am still content. A few months pass by and I see a lot of news about Literacy Base and trustworthy myLot members being paid, so I decided to start writing and blogging. I am pleased to say, I have cashed out my first payment and received it earlier this month. It was not much but $13 bucks is better than nothing! I just redeemed again for next month just the minimum of $10 bucks.

There are lots of improvements I would like to see with this website, as there can be a lot of potential but I have no idea where the admin or support is though. I know a couple who have not been paid and looks like some are being banned too? I do not know how that works but hopefully everything works out for everyone! I guess what made me unattractive to the site is the minimum characters per each blog, it is hard to see whether if someone comments or responds to comments/notifications and lack of support or announcements made. It does not seem like many people interact much just an independent duty.

For me, I just write what comes to mind – usually looking at my pictures I have loaded on my computer inspires me to write about something. Or, to write product reviews (those are my favorite)! If I write about topics I can relate to, it is much easier to write. Another thing is I write down all my titles in a spreadsheet saved on my laptop so I can keep track of what I have written about. Some people save their blog posts, but I do not.

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How to Save Money on Apple Products

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 9.56.51 PM

If you asked me over a decade ago if I would pay money for an Apple product? I will clearly say no! In fact, I would think you are crazy for buying an overpriced Apple product. But now, once I switched over to Apple about 7 years ago – I will never go back with any brands. Why? I have never had any problem with any of my Apple products from my laptop, computer, phone, tablet and if I do, it is something that could be fixable by Apple and complimentary! I used to go through computers and laptop like nothing because they would overheat on me, or there is never enough storage – it would get frustrating!

The downside about Apple is that it is expensive and hardly goes on sale. And like all technology – new ones keep coming out one after another! Right when you get used to your device, a new one is on the market! Apple hardly goes on sale but if you ever want Apple products for a discount, you can save usually $100 bucks if you qualify for the Apple College Discount on select devices – where you have to present your college ID. You will get an instant money back on selected devices/items. If you do not have any college ID or a friend who can show their college ID, then another method to save money is to purchase Apple products on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving! Or lastly, when the model is over and a new model is coming out – chances are there is some sort of sale, promotion. You could also buy from authorized retailers!

At my last employer, they had a subsidy where if you purchase any qualifying products, devices – you get an amount back to your check so you could check if that is an option from your employer!

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Coupons can save you money!
April 30, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 7.13.34 PMIf you are a Sears or K-Mart member you may be familiar with ShopYourWay website where you essentially earn points back (points = money value) for your purchases, receive surprise points (sort of like coupons), or play the Win It App (which is free to download for Apple or Android users) to earn some points that can be redeemed toward your purchases. Well for my fiancés birthday earlier this month, I purchased him a punching bag stand, set and I earned points as well as accumulated points from the app. I went to go check the app and found out I will have $1.30 expiring out of my $25 bucks. I do not want any money wasted so, I will be browsing the Sears website to see if there is anything we need to purchase. Plus, Mother’s Day is around the corner. I will most likely stock up on some activewear shorts for my fiancé since Summer is rolling around the corner. I have a coupon for $8 off $30 or more purchase plus use my available points so essentially my order will be free.

How do you treat coupons? Are you on track of your coupons (keep track of the expiration) and try to use the coupons before they expire? If they are high value coupons – I try to remember to use them but if it is not convenient, they will go in the trash but it is a bummer if I waste them! Sometimes if I know I cannot use a high value coupon – I will ask a family/friend, if they need it. Time for me to go online shopping and I will even earn 6% cash back for my purchases on Sears since eBates is offering that! Score for me today! eBates is going to be mailing out a cash back check soon in May 2017!

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